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Impress your kids with this guide to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Singapore (Field-Tested by Our Little Explorers)

Impress your kids with this guide to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Singapore (Field-Tested by Our Little Explorers)

A couple of weekends ago, we asked our kids if they wanted to go shopping at our usual spot. But guess what? Even after trying to bribe them with ice cream, they didn’t want to go! 

It sounds as if they’ve gotten sick of the usual and are looking for new and more exciting activities. They’re kids, after all — they don’t like routines and “usuals” like we adults do. 

In an effort to keep our kids excited about weekend family time, my husband and I sat down to look for kid-friendly activities in Singapore we hadn’t been to. After hours of research, we stumbled upon Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

From what we read, it’s a place that promises a thrilling outdoor adventure for kids, with each activity tailor-made for them. So last week, we decided to go — and let me tell you, the kids were more than stoked to go on this new and epic adventure. 

But wait – why trust this guide? Since we put it to the test with our own little guinea pigs, or sidekicks rather, we know your kids are going to love it too! 

Now’s your time to shine. Dive into our ultimate guide and be the hero of the adventure!

What to Expect in Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Singapore

Media credit: @pctkhim

One of our kids’ favorite attractions in Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is the man-made waterfall cave. The cave’s design allows children to explore it closer, encouraging interaction with nature. 

It’s also a nice spot to catch a quick break, allowing them to indulge in the beautiful sights the garden has to offer. 

Oh, since it makes a great photo spot, don’t forget to bring out the cameras, parents!  

Media credit: @melvin_tanmengthong

Children visiting the garden are in for an educational experience that leaves a lasting impression, thanks to the immersive displays. 

As soon as they step inside, they’ll instantly transform into nature explorers on a journey to uncover the beauty of nature. 

For those who want to foster their green thumb, there are also hands-on experiences that cater especially to this. Not only will they be able to learn how to plant, but also how to take care of and preserve the beauty of nature. 

Moreover, they’ll learn valuable insights on how to improve their gardening skills from an expert. 

This fascinating attraction in Singapore effortlessly blends fun and educational, which can also captivate visitors of all ages. 

Media credit: @jeremytetangco

Young adventurers will have the time of their lives exploring the treehouse playground. 

Climbing into the treehouse provides a unique vantage point, allowing them to appreciate the surrounding sights from a different perspective. 

Additionally, it’s also a great location to let the youngins socialize with people their age, making it an even more fun experience. 

While you watch your kids, you might even have the opportunity to make friends with your fellow guardians. 

Nestled within the forest, budding naturalists will have the chance to observe a variety of plants in this area. 

Media credit: @semicuratedlife

Whenever people hear that there’s a zipline in Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, we usually imagine their surprise, as the notion of an adrenaline-pumping attraction in a place for kids seems so unconventional. 

Before you raise an eyebrow (or two if you can’t do that), we’re here to say there’s nothing to worry about! 

This gentle zipline is almost as tall as the average adult (we checked it ourselves!), so there isn’t much of a drop to expect. 

Based on several kids we saw lining up for another shot at the zipline, we can safely conclude that they love it. 

Media credit: @q_i_____

The suspension bridge also stands out as a thrilling highlight of Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. 

It provides the kiddos with another exhilarating adventure above ground, though not too daunting. Its gentle sway adds excitement though! 

Media credit: @zarch_collaboratives

Folks, if you’re planning on exploring the garden without a trusty pair of kicks, you’re in for a painful time. 

The garden isn’t all about seeing the beauty of nature. This 4-hectare kiddie adventure wonderland is full of adventures that will have you walking a lot. 

With that in mind, make sure to prepare yourself for a day of exhilarating exploring by donning your most comfortable footwear. 

But be forewarned: Watching your kids full of energy as you catch your breath might make you a tad nostalgic for the younger days! 

Media credit: @shashamunchkin

When we asked our kids about their favorite part of the garden, they were particularly exuberant about replaying the wildlife sightings. 

A few animals we got to see were the Hornbill, Black Swans, turtles, and even the occasional butterflies floating in the wind. 

What to Keep in Mind Before You Visit Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Singapore 

Since this is a children’s garden, the management took extra measures to make it a safe space for kids. Because of that, adults are welcome only if they have a kid with them. 

However, there’s a way around this in case you really need to get inside Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. 

You can talk to the service desk and let them check if there’s an NParks’ staff that can accompany you inside. 

The entrance to the garden is completely free, making it an accessible space for those who want to enjoy its wonders, provided they follow the rules above, of course. 

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8 AM to 7 PM. That said, do take note that they only accept admissions until 6:30 PM. 

While it’s usually closed on Monday, this rule is waived if it’s on a public holiday. 

As we mentioned earlier, there’ll be a lot of walking in this garden. Make sure you and your kids wear comfortable clothing to ensure a hassle-free adventure. 

Where to Stay Near Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, Singapore

Address:  442 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238879

Pricing: $$
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Located a mere 7-minute drive from your destination is Orchard Hotel Singapore, a 4-star accommodation that boasts rooms with a premium feel. 

You’d be surprised by its lavish furnishings, elevating your stay to an unforgettable experience. 

The ultimate highlight though is the bathtub, a relaxing addition to a day in the outdoors. Considering its price and the amenities that come with it, it’s a great value for your money. 

That said, we find this one to be a better option for smaller families, considering its modest space. 

Address: 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350

Pricing: $$
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Another exciting option near the garden is Shangri-La Singapore, especially if you’re seeking a luxurious retreat for the whole family. 

The 88-square-meter one-bedroom suite is the perfect second home for families who require a bigger space. For adults working remotely, there’s even a table that can fit your laptop, and then some. 

It faces the floor-to-ceiling windows, which guarantees a striking view of the city that can inspire any digital nomad. 

Our favorite family-friendly feature in the hotel is that there’s a children’s meal plan available for guests, ensuring balanced and nutritional dishes for your kids. 

Address: 28 Stevens Rd, Orchard District, Singapore 257878

Pricing: $$
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Novotel Singapore in Stevens is one of the most affordable options near Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. However, this doesn’t mean that they compromised on quality. 

Each of their rooms is meticulously designed, offering a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere as soon as you step inside. 

There are even exciting amenities both kids and adults will enjoy including a pool, a restaurant, a free shuttle, and such. 

Where to Eat Near Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden 

Address: 70 Zion Rd, Singapore 247792

Pricing: $


While there are refreshments in the garden, it might not be enough to recover from a full day of exploration. Hence, this part of the article! 

Situated in a fairly bustling neighborhood just a quick 12-minute drive away, Zion Riverside Food Centre is one of the best spots you can go to in the area. 

In our family, we personally love Hawker Centers for the plethora of dishes they offer, making sure everyone can find something they love. 

The char kway teow is a favorite in this eatery, which we also recommend, having tried it ourselves. It’s a slightly spicy stir-fried dish, so kids might want to sit this one out. 

The youngsters might enjoy xiao long bao, which is another popular option here. It’s like a soup and a dumpling all rolled into one concoction. 

Aside from its delicious taste, kids seem to love its adorable shape too. 

Media credit: @h_hueylux

Address: 500 Clemenceau Ave N, Singapore 229495

Pricing: $


Boasting more than 80 stalls, Newton Food Centre is another buzzing hawker option near Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. 

Satay is king here, which we think your kids will also love. However, you might want to remove the stick for the younger kids, just to be extra safe. 

For adults, we’re sure you’ll enjoy other of its popular offerings including the chili crab and the oyster omelette. Both are top contenders and we can’t honestly pick one favorite. 

Address: 333 Orchard Rd, Level 5, Singapore 238867

Phone: +65 6831 6271

Pricing: $$$


If you and your family are looking for something a little bit more fancy, there’s also the Osteria Mozza. Located in the Hilton Singapore Orchard, it practically screams luxury. 

This Michelin-star restaurant will whisk you away from the Singaporean land and transport you into the gourmet wonderland that is Italy. 

Orecchiette is the stand-out choice, for sure. Often raved about by patrons, its simple yet captivating flavors are sure to appeal to a variety of palates. Your kids might love it too! 

Osteria Mozza even has veggie side dishes if you want your kids’ plates to have an extra punch of nutrition. 

Address: 30 Stevens Rd, #01-07, Singapore 257840

Phone: +65 8511 1478

Pricing: $$


If you and your family want to immerse yourselves in the local flavors, Enjoy Eating House and Bar is a great nearby option. 

Its colorful interior is sure to appeal to your kids as if it were a preview of the equally vibrant dishes waiting for them ahead.  

While it also doubles as a bar, it still feels like a cozy and family-friendly establishment at night. Just keep those drinks away from the youngins and it should be good! 

The chili prawns are a popular choice among the crowd at Enjoy. That said, your kids might not enjoy a nice spicy plate of seafood as much as you. 

There are still a plethora of options for them here, ranging from hearty soups to mouth-watering vegetable dishes. 

Address: 44 Kandahar St, Singapore 198897

Phone: +65 6392 8628

Pricing: $$


Bumbu Restaurant is an Indonesian restaurant just 13 minutes from the garden. It stands out for its remarkable dishes that will turn anyone who hasn’t tried Indonesian cuisine yet into an instant fan.

Well, actually, we’ll let the crispy kang kong salad do the talking!

Bumbu sits on a street where you can find rows of establishments that share the same look but differ in color, making it an interesting photo spot. 

Here’s an insider tip: You might want to explore the vibrant Haji Lane just within walking distance. And if you have time, the kids might enjoy a visit to our favorite pug cafe, What the Pug, for a quick cuddle with these cuties.