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A Sweet Guide to the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

A Sweet Guide to the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore 

Calling all sweet tooths – today’s article is just for you. 

Singapore boasts a multitude of exciting attractions, but if you‘re looking for something sweet, pink, and absolutely delightful, then look no further than the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore. 

This ultimate whimsical pink wonderland offers ice cream, ice cream, and did we mention ice cream? Okay, maybe they have milkshakes too. 

In this sweet, sweet guide, we offer must-see highlights, insider tips, and everything you need to prepare before your visit. 

From unlimited ice cream scoops to Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, learn how to make the most out of your day in this haven so pink and sweet, it might even make Barbie jealous!

What to Do in the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

Here’s everyone’s favorite part of their visit to the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore – the unlimited ice cream! Satisfy your cravings to your heart’s content as you indulge in one scoop after another. 

They have rotating options of flavors, so you can expect something different each time. One thing’s guaranteed though – each flavor is guaranteed to be uniquely delicious! 

After all, you can’t find them elsewhere.

Eager to taste more of MOIC’s delicious offerings? Check out their dessert bar where they serve a plethora of goodies, including savory plates to help cleanse your palate from all the sweets. 

Expect to taste delicious bites like pizzas, fries, and wings. And of course, they also have ice cream flavors and all-day dessert options. 

If you just want to relive your past MOIC experience by visiting the dessert bar, here’s the good news: entrance is completely free, so you don’t need to purchase a ticket! 

Additionally, it’s very pet-friendly, so you can let your fur babies tag along to capture the extra sweet moment! 

Needing a little pick-me-up? Grab a seat at Scream’s Diner and indulge in their delicious sips, including milkshakes, coffee, tea, and even alcoholic beverages! 

Their milkshakes are a crowd favorite, so be sure to order yourself a glass. 

But hold on – that’s not the only thing exciting about the Scream’s Diner. In fact, it boasts plenty of exciting additions, making it a must-visit destination of the museum, as if it’s an extension of the whimsical adventure. 

Aside from its ultra-pink interior that will have you feeling like Barbie, there’s also a jukebox (also pink) to top off the diner-esque aesthetic where you can play upbeat classics.  

Additionally, you’ll be able to find a puzzle activity sheet on the table, indulging visitors with fun games while they dine. 

Oh, and did we mention the fantastic Instagram-worthy corner with telephones (also pink) for that extra touch of nostalgia and charm?  

The best part? It’s not just for show! Pick up the phone and see what’s on the other end of the line for a truly interactive experience. 

By the way, compared to the dessert bar, only ticket holders are allowed entry to Scream’s Diner. 

Step inside the pink-hued wonderland of the indoor carnival at the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore and enjoy what makes this attraction so famous. 

Expect fun and interactive exhibits where you can let out your inner child such as the bouncy castle, a swing, a unicorn slide, and more. Not only are they fun, but they also present the perfect photo opportunities! 

Lose yourself in the world of childhood nostalgia in every corner of this sweet destination. 

During your visit to MOIC, it’s a must to dive into the sprinkle pool. 

But hold on – when we say dive, we don’t mean literally! It’s actually quite shallow, so just dip your toes into it and test the waters, or in this case, sprinkles. 

Considered the most famous attraction, it ranks first as the top must-visit on everyone’s list. 

Not visiting the sprinkle pool while you’re in MOIC is like eating ice cream without sprinkles – still good, but missing that special ingredient to complete the experience! 

Perhaps everyone who visited MOIC has a photo here, considering it’s one of the most spectacular displays there is. It’s certainly an irresistible spot for a sweet selfie! 

A visit to the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore isn’t only fun and sweet, it’s also educational! 

Visitors are treated to fascinating trivia about ice cream and history, ensuring a scoop of knowledge alongside the sweet delights. 

Of course, it helps that it’s adorned in cute and whimsical decor, making learning even more enjoyable. 

The Museum of Ice Cream is offering a limited-time event called MOIC After Dark where guests can enjoy a unique array of ice cream flavors, highlighting the boozy options where they mix flavors you never know go well together. 

This event is only available every Thursday to Sunday, 6 PM onwards. 

You can reserve your tickets here until May 17, 2024. If you’re reading this way past the said date, feel free to check out their website in case the event is available again.  

Did you really visit the Museum of Ice Cream if you didn’t take at least one photo? Well, technically you did, but where’s the fun in that when you don’t have a memento to look back on? 

After all, MOIC boasts a plethora of Instagram-worthy displays, so you might not be able to help but snap a selfie amidst the colorful and whimsical background. 

The Best Time to Visit the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore

We all want to avoid the huge crowds when visiting the Museum of Ice Cream, hoping for the perfect photo opportunities to present themselves. Here’s an insider secret: visit around 10 AM to 11 AM when it’s the least busy. 

Weekdays are preferred to avoid the weekend rush. However, if you don’t have a choice, the number of people still shouldn’t be too overwhelming.

Oh, and take note that it’s closed on Tuesdays! 

What to Prepare For Your Visit to the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore 

To be able to enjoy the offerings at Scream’s Diner and the dessert bar, we highly suggest topping up your cashless payment options before you go. 

Considered a cashless museum, it’s convenient to have your payment ready for a seamless experience. 

While a ticket isn’t required to get access to the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore’s dessert bar and retail store, you need to purchase one to enter the exciting attraction itself, as well as the famous Scream’s Diner. 

To get a ticket, you can simply book a slot on their website and select which sounds best for you.  

The Museum of Ice Cream is well-known for its multitude of photo-taking opportunities, so of course, don’t forget to bring a camera to capture all the sweet moments! 

And make sure it still has plenty of storage! You wouldn’t want to miss out on capturing the visual feast at MOIC because of a full camera roll! 

Now before you look at us weirdly, ice cream names are a thing when you visit the Museum of Ice Cream Singapore. 

Basically, as soon as you enter the doors, the staff will give you a name tag sticker for you to fill up and wear throughout your visit. 

The pink sticker reads “My ice cream name is ___”. 

If you want to conjure something extra creative, we suggest thinking of an ice cream name before you visit. 

Before visiting, it’s a must to prepare your sweet tooth to be able to enjoy the delightful treats ahead. It’s called the Museum of ICE CREAM, after all! 

From a variety of ice cream flavors to decadent milkshakes, you’ll have your year’s fill of desserts during your visit!