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People are no longer skipping touristy spots because of Wings of Time, Singapore, and here’s why!

People are no longer skipping touristy spots because of Wings of Time, Singapore, and here’s why!

As Singapore locals, we’ve often made it a rule to skip the touristy areas, unless our job requires us to check them out, of course. However, Wings of Time made us realize just how ridiculous that rule is.

You’re most likely going to Sentosa Island anyway, so why not spend a few minutes here?

From what to expect in this dazzling attraction to what to prepare before your visit, here’s your ultimate guide to this magnificent award-winning light show Singapore boasts about. 

What to Expect in Wings of Time, Singapore

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If there’s one thing Wings of Time is full of – it’s unparalleled artistry. Its fascinating pyrotechnics are the ultimate star of the show, dazzling spectators with their breathtaking displays. 

With the sea as the picturesque backdrop of an equally fascinating show, people are transported into an otherworldly adventure where the sky’s the limit in imagination. 

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The best part of this magnificent visual display is that it’s family-friendly, making it accessible for people 4 years old and above. 

In fact, we highly recommend that kids watch this show, as it offers an experience that fosters imagination. 

Whether you’re sharing the experience with your kids or enjoying it with the whole gang, Wings of Time offers a memorable journey filled with wonder that everyone will remember for years. 

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While this might seem lengthy for some folks, you might find yourself being surprised that the show’s already over, begging for an encore. 

But fear not, as its beauty lies in the fact that you’re still craving for more even after it ends.

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The fact that there’s a captivating storyline to Wings of Time is something that usually surprises people, especially since this attraction is renowned for its visual projections and mesmerizing stunts.

A prehistoric bird Shahbaz and his companions, Rachel and Felix, traverse artistic renditions of pivotal historical epochs, including the African Savanna, the Industrial Revolution, and more. 

There, several challenges and discoveries await them. 

As the narrative unfolds, the audience is drawn into a colorful (literally!) adventure, where every scene is brought to life by the special effects. 

What to Prepare Before Visiting Wings of Time, Singapore

While Wings of Time is an outdoor activity, one needs a ticket to enjoy the show. 

The good news is, it’s very easy to snag the tickets! Just visit the Sentosa website and you should be all set. 

Every time we watch Wings of Time, we always see a lot of people taking photos and videos of the show. With that in mind, we suggest having a camera in hand, so you can keep a memento with you.