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Where to Find the Best Fishing Spots in Singapore

Where to Find the Best Fishing Spots in Singapore

If you’ve found yourself reading this article, you likely already know that Singapore isn’t just renowned for its unique architecture – it’s also home to a lot of natural wonders, especially when it comes to fishing.  

Boasting a plethora of activities, it promises diverse fishing adventures beyond its fascinating cityscape. 

Get ready to dive deeper into the unseen side of the country and discover where to hunt for the best fishing spots we have to offer. 

1. Serangoon Reservoir


Serangoon Reservoir in Northeast Singapore is one of the big leagues when it comes to fishing in the country. It exudes a relaxing ambiance, which is a perfect complement to your angling adventure. 

A lot of fishing enthusiasts have reported reeling in several species including peacock bass, clown featherback, and snakehead. Of course, not all fishing excursions are successful, so if you happen to come back empty-handed, don’t be disheartened. 

You can always come back and try your luck next time! Or, you can also check out other locations in the list. 

Aside from fishing, visitors can also indulge themselves in the assortment of activities possible like cycling, jogging, taking photographs of wildlife, and such. 

There are a lot of signs in the area where you can find instructions and rules, so be sure to be on the lookout for those.  

2. Changi Boardwalk

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Address: Changi Broadwalk Walk, Singapore

Changi Boardwalk is a well-known location that’s equally bustling at night as it is in the day. 

It’s one of the most popular fishing spots in the country where a lot of people have reported catching squid. There are also some fishing enthusiasts who were able to catch mackerels, barramundi, snappers, and the like. 

Locals also love going here to watch the sunset, so consider staying until sundown to indulge yourself in the stunning panorama! 

3. Changi Beach 

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Changi Beach is another much-coveted option for fishing in Singapore. It’s extremely popular among local fishing enthusiasts because it’s a great location no matter what time of year it is. 

Additionally, it’s also convenient to access, so you can reach your destination without a fuss. 

Moreover, the beach is also known for the sightings of grouper, catfish, angelfish, and other species. It’s also common to see huge stingrays along the shores, so make sure your camera’s within arm’s length!  

During your visit, expect to see fellow anglers patiently setting camp in order to obtain their trophy fish. If you’re equally dedicated, you can even do the same!