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When is the best time to visit Singapore

When is the best time to visit Singapore? 

Before visiting a country, it’s only natural to know the best time to go. 

Imagine being stranded in your hotel room, unable to venture further – not because a new season of your favorite show just dropped, but due to the crowds of tourists, making it impossible to walk outside without rubbing elbows with another traveler. 

Timing is truly essential because it can make or break your trip. 

In this article, we answered your different queries to help you plan your trip effectively, so you can begin your planning with all the insider knowledge that you need. 

Which month is best to visit Singapore? 

The best month to go to Singapore depends on your preferences. For the best shopping deals, visit during the Great Singapore Sale in July and August. 

To dodge the crowds, April’s your best bet. 

If you want to explore the outdoors, the weather is perfect and slightly cooler from December to June. 

That said, Singapore is a standout destination no matter what time of year it is, so we’re sure you’ll be able to enjoy your visit. 

Whether you’re exploring the rich cuisine or going from one museum to another, it’s easy to discover exciting things all year round. 

What is the cheapest time to visit Singapore?

The cheapest time to visit Singapore is somewhere between August to October. This is considered the off-peak season, so you might be able to snag great deals for accommodation and even flight tickets.  

Other than being generally cheaper, there are also fewer crowds during this time. 

What is the most expensive month to go to Singapore?

June and July are considered the most expensive months to go to Singapore. 

It’s also known as the peak season because there are more tourists than usual, leading to higher prices for attractions, activities, and accommodations. 

When is the rainy season in Singapore?

The rainy season in Singapore is from December to early March, with an average of 63 mm to 766 mm of rainfall, making it the country’s monsoon season. 

Singapore generally experiences short, albeit heavy, periods of rain rather than long, persistent showers. 

Surprisingly, you’d still find a lot of visitors in these months, considering it’s the coolest period of this tropical country, making it the optimal time for outdoor exploration. 

Additionally, it’s quite easy to go from one place to another because of the reliable transit system, so the rain is almost never a problem. 

That said, we do recommend bringing an umbrella with you, especially during December  – the wettest month of the year.