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Singapore After Sunset The Top Night Markets Around

Singapore After Sunset: The Top Night Markets Around 

Singapore is a vibrant country that comes alive even at night. As soon as the sun sets, markets burst into life, filling the air with tantalizing aromas and sparking a sense of adventure. 

From delicious local delicacies to unique treasures, and everything in between, these markets have a plethora of things to offer, promising an unforgettable night in Singapore. 

Whether you’re battling jet lag or simply seeking to explore the country after sundown, see the top markets to visit below! 

1. Shiok Shiok Night Market 


Address: 100 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238840

Contact details: +65 9623 4515

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

The renowned shopping street of Orchard Road comes alive at night with the Shiok Shiok Night Market, offering a melting pot of flavors that beckons to passersby with its delicious aroma wafting blocks away. 

Visitors can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere while strolling through bustling lanes of stalls, showcasing a diverse range of local delicacies and street food favorites, as well as international cuisines made up of mostly Thai specials. 

It goes without saying that it’s best to go here with an empty stomach to be able to try several of their offerings. 

Open 24 hours, Shiok Shiok Night Market is the real definition of shop ‘til you drop, offering a noteworthy culinary experience for locals and tourists alike. 

2. Bugis Street Market 

Media credit: @a_jazin_


Address: 3 New Bugis St, Singapore 188867

Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 10 PM 

Bugis is a popular neighborhood renowned for its affordable offerings, which you won’t see a lot in Singapore. 

Consequently, Bugis Street Market is an exciting addition that makes the area even more enticing for shopping and dining opportunities, considering the plethora of stalls selling an assortment of items. 

You can expect products like clothing, souvenirs, and plenty of street food selling local delights. 

While Bugis Street Market is open during the day, it’s an even more popular destination at night when the atmosphere becomes more vibrant and lively. 

3. Lau Pa Sat 


Address: 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582

Contact details: +65 6220 2138

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

Here’s another exciting spot where foodies can get their fill at night. Lau Pa Sat is a buzzing hawker market that’s considered one of the most popular of its kind. 

Satay takes the limelight in this destination, making it on our list of top recommendations during your visit. Enjoy it with a nice, cold beer that’s also being served on location for the full experience. 

Lau Pa Sat is one of the locals’ favorites, so be sure to drop by if you want to see where locals go for delicious local delights.