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The MOST Comprehensive Guide to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

The MOST Comprehensive Guide to Gardens by the Bay in Singapore 

When people think of Singapore, futuristic architecture, bustling hawker centres, and the renowned Changi Airport usually come to mind. Yet amidst its modern urban marvels lies a gem that merges cityscape and nature: Gardens by the Bay. 

And let’s be real, you’ve probably heard of it. After all, it houses the world’s largest greenhouse, but we’ll talk about that in a second! 

That said, we want to elevate your experience through this guide that will help you get more acquainted with the country’s hotspot.  

We’ll show you how to best enjoy Gardens by the Bay, recommend dining options in the gardens, and suggest neighboring accommodations, along with other exciting insider tips you’ll only find here!

What to Do in Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Imagine the quintessential greenhouse. That’s what the Flower Dome is like, only so much bigger and better. 

In fact, they have the Guinness World Record for being the largest greenhouse in the globe! 

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to see different floras. 

The best part? The collection isn’t made up of entirely native additions, but also those from the Mediterranean, as well as from deserts and savannas, which you might not be able to see in your lifetime if it weren’t for this renowned attraction! 

The highlight of the Flower Dome is definitely the baobabs. If you’ve read The Little Prince, you’ll know what we’re talking about! 

These eye-catching natural wonders are oddly shaped compared to other trees – chunky trunks with sparse branches.  

Marvel at all the gorgeous offerings under the glass dome made up of 3,332 panels.  

Cloud Forest is one of the most popular attractions in Gardens by the Bay. In fact, a visit to this hotspot is simply incomplete without seeing the Cloud Forest in the flesh. 

It’s quite popular for its large waterfall display, hailed as the largest of its kind. 

There are also several plant and flora species to discover while you’re here. These fascinating sights can be enjoyed while leisurely strolling along the iconic aerial walkways, giving you ample time to immerse yourself in its beauty. 

Another activity to enjoy during your visit to Gardens by the Bay is the Floral Fantasy, a colorful and whimsical journey through carefully curated floral displays and exciting art installations. 

As soon as you step inside, you’ll remember just how colorful nature can be! 

We highly recommend checking out the garden called Waltz, known for being a showery retreat for its captivating water cascades, adding a mesmerizing factor to the serene ambiance. 

Be on the lookout for the vivarium with colorful poison dart frogs! 

Elevated 22 meters from the ground, OCBC Skyway offers unbeatable views of the neighboring area of the gardens. 

While it’s not for those afraid of heights, if you manage to gather enough courage, you’ll be rewarded with a memorable experience. 

Here’s an insider tip: save this for the last stop of your Gardens by the Bay itinerary because you wouldn’t want to miss the spectacular view of the Supertrees at sundown from this angle!

At 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM, expect to watch an exciting light and sound show as the cherry on top of your visit. 

Here’s another one for the thrill seekers who can’t get enough of high places – Supertree Observatory. 

Situated on the canopy of the highest Supertree, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the spectacular views of the surrounding area, as well as the iconic Marina Bay. 

It will be like standing on the rooftop of a 16-storey building, offering an unhindered viewing experience you won’t get elsewhere. 

It’s also a good spot to watch the Supertrees come to life!

What a lot of people don’t know is that Gardens by the Bay is also home to over 200 art sculptures, adding another layer of excitement to one’s visit. 

Among the indoor sculptures, the ‘Eagle Has Landed’ has to be our favorite. Crafted with polished lychee wood, it exudes a regal and majestic presence as if capturing the bird in motion. 

There are also several outdoor sculptures that have captured the hearts of many like the Planet, which is a massive baby seemingly suspended mid-air. The floating illusion will surely amaze anyone who sees it in person. 

Before planning your visit to Gardens by the Bay, we suggest checking out if there are any exciting events happening. 

As of writing, visitors can expect events like ‘Impressions of Monet’ that bring the legendary painter’s works to life through digital displays. 

Additionally, if you want to join a challenging workout, there’s a quick HIIT session every Thursday, designed to push your limits in the least amount of time possible. 

For the complete calendar of events, we recommend checking out their website. 

How to Get to Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Getting to Gardens by the Bay is easy peasy if you hop on a taxi. After all, you just tell the taxi uncle that you want to go to this famous attraction, and he’ll take you there without a fuss. 

Now, here comes another dilemma: where can you find a taxi in Singapore?

The good news is, they’re everywhere! You can flag down the one you see on the street, look for a taxi stand, or book a ride on your phone. 

Singapore has an efficient transportation system, so you can also comfortably reach your destination using public transit. 

Depending on where you’re coming from, you might need to do several transfers in order to reach Gardens by the Bay. Here’s what you should keep in mind – the nearest MRT station is the Bayfront station. 

Additionally, after alighting, be sure to take Exit 1 which will lead you straight to the gardens. 

Don’t worry – there are plenty of signs in Singapore, ensuring you’ll never get lost! 

If all else fails, you can always rely on trusty ‘ol Google Maps for navigation assistance. 

You can also take advantage of the fact that Singapore is a walkable country. According to an article published by The Travel, Singapore ranks first in the list of pedestrian-friendly countries. 

Anyway, to get here on foot, you can start at the stunning Helix Bridge, which will also double as a scenic excursion. 

Walk in the direction of the ArtScience Museum – you won’t miss it! It’s a massive structure that’s similar to a lotus flower. 

Once you reach the museum, go inside the Bay South Garden where you’ll eventually see the entrance to Gardens by the Bay. 

Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Though depending on the weather, you might expect to break a sweat! 

Apps to Download 

Gardens by the Bay Mobile AppHaving the Gardens by the Bay app installed on your phone will certainly enhance your experience. It offers educational content, inviting you to learn more about the plants and flowers that you’ll encounter. 

You can even download your tickets there, ensuring a seamless and convenient visit. 

Where to Stay in Singapore Near Gardens by the Bay 

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

Phone: +65 6688 8868

Pricing: $$$
Book Now

Marina Bay Sands is an iconic structure and a marvelous addition to Singapore’s stunning skyline. 

The 5-star hotel boasts spacious rooms adorned with sophisticated embellishments, allowing guests to indulge in the country’s finest. 

While it’s on a pricier scale, it stands out as an unbeatable accommodation, making your stay in Singapore even more memorable. 

Additionally, it’s just a mere 4-minute walk from Gardens by the Bay, adding convenience to the picture. 

Address: Marina Bay 7, Raffles Ave., Singapore 039799

Phone: +6563378888

Pricing: $$$
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The Ritz-Carlton is another luxurious lodging, beckoning to anyone who wants to experience impeccable grandeur and world-class service. 

Each room is designed with contemporary furnishings and ample lighting, making it an even more welcoming space for travelers. 

The ultimate creme-de la creme, however, is the massive windows that open up spectacular views of the enchanting cityscape. 

The hotel also boasts a plethora of art pieces, with about 350 of them being considered museum-quality. 

To get to Gardens by the Bay from this location, you can simply walk for approximately 13 minutes. Hopping on a train will take the same amount of time. 

Address: 27 Mosque St, Singapore 059505

Phone: +65 6221 1239

Pricing: $
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For budget travelers who still want to stay near Gardens by the Bay, Galaxy Pods Capsule Hotel in Chinatown is an exceptional choice. 

The pods are futuristic and unique, which is what we imagine staying in a spaceship would be like. Surprisingly, we find it to be spacious enough to sleep comfortably. 

Inside the pods, there are also convenient features like reading lights, internal adjustable air conditioning, USB charging ports, and more. 

While getting to the famous local attraction will require a 19-minute train ride or an 11-minute drive from this accommodation, the short journey is sure to be worth it, considering the exciting experience that awaits. 

Where to Eat in Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-21 Bayfront Plaza (Next to Bayfront MRT Station), Singapore 018953

Phone: +65 6539 9653

Pricing: $$


Hopscotch is a hip restaurant whose interior combines an urban vibe with natural elements, adding another layer of style and sophistication. 

They offer a fusion of Western and Singaporean dishes, with the seafood options earning 5 stars from satisfied customers. 

The ultimate standout dish is the katong lobster roll –  a delicious concoction with laksa influences, creating an overall unique dish. You’ll never find a lobster roll like this one! 

Oh, and the cocktails are also a must-try if you’re up for some day drinking! 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-18 Children’s Garden Cafe, Singapore 018953

Phone: +65 8032 1099

Pricing: $


Finnwood is the go-to of families looking to explore Gardens by the Bay. 

Their menu consists largely of items from the kid’s menu, offering exciting varieties for the little ones like the teriyaki salmon with rice, roasted chicken sandwich, and spaghetti beef meatball. 

Of course, they also have delicious options for adults with the chicken katsu burger being our top recommendation. 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-19, Singapore 018953

Pricing: $


Jurassic Nest Food Hall is another fun option for families, especially those who are also craving a taste of adventure. 

While taking a bite of mouthwatering local dishes from different restaurant options, visitors can also indulge themselves in an immersive experience through educational and entertaining shows. 

The animatronic dinosaurs truly take center stage here, which we’re sure adults will also enjoy. 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-19, Singapore 018953

Pricing: $


Get your Mediterranean cuisine fix if you’re in Gardens by the Bay by dropping by Hortus, an intimate haunt that also grants free access to the Flower Dome if you dine in. 

We were particularly enamored by their shakshuka, a delicious plate with eggs poached in tomato sauce, and added layers of flavors from pepper, spices, and chickpeas. 

Don’t miss out on their rotating selection of desserts, all of which are homemade! 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-10 Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 018953

Phone: +65 6022 0188

Pricing: $$$


Foodies who are fans of aquatic delicacies shouldn’t miss out on TungLok Seafood during their visit to Gardens by the Bay. 

Infused with Singaporean culinary fare, the restaurant offers an array of mouthwatering cuisine that you’d want to savor again and again. 

A few of our favorites are the crispy baby squid, TungLok signature chili crab, and the laksa crab with thick vermicelli. 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-10 Gardens by the Bay, Singapore 018953

Phone: +65 6022 0188

Pricing: $


Hidden within the enclave of Tunglok Seafood is Douraku Sushi, an under-the-radar gem often left unexplored by visitors. 

It’s an obvious choice for those who want to enjoy fresh, raw seafood with authentic Japanese interpretations. 

The akami, or the fresh bluefin tuna, is a standout dish with its irresistible delicate texture. Definitely give this a try if you want to treat yourself to some indulgence. 

They also serve fresh oysters, which are worth the try if you’re looking for a taste of the ocean’s finest delicacy. 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-09 Flower Dome, Singapore 018953

Phone: +65 6702 0158

Pricing: $$$


Marguerite is Garden by the Bay’s very own lavish dining experience. Boasting 4 and 7-course meals, the restaurant offers extravagance and a rich array of flavors. 

People who enjoy the artistry of a well-made meal will surely enjoy their creative innovations. 

To complete your opulent meals, they also have a delicious selection of wines from different countries. 

Nestled within the confines of the Flower Dome, its location also gives a glimpse of the exciting views just waiting for you after you’re done with your meal. 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, #01-19, Singapore 018953

Phone: +65 6538 9956

Pricing: $


Satay By the Bay is a smart addition to the bustling Gardens by the Bay, offering visitors a chance to experience a local dining adventure. 

Considered the attraction’s very own hawker centre, people can indulge in satay and global dishes in an open-air setting. 

It’s the perfect spot for bigger groups who can’t decide where to eat because of the plethora of food stalls available. 

Whatever you’re craving, Satay By the Bay might just have something in store for you.