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Where to Buy EZ-Link Cards in Singapore and How to Use Them

Where to Buy EZ-Link Cards in Singapore and How to Use Them 

EZ-Link is a card you can use to pay the fare on public buses, MRT, ABST, and SMRT LRT trains in Singapore. 

Recent developments and updates on the use of the card also permit EZ-Link card owners to use it on private taxis and buses.  

It’s a very valuable part of every Singaporean local or tourist, helping them get around the city with ease. 

You can purchase your EZ-Link card at any of the following sales points in the country: 

  • Transit Ticket Offices and Concession Card Replacement Offices 
  • Convenience stores 
  • EZ-Link vending machines 
  • Official EZ-Link e-commerce platforms on Shopee and Lazada
  • Retail outlets 
Sales Point Location Sales Price Stored Value Card Cost 
TTO and CCRO Near MRT stations and bus interchanges $10$5$5
Convenience stores7 Eleven, Buzz, and Cheers outlets $10$5$5
EZ-Link vending machines Shopping malls and bus interchanges $10$5$5
Official EZ-Link e-commerce platforms Shopee and Lazada $10$5$5
Retail outlet A Mobile, The Handphone Shop, La Trendo, Golden Village, and bookstores$10$5$5

EZ-Link cards can store a maximum value of $500 and the cards themselves are customizable. 

A new EZ-Link card only costs $10, which includes a standard stored value of $5.

There are EZ-Link cards with unique designs and a higher stored value, which can cost more than the standard price.

You don’t have to keep buying a new EZ-Link card; you can simply top it up once the stored value is drained. 

One interesting thing about EZ-Link cards is that it comes with various designs like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Looney Tunes, and the standard blue card. The cards with designs are often more expensive than the standard card. 

Check out the official card designs and find out where to get them and how much each card costs in the table below: 

Card design Where to get it Load value Price 
Standard card designAll accredited sales point $5$5
Pusheen design 1EZ-Link vending machines 0$10
Pusheen design 2EZ-Link vending machines 0$10
Little Twin Stars design 1 Cheers and Fair Price Xpress outlets 0$10
Little Twin Stars design 2 Cheers and Fair Price Xpress outlets 0$10
Star Wars Father’s Day card design 1Vending Machines at Tampines and West Gate 0$10
Star Wars Father’s Day card design 2Vending Machines at Tampines and West Gate 0$10
My Melody design 1 Cheers outlets 0$10
My Melody design 2 Cheers outlets 0$10
Tokidoki Cherry Blossom design 1 Cheers outlets 0$10
Tokidoki Cherry Blossom design 2 Cheers outlets 0$10
Tokidoki Cherry Blossom design 3 Cheers outlets 0$10
BT21 Tata EZ-Link vending machines 0$10
BT21 Chimmy EZ-Link vending machines 0$10
BT21 Koya EZ-Link vending machines 0$10
BT21 Cooky EZ-Link vending machines 0$10
What can I use the EZ-Link card for in Singapore

An EZ-Link card can be used to pay fares on public transport all across Singapore. Additionally, you can use it for the following: 

  • SMRT and TransCab taxis 
  • Cafes and restaurants 
  • Convenience stores 
  • Gym and movies 
  • Government services 
  • Community clubs and national library boards 
  • Vending machines 

Aside from what was listed above, you can also use your EZ-Link card to pay fares in private buses and taxis, as well as menial tasks like photocopying and printing. 

If you want to know which places accept EZ-Link cards, simply look for the EZ-Link logo on the storefront. 

You can use your SimplyGo, NETS, Mastercard, CePAS, and Visa bank cards including foreign-issued cards as an EZ-Link in Singapore as long as it has an EMVCo Contactless Indicator. 

Before using your card as an EZ-Link, make sure that it is registered in your SimplyGo app. Additionally, it should be from any of the recognized banks of SimplyGo. 

Steps to Register a Card in SimplyGo

To register your card in SimplyGo, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Download the TL SimplyGo app on your device.

Step 2: Create an account with a secured password.

Step 3: Add your travel cards to the list of contactless cards in the app (Mastercard/Visa/CePAS, account-based EZ-Link, and NETS Tap card). 

Step 4: All done!

The best cards you can use for EZ-Link are the following: 

  • Citi SMRT Card
  • UOB PRVI Miles
  • OCBC Frank
  • DBS Live Fresh 
  • DBS Altitude Visa 
  • UOB Lady’s 
  • Maybank Family & Friends
Credit card Use rewards 
Citi SMRT card Save 5% on EZ-Link auto top-ups and SimplyGo transactions
UOB PRVI Miles 1.4 miles per $1 spent on transport services
OCBC Frank card 6% cashback 
DBS Live Fresh card Up to 5% cashback on public transport with SimplyGo 
DBS Altitude Visa 1.2 miles per $1 on all transportations
UOB Lady’s card10x UNI$ or 20 miles per $5 spent
Maybank Family & Friends Card 8% cashback

To use your EZ-Link card on your chosen public transport, all you have to do is to tap it on the card reader at the MRT station automatic gate, the vendor’s credit card kiosk, or the card reader on buses.  

Keep in mind that your EZ-Link card should have a proper balance amount before you can use it for payment on fares and services. Top up your card every time it runs low so that it won’t be rejected by the card readers. 

Usually, the moment you purchase your new EZ-Link card, there is already a $5 balance loaded inside it that you can spend. However, most of the collaboration cards have an empty balance upon purchase, so you need to top them up before use. 

How to Top Up the Ez-Link Card

To top up your EZ-Link card: 

  • Place your card in the card reader.
  • Select ‘add value’ in the card options.
  • Select your mode of payment (Cash, NETS, credit/debit card).
  • Type in the amount you want to load.
  • Verify and wait for the machine to process your transaction.  

In the table below, you will see the complete list of top-up channels along with their respective locations around Singapore: 

Top-up channel Channel typeLocations 

Self-service machines 
General ticketing machine All SMRT stations and SBST/NEL stations
TransitLink add-value machine  Select MRT stations, bus interchanges, and bus stops

Service counters 
TransitLink ticket offices Public transport stations and interchange 
TransitLink add-value machine Select MRT stations

EZ-Link app
EZ-Link appn/a
Concession cards Via express top-up function

Auto top-up 
Via Mastercard or Visa EZ-Link app
Via GIRO AXS stations 

Convenience stores
7-Eleven Islandwide locations (excluding Shell petrol stations)
CheersIslandwide locations (excluding Cheers Holland Village, Cheers NUH Medical Centre, ESSO Petrol Station)

OCBC ATMs OCBC ATMs with EZ-Link logo
AXS machines All AXS machines

Frequently Asked Questions 

EZ-Link is a popular contactless card that you can use for all types of services in Singapore, more importantly for transportation. 

As a government-supported card, you can use EZ-Link on practically any public transport, and thus, every tourist and Singaporean citizen is encouraged to have it with them wherever they go.