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Is Singapore Safe to Visit

Is Singapore Safe to Visit? 

Many have considered Singapore as a safe destination, but is it the truth or just hype? Today is all about the quest of discovery, backed by extensive research, to uncover the real answer. 

From assessing safety for female travelers to exploring the reliability of the public transportation system, join us as we determine whether you should really consider Singapore as the next setting for your travel adventure. 

Is Singapore safe? 

Singapore is considered a safe country, ranking 6th on the Global Peace Index

The crime rate per 100,000 population, based on Statista, is 1,188, considered significantly low. 

Moreover, Gallup’s 2023 Global Law and Order Index reports that 95% of people feel safe walking around Singapore alone. 

This is the result of interviewing around 146,000 adults in 2022 from 140 different countries. 

Is it safe to walk around Singapore at night? 

It’s safe to walk around Singapore at night because of its low crime rate. As per Statista, most crimes in Singapore in 2023 were scams and cybercrimes. 

There’s little reason for people to be afraid to walk at night, considering the most prevalent offenses are non-violent in nature. 

Of course, while it’s considered generally safe, do remember to stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings, especially in dim-lit areas and those with smaller crowds. 

Is it safe to use public transportation in Singapore? 

It’s safe to use public transportation in Singapore. McKinsey’s report states that Singapore is considered one of the safest public transport systems in the world. 

To make sure MRT stations and bus stops are safe for passengers, the public transportation company and the Singapore Police Force have formed an alliance. 

With Transport Security Command routinely monitoring MRT and bus stations, you can be ensured that extra safety features are in place. 

Additionally, the public transportation security personnel are also present to conduct surprise bag inspections from time to time. 

Is Singapore safe for solo female travelers? 

Based on the survey conducted by Travel Ladies, Singapore is one of the countries considered safe for solo female travelers, ranking no. 6 on the list. 

Singapore’s laws prioritize victims in cases of harassment, molestation, or female-related crimes, ensuring a bigger chance for justice. 

When it comes to using public transportation, women should also feel generally safe. That said, we remind everyone to pay attention to their belongings in case of pickpockets, despite its rare occurrence. 

What emergency numbers in Singapore should I remember? 

The emergency numbers in Singapore you should remember are as follows: 999 for police assistance, 995 for firefighting services, and 995 for ambulance and emergency medical aid.