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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Finding the Best Longkang Fishing Spots in Singapore

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Finding the Best Longkang Fishing Spots in Singapore

We were craving an exciting Longkang Fishing adventure the other day, only to face a dilemma: where do we even begin?

Sure, there are a few spots, but there’s not enough information about them to go on.

So, we took matters into our own hands, with a few misses along the way. But fear not, we’re only sharing the hits to ensure you have a blast.

Based on our experience, here’s everything you need to know about longkang fishing in Singapore.

Where to Go Longkang Fishing in Singapore

Address: 71 Jln Lekar

Phone: +65 6766 1554


Qian Hu Fish Farm is one of the popular fishing hotspots in Singapore. They’re known for their massive location, packed with a variety of colorful fish species. 

And if longkang fishing is what you seek, they also have it and then some! 

If you’re bored of fishing, you can proceed to feed turtles and koi. 

Additionally, they also have equipment to help you jumpstart your own aquarium at home, making them a one-stop destination for all fish enthusiasts.  

What’s even better? They welcome anglers of all ages, so you can even bring the whole family with you for a fun and educational day by the water. 

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Address: 201 Victoria St, #07-05 to 06 Bugis+

Phone: +65 9008 0201


FishBugis+ is another much-coveted longkang fishing spot in Singapore for its accessible location. 

Located right in the middle of Bugis’ action, anyone can take a break from all the buzz and savour a tranquil atmosphere in this rooftop indoor prawn fishing pond-slash-bar. 

After catching a few prawns, you can have them delivered to the kitchen so that you can enjoy the delicious fruits of your labor. 

FishBugis+ lies in an unassuming setting, making it challenging to discover on your own, but of course, we’re always here to help our readers find the hippest spots in the country! 

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Address: 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #8

Phone: +65 8338 6530


Fish at AMK offers a fun and authentic outdoor fishing experience made even better with weatherproof conditions, thanks to the shelter where visitors can enjoy a nice shade. 

They offer a variety of experiences for anglers of all levels, as well as fish enthusiasts, such as prawning, longkang fishing, and a fish spa. 

Moreover, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, so even beginners can take their whack at fishing and still have a great time. 

What to Prepare Before Longkang Fishing in Singapore 

Sun protection is a must when longkang fishing, especially for those spots offering outdoor adventures. Since fishing takes time and patience, you might be under the sun for a long period of time. 

For a comfortable longkang fishing adventure, we highly recommend wearing appropriate clothing during your visit. Wear something you wouldn’t mind getting wet and dirty. 

Bringing an extra set of clothes wouldn’t hurt too! 

Sing longkang areas are also near green spaces, consider wearing insect repellent to ward off those nasty mosquitos. 

Make sure to capture the fun moments of your longkang fishing adventure by having a camera in hand.