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Top 5 Coolsculpting Clinics in Singapore Homepage

Top 5 Coolsculpting Clinics in Singapore

How we picked


We looked into the credentials and the years of experience of each clinic to see how well they conduct coolsculpting procedures.

Client satisfaction

We checked the reviews and talked to former clients about their experience in these clinics to assess how well they treated their customers.


We examined each clinic’s list of coolsculpting services and evaluated their capability to cater to the different expectations of clients.


We checked each clinic’s operating hours and also their location. Establishments that are open longer and for more days are able to promptly help customers.

1. The Clifford Clinic

The Clifford Clinic Homepage

Services: Coolsculpting, nose fillers, acne scar removal, laser eye lift, hair transplant, and more


Address: 24 Raffles Pl, #01-03 Clifford Centre, Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6532 2400

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10 am – 8 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm

Google Reviews Score4.6/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.6/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Client Satisfaction5/5


  • Accessible via the Raffles Place MRT
  • Extended operating hours throughout the week
  • 40 years of experience in the industry
  • Versatile coolsculpting treatment
  • Little discomfort during the procedure
  • Relatively fast results
  • Minimal side effects


  • Very long procedure

The Clifford Clinic is found in Clifford Center. You can use the Raffles Place MRT to reach it, which makes it very accessible. 

Furthermore, it is open from Monday to Saturday with extended operating hours.

This medical establishment has over 40 years of experience in plastic surgery aesthetics treatments. It is also a well-known establishment for reconstructive procedures.

It has one of the most diverse selections of treatments on this list, offering both surgical procedures as well as non-invasive services.

This clinic’s coolsculpting is quite versatile. It can be used in multiple areas of the body and can even be used to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

The procedure takes a lot of time. You can expect it to be anywhere between 70 to 120 minutes hours per session. 

Even though it is quite a time-consuming process, there is very little discomfort. Just make sure to bring something along to keep you busy while waiting during the procedure. 

Results are usually seen within 1 to 5 months, although some customers we interviewed have seen positive changes in the 3rd week.

However, the side effects are very minimal, and bruising typically heals within 7 days. This is something to keep in mind if you are expecting to reveal your body after the treatment.

2. Astique Medical Clinic

Astique Medical Clinic Homepage

Services: Coolsculpting, nose fillers, chemical peel, light therapy, acne scar removal, and more


Address: 350 Orchard Rd, #08-00 Shaw House, Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6732 3801

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday: 11 am – 8 pm

Saturday: 11 am – 4 pm

Google Reviews Score4.5/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.2/5
Client Satisfaction4/5


  • Next to the Royal Thai Embassy bus stop
  • Comprehensive list of services
  • Wide variety of coolsculpting treatments
  • Significantly faster results
  • Shorter sessions
  • Coolsculpting can be used in more parts of the body
  • Minimal side effects
  • Offers treatment packages


  • Slightly more discomforting sessions
  • Longer recovery
  • Changing package expiration dates without prior notice

Astique Clinic has 9 years of experience and is situated in Shaw House, next to the Royal Thai Embassy bus stop. 

It is open from Monday to Saturday. However, the operating hours are relatively shorter than other entries on this list, especially on weekends.

This comprehensive aesthetic clinic offers facial and body treatments, including wrinkle reduction, laser mole removal, stretch marks removal, and acne treatment.

Its signature coolsculpting procedure has 4 variants, targeting multiple body parts, including common problem areas such as love handles and inner thighs. We’ll name the 4 kinds and where each is applicable.

Cool Advantage is a much lower temperature for a shorter 40-minute treatment time, but it may cause a bit more discomfort.

Cool Max is the most suitable for the tummy area. Cool Smooth is perfect for areas that are more exposed such as the arms and legs.

Finally, Cool Mini has more dexterity for smaller or tighter spots in the face like the chin. The only downside of these signature procedures is that you might feel sore for 1 to 2 weeks post-treatment.

Be that as it may, we are impressed by the range of spots they target and how they cater to the different needs of customers.

Moreover, it has treatment packages, which is a much more cost-effective option — although it has a 1-year expiration. However, we found some disappointed clients because the clinic changed the date to 6 months without prior notice.

This means customers who availed of packages were not able to consume all sessions, which is a huge waste of money.

3. Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic Homepage

Services: Coolsculpting, acne laser, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, pico laser, and more


Address: 304 Orchard Rd, #05-51 Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

Contact Details: +65 6904 2218

Operating Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 11 am – 8 pm

Google Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5
Client Satisfaction4.5/5


  • Can be accessed via the Orchard Station MRT
  • Has a second location in the East region
  • Extended operating hours throughout the week
  • Coolscuplting service can treat multiple areas in one session
  • Slightly faster treatment time
  • Fewer sessions required
  • Minimal downtime


  • No reserved parking
  • Orchard clinic is by appointment only

Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic is conveniently found in Lucky Plaza shopping center. The easiest way to go here is by taking the MRT and stopping at Orchard station.

It also has a second clinic at Changi City Point to accommodate customers living in the Eastern part of the island.

The clinic is open from Monday to Saturday with extended operating hours throughout the week. It’s the ideal choice for busy individuals seeking coolsculpting services later in the day. 

Keep in mind though that this place is very strict with appointments and it also does not accommodate walk-in clients.

Edwin Lim Medical’s coolsculpting treatment is 360 Fat Freeze, a non-invasive body contouring machine with minimal to no downtime.

What we found to be noteworthy is that while most coolsculpting procedures can only work on one part per session, 360 Fat Freeze can target multiple areas, resulting in fewer required treatments.

When we spoke to clients, they mentioned that this procedure is slightly more time-consuming because it takes around 45 to 50 minutes per session. However, it is still much faster than other treatments that stretch to 60 to 70 minutes. 

4. Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic Homepage

Services: Coolsculpting, acne scar removal, fat freeze, pore tightening, calf reduction, and more


Address: 2 Handy Rd, #02-09 The Cathay, Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6815 9922

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:30 am – 8 pm (9.3hrs)

Saturday: 10:30 am – 4 pm (5.3hrs)

Google Reviews Score4.7/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews3.5/5
Score Consistency4.4/5
Client Satisfaction5/5


  • 2-minute walk from the YMCA bus stop
  • Beautiful interiors
  • Excellent customer service
  • Has one of the most advanced coolsculpting services
  • Can work on multiple areas at the same time
  • Requires fewer sessions to get the desired result


  • Relatively small clinic
  • Can’t accommodate plenty of clients

Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic is located in The Cathay shopping mall and is only a 2-minute walk from the YMCA bus stop.

The clinic has very beautiful interiors but is quite smaller than our other medical establishments. This means booking appointments may be difficult since it can only accommodate a few patients at a time.

Its medical director, Dr. Kellyn Shiau, is certified by the Ministry of Health and a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. She specializes in jaw reduction, fillers, lasers, and thread lifts, to name a few.

Dr. Kellyn also received plenty of positive feedback from the clients we spoke to. They commented that she was very informative and patient when answering questions about the treatment.

Lux Medical has one of the most advanced coolsculpting devices called CLATUU 360.

It has a dual handpiece and is able to target multiple areas at the same time.

With that said, this procedure requires fewer sessions to get a desirable effect. For instance, bulkier areas can be fixed with only 2 to 3 sessions while other procedures usually take 6 or more.

Overall, the CLATUU 360 is a significantly more efficient procedure than most coolsculpting treatments. Results are also more evident in fewer sessions.

5. Privé Clinic

Privé Clinic Homepage

Services: Coolsculpting, nose fillers, laser hair removal, pico laser, hair fillers, and more


Address: 390 Orchard Rd, #03 – 03, Singapore 238871

Contact Details: +65 9656 5380

Operating Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10 am – 8 pm

Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm

Google Reviews Score3.9/5
Total Reviews3.9/5
Score Consistency3.9/5
Client Satisfaction4/5


  • Just beside the Delfi Orchard bus stop. 
  • Extended operating hours from Monday to Saturday
  • Has a unique coolsculpting treatment
  • Shorter sessions
  • Able to target hard-to-reach areas
  • Has a high-tech safety feature


  • Some doctors arrive late
  • Very expensive rates

Privé Clinic is located inside the Palais Renaissance shopping mall, just beside the Delfi Orchard bus stop. 

It has extended operating hours from Monday to Saturday. Individuals with tight weekly schedules will have better chances of making weekend appointments here.

Unfortunately, when we spoke to customers, they mentioned waiting a long time for the doctor to arrive. Some claimed to have stayed for 40 minutes.

On the bright side, this clinic is well-known for its aesthetic procedures and it also has a unique coolsculpting treatment called ZELTIQ.

It has a much colder temperature and is also capable of working in smaller areas such as the chin. It is much faster — sessions are only between 25 to 35 minutes.

Moreover, it has a high-tech safety feature wherein it will shut off if the skin is getting too cold. ZELTIQ is much preferred by most clients we interviewed because it’s more comfortable and treatment time is less time-consuming.

However, many also claimed that the procedure is quite expensive. A single session is going to cost you $500 but Privé Clinic has a special promo where your next four sessions are only going to be $400 per treatment.

While prices are quite steep, we believe it is an excellent choice. But if budget is a priority, you can select other services offered on this list.

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