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The Complete Guide to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The Complete Guide to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum 

Want to know more about the giants that lurked on the Earth before our time? If you find yourself in Singapore, you’re in luck! 

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum boasts an enchanting dinosaur fossil exhibit along with an eclectic array of educational opportunities, ensuring visitors can discover the world of biodiversity and natural wonders. 

In this guide, we included everything there is to know to prepare for your visit such as what to expect, how to get there, where to dine nearby, and where to stay. 

What to Expect in Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

If you’re visiting the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, it’s only natural that you admire the exhibitions. 

As of the moment, they have an interesting exhibit called ‘Death by Man’, which showcases the rich local wildlife in hopes of educating the masses about the challenges it faces due to human impact. 

This interesting and educational project is presented through photographs and carcasses of these animals. 

Other than this current exhibition, there are also other highlights worth checking out, offering about 2,000 years worth of Southeast Asian history of its biodiversity. 

Visitors will be able to see specimens of the Singapore sperm whale, a slice of Changi tree, the leatherback turtle, the Sunda pangolin, the Neptune’s cup sponge, and of course, what you’ve been waiting for – the dinosaurs. 

They feature three fossils of the diplodocid sauropod, which are massive, long-necked creatures thought to belong to the same group or family. 

While it’s only 80% complete, it’s still a rare feature, considering two out of three have skulls. It’s definitely well worth the trip! 

To further immerse yourself and learn more about the museum’s offerings, we highly recommend joining the gallery tour. 

In this 1 hour and 30-minute adventure, you can learn more information about the exhibits from your guide. 

For only SGD14, participants can also indulge in behind-the-scenes tales, making it a good bang for your buck. 

Eager to learn more? You can also participate in workshops and field study camps to better quench your thirst for knowledge. 

Under the workshops, individuals can choose from five different categories namely animal classification, documenting nature, Singapore biodiversity and adaptation, evolution, and marine ecology. 

Of course, the choice in which to sign up depends on your interests. 

For kids, documenting nature is a popular option. 

This three-hour course indulges participants in exactly what the name entails. It’s a hands-on activity that lets individuals join a gallery tour, observe nature documentation techniques, and even learn it themselves. 

Meanwhile, the field study camps offer two options – St. John’s Island and day camps. 

At St. John’s Islands, participants will have the chance to live under one roof while going on an adventure on the island to learn about its inhabitants. 

Meanwhile, the day camps feature adventures at different places in the country, spanning one to five days. 

The museum offers three locations for its nature walks – Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, MacRitchie Rainforest, and Pulau Ubin. 

The former is a 2-hour tour while the others are 3 hours long, all of which will take you on an adventure through the natural wonders in the city. 

Another learning opportunity that the museum offers is the scientific talks. You’re guaranteed that there’s something new every time, depending on your visit. 

In the past, they’ve talked about marine crabs, ant diversity, volcanoes, sperm whales, giant squids, and such.

This is a great educational venture, especially for those who don’t want to immerse themselves outside the venue.  

If you want something to remember your visit by, we recommend shopping for souvenirs at the museum shop before you go. There, you can purchase an assortment of goods like reference books, shirts, snacks, and such. 

How to Get to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

To get to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, you can easily hop on the train. After all, this is Singapore we’re talking about! 

No matter what station you’re coming from, alight at the Clementi station. 

After alighting, ride bus 96 located at the Clementi Bus Interchange. Get off at the NUS Raffles Hall and the museum should be just a 2-minute walk away. 

You can also reach the museum via bus, in which you have three options. 

First is no. 151 through SBS Transit. Make sure to get off the stop at the museum or at Raffles Hall.

Another suitable option is the no. 96 Tower Transit. 

Where to Stay in Singapore Near Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Media credit: @kob__ns

Address: 31 Rochester Dr, Singapore 138637

Phone: +65 6808 8600

Pricing: $
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Park Avenue Rochester is a homey 4-star hotel that boasts spacious rooms, making you feel like it’s your home away from home.

It’s an 8-minute drive and 32-minute train ride from Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, making it a convenient nearby option. 

It’s perfect for those with kids in tow, considering its accessibility feature and ample space. Additionally, there’s an outdoor swimming pool where children can also frolic and spend their time. 

Address: 80 Nepal Park, Singapore 139409

Phone: +65 6971 1088

Pricing: $
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Not too far away from Park Avenue is the charming and eye-catching facade of Lyf One North. Adorned with circular mirrors and a massive colorful mural, it’s a standout choice for visitors seeking a stylish stay. 

The artistic allure extends to their rooms, in which you can choose to stay for short or long stays. 

As if that’s not enticing enough, they also have a multitude of amenities for added convenience including a coworking lounge, a swimming pool, a kitchen, an amphitheater, a hangout spot, and many more. 

We find it more suitable for on-the-go individuals, who work remotely and want to be close to a lot of popular attractions, including the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. 

Address: 123 W Coast Cres, Located within Seahill, Singapore 126779

Phone: +65 6254 1746

Pricing: $$
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Oasia Residence boasts a classic allure heavy on the wood accents, resulting in a fresh, and relaxing ambiance. It’s an ideal accommodation for small families, even more so because of the plethora of family-friendly amenities. 

This includes a BBQ pit, a pool, and a tennis court where older kids can enjoy their vacation. For the adults, there’s even a spa and a gym, ensuring there’s something to explore here for all ages. 

From the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, it’s only 7 minutes away by car and 21 minutes by train. Additionally, if you don’t mind walking for 20 minutes to enjoy the sights along the day, then by all means! 

Where to Eat in Singapore Near Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Address: 25 Pandan Cres, B1-01 to 07 Kitchen 17, Singapore 128477

Phone: +65 9446 8227

Pricing: $$


Located a quick 9-minute drive from the museum is Char, a Cantonese restaurant renowned for its delectable char siew or Chinese BBQ pork.  

If you want a taste of what they’re most famous for, ordering the signature char siew is a must. It marries sweet and savory flavors impeccably, resulting in an exciting culinary experience. 

Each bite will have you saying shiok!

You can also try other popular dishes like crispy roast pork belly, jasmine roast duck, or free-range soya roast chicken. 

Address: Blk 501 W Coast Dr, #01-302, Singapore 120501

Phone: +65 6970 8300

Pricing: $$


Old Beijing Hotpot transports its patrons to the lively shores of Beijing through a delicious and warm meal. 

You can choose from an assortment of delicious soup bases like the traditional clear soup, yuan yuan soup base, tomato soup, Sichuan spicy soup, and healthy chicken broth. 

From there, you can add a variety of meat, seafood, tofu, noodles or rice, mushrooms, and vegetables, ensuring you an adventurous meal just like any hot pot place. 

Having a meal here after a tiring museum exploration is sure to refuel you for your next escapades. 

Address: 354 Clementi Ave 2, #01-253, Singapore 120354

Phone: +65 6774 2030

Pricing: $


For mouthwatering halal meals near the museum, you can drop by the Dajie Makan Place to try delicious classics. 

The mala hotpot is an exceptional bestseller. It’s a tremendously spicy dish that comes with meat and side dishes, making it an optimal choice for those who enjoy a good, spicy kick. 

For a local taste, the laksa is a dish we’d recommend. It has a rich taste featuring a balance of flavors, as well as a delightful fragrance from added herbs. 


Phone: 3151 Commonwealth Ave W, #01-17/18 Grantral Mall @ Clementi, Singapore 129581

Pricing: $$


For Sichuan flavors, we suggest trying out the authentic plates at Sichuan Tianfu Restaurant. 

They boast a dazzling array of options, ensuring patrons can indulge themselves in fascinating culinary flavors. 

The ultimate star of the show is the hot and spicy chicken that has quite intense flavors. 

If you want to try something more off the beaten, try the Sichuan-style boiled pork intestines that have a bold and numbingly spicy taste. Another interestingly unique dish is the sauteed frogs with pickled chili, if you’re up for the challenge, that is!

Address: 29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, 06-21 ground floor, Singapore 119620

Phone: +6568722982

Pricing: $$


Another nearby option is the Chilli Padi Tok Panjang, just a 6-minute drive from the museum. Though considered a slightly off-the-beaten path, it’s well worth the trip especially if you’re in the area. 

Additionally, if you want something that feels like a home-cooked meal, this one’s your best bet. 

They serve mouthwatering flavors of both Chinese and Malay cuisine through a delightful fusion of culinary worlds, which is why the Nonya dishes are considered the best sellers. 

Try the Nonya mee siam to see what the fuss is about. 

They’re also quite popular for their lunch buffet, so keep that in mind if you want to try as many dishes as you can. 

Address: 22 Clementi Rd, Singapore 129751

Phone:+65 9092 1651

Pricing: $

Fong Seng Nasi Lemak is a popular restaurant among locals known for its affordable hearty meals. 

The teriyaki chicken set is a delicious choice with its tender texture and hints of umami, sweet, and savory. Of course, don’t go before trying their famous nasi lemak, a classic Malaysian dish with rice, peanuts, anchovies, egg, and cucumber slices. 

The chili and sambal are also a must-try, so try dipping your meals into these for an added kick.