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East Coast Park Singapore A Complete Guide for First-time Travelers

East Coast Park Singapore: A Complete Guide for First-time Travelers

Whenever someone asks me for park recommendations, I always point them to East Coast, Singapore’s biggest and most popular recreation spot. This park is accessible to anyone and there are no fees to pay — that’s why it’s the best place to explore. 

If you ever find yourself wanting to visit East Coast Park Singapore, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about the park including its history, location, best time to visit, top things to do, and which restaurants to check out. 

East Coast Park Then and Now

East Coast Park Then and Now

East Coast Park is considered one of Singapore’s most beautiful assets. It’s a place where everyone can hang out and do activities such as jogging, cycling, and sightseeing.

Despite its reputation now, East Coast Park wasn’t always known as the biggest park in Singapore. This park used to be submerged in water before it was reclaimed by the government and opened in the 1970s.

The East Coast had no solid ground and only had sand, so there wasn’t much to do there before the park was established. 

Since the area has a wonderful view of the Singapore Strait, the government reclaimed the land and built a parkway where business establishments were erected along with attractions that now draw tourists from all over the world. 

The whole area stretches up to 15 kilometers and spans a total of 185 hectares. With such a huge land area, East Coast Park is able to offer a diverse set of recreational, dining, and sporting activities. 

From being an area with nothing else to offer but a view of the Singapore Strait, East Coast Park has now developed into the most popular recreational site in Singapore. According to National Parks Board, it attracts over 7 million locals and tourists annually. 

East Coast Park Location 

East Coast Park Location

East Coast Park is located on E Coast Park service road, Singapore. It is on the Southern side of Marina Bay facing directly into the Singapore Strait. 

How to Get to East Coast Park

How to Get to East Coast Park

You can get to East Coast Park by car, taxi, MRT, or bus. Simply follow the East Coast Parkway (ECP) or the East Coast service road to reach your destination. 

For more details on your commute, read the travel options available for you below: 

By Car 

East Coast Park is accessible by car through the ECP and East Coast service road. The 15-kilometer park stretches from Mountbatten to Bedok and encompasses multiple highway exits connected to 10 different car parks. 

Car ParkNearby Attraction
Car park B2Vertical ChallengeCoastal Playgrove
Car park C2Breakwater 4Marine Cove Playground
Car park C3 Raintree Cove Skater’s Corner
Car park C4GoCyclingEast Coast Park Fitness Corner
Car park D1Campsite Area D
Car park D3Cyclist ParkPS. Cafe at East Coast Park 
Car park D4 & D5KPMG Wellness Garden Wondrous Glamping 
Car park E1Jumbo Seafood Long Beach UDMCEast Coast Seafood CentreSingapore Wake Park (SWP)
Car park E2East Coast Lagoon Food VillageXtreme Skate Park  

The area of the park is huge, so you need to decide which attraction you want to visit first. Type in East Coast Park (name of the car park) on your GPS to get the nearest parking spot to your destination.   

By Taxi 

The taxis in Singapore drop off their passengers in the nearest car park to their destination. Refer to the table above to select the best drop-off point for you. 

By Bus 

East Coast Park is accessible by any public transport traveling via ECP. To get to the park, simply alight at any of the bus stops listed below: 

  • 92289 (Marine Cove)
  • 92191 (Opp CP C3)
  • 92199 (Aft CP C4)
  • 93181 (Opp CP C4)
  • 93189 (Opp Victoria JC)
  • 93179 (Island Resort S’pore)
  • 93171 (Opp Island Resort S’pore)
  • 93169 (Bef CP D5)
  • 93161 (Bef CP E1)
  • 93159 (Cable Ski Pk)
  • 93151 (Opp Cable Ski Park)
  • 92251 (Opp Parkland Green)
  • 92261 (Opp Playground @ Big Splash)
  • 91101 (Tg Katong Flyover)
  • 91111 (CP B1) 

Best Time to Visit East Coast Park 

Best Time to Visit East Coast Park

The best time to visit East Coast Park is during the day between 6 AM to 4 PM when the sun is out. This would be perfect for doing recreational activities like wakeboarding, windsurfing, or skating. 

If you’re not fond of going out in day time, the evening between 5 PM to 8 PM would also be an ideal time to visit the park. However, for safety reasons, I don’t recommend performing any activities in the water when the sun is down. 

Top Things to Do in East Coast Park

Recreational activities, sightseeing, and food trips are what East Coast Park is known for. Discover all the fun things you can do around the park to make the most out of your trip! 

1. Walk with the Dinosaurs at Changi Jurassic Mile. 

1. Walk with the Dinosaurs at Changi Jurassic Mile.
NameLocationOperating HoursContactFee
Changi Jurassic Mile Airport Blvd., Singapore 24 hours +6565956865Free 

Anyone who loves dinosaurs will have a field day exploring the 1km life-like display of Changi Jurassic Mile (Changi Jurassic Mile Singapore). This Jurassic Park-inspired permanent installation is located in the connector between Changi Airport and East Coast Park. 

It offers a fenced street where you can walk, cycle, or jog. Outside of the metal fence, you will see huge dinosaur statues that are posed to simulate real life. 

There are dinosaurs biting down a fence, tearing down a golf cart, and taking care of their young. You will see a couple of displays situated on the pathway of the park and can use them to take pictures. 

The best thing about Changi Jurassic Mile is that it is open 24 hours and you can visit it for free. 

I highly recommend visiting during nighttime between 6 PM to 9 PM. This is when the park is usually lit and the crowd isn’t overbearing. 

2. Spend playtime at the Marine Cove playground. 

2. Spend playtime at the Marine Cove playground.
NameLocationOperating HoursContactFee
Marine Cove Playground1000 ECP, Singapore 44987624 hours +6518004717300Free 

Marine Cove is a huge public playground that is perfect for kids to play in. The playground is divided into two zones: the toddlers’ zone and the big kids’ zone. 

The toddler zone has a lot fewer active displays and only features colorful installations with different shapes to help kids improve their learning. Meanwhile, the big kids’ zone offers a lot of physical activities like net and rock climbing as well as monkey bars. 

Whenever I’m tasked to keep an eye on my younger cousins, I always take them to this playground since it offers all sorts of fun activities, including swings, slides, and small hill trekking. 

3. Hang around the Raintree Cove swings.

3. Hang around the Raintree Cove swings.
NameLocationOperating HoursContactFee
Raintree Cove1018 ECP, Raintree Cove S, Singapore 44987724 hours N/AFree 

Raintree Cove used to be an activity hub with tennis courts and a drive-thru Burger King. However, it has been remodeled into a simple park with swings and an obstacle course. 

I usually visit this part of the East Coast Park whenever I need peace and quiet. The cove has huge red swing sets that are perfect for adults, so I just chill by one of the swings and relax while surrounded by greenery. 

Aside from the swing, Raintree Cove also has a minimalist obstacle course made of old dry woods. Adults can hop around and explore this mini-course since it’s designed specifically for them. 

4. Slide down a 16-meter high tower in the Coastal Play Grove.

4. Slide down a 16-meter high tower in the Coastal Play Grove.
NameLocationOperating HoursContactFee
Coastal Play Grove902 E Coast Park Service Rd, Singapore 4498748:00 AM to 8:00 PMN/AFree 

The Coastal Play Grove used to be the site of a popular waterpark called Big Splash. However, it was turned into a public playground featuring a 16-meter-high tower of fun. 

As a kid at heart, I absolutely love the long curved slides in Coastal Play Grove. It’s so much fun to go up the tower through huge spiderweb-like nets and take a trip down the bottom through the slides. 

If the heat gets too much, there is a water play area located right beside the grove. On this side of the park, you will see a huge puddle with clean water that you can splash around in. 

What I like about this play grove is that it’s located close to a food court called Food Splash. This makes it convenient for me to grab a snack or drink whenever I get too tired from playing around with my friends and exploring the park. 

For those interested in visiting this side of East Coast Park, you should make sure that you only visit with kids aged 13 years old and above. Children younger than the age limit would be prohibited from entering the slides and the climbing nets. 

5. Ride the waves and sign up for wakeboarding.  

5. Ride the waves and sign up for wakeboarding.
NameLocationOperating HoursContactFee
Singapore Wake Park (SWP)1206A ECP, Singapore 44989110:00 AM to 8:00 PMN/A$50 per person 

The Singapore Wake Park features a man-made lake with ski cables. These cables can be used by children, beginners, or experienced wakeboarders to practice their skills in the water. 

Cable SystemSystem typeWho can use itInstructor
System A Beginner straight line Beginner ridersWith instructor 
System BAn intermediate straight line with obstacles Intermediate ridersNo instructor 
System CFull-size cable with obstaclesPracticed ridersNo instructor 

There are three cable systems available in the park, the first one is a full-size cable system perfect for seasoned riders while the other two are straight-line systems made for beginners and intermediate riders. 

The price for every one-hour session cost $50 regardless if you are a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned rider. 

As someone new to wakeboarding, I signed up for System A. The instructor assigned to me was very helpful in guiding me on what to do, how to secure my gears, and how to maintain my balance while in the water. 

The lesson is detailed and, if you know how to follow instructions, you will be out to System B in no time. 

I’m usually afraid to try out these kinds of things. But I felt more comfortable giving wakeboarding a shot in SWP since it is a controlled environment with plenty of lifeguards around to help me out in case of an accident. 

The gears like the life jacket, wakeboard, and ski-cable strap are also provided to ensure your security during each session.  

6. Experience the great outdoors through camping and glamping. 

6. Experience the great outdoors through camping and glamping.
NameLocationOperating HoursContactFee
Wondrous GlampingEast Coast Park, Singapore 44987624 hours+6596232950$220  

I absolutely love camping and being out in the great outdoors. However, I don’t like sleeping in uncomfortable beds and being completely at the mercy of nature. 

My perfect solution to this is glamping. East Coast Park has a beautiful, hotel-like camping site called Wondrous Glamping. 

6. Experience the great outdoors through camping and glamping. (2)

There, you will see a couple of four-meter canvas bell tents that can house up to 6 people. Depending on your demand, the tent can fit 1 to 3 queen-sized airbeds along with two portable fans. 

The Instagram-worthy and comfortable tents aside, what I love about this glamping site is the view. It’s located near the shore, giving you a complete view of the Singapore Strait. 

I highly recommend setting up a bonfire by the beach and watching the sun go down on the horizon for the full camping experience. 

For those who want to go beyond their comfort zone and experience all the challenges of camping, you can set up your tent at the East Coast Park Camping D. This camping ground is near the public toilet D5 and Long Beach UDMC. 

7. Take a stroll around Bedok Jetty. 

7. Take a stroll around Bedok Jetty.
NameLocationOperating HoursContactFee
Bedok Jetty East Coast Park Service Road, Singapore 44987624 hours+6518004717300Free  

Bedok Jetty is a 300-meter-long platform where you can cycle, run, stroll, or practice angling. Personally, I love visiting this jetty whenever I want to catch some fresh air or watch the sunset since it has a fantastic view of the strait. 

My friends are the ones who enjoy fishing. They often use the public fishing rods connected to the railing of the jetty. 

Since Bedok Jetty is a designated fishing spot in Singapore, you’re allowed to take home whatever fish you reel in unless it’s protected by the government. My friends and I often throw the fish back into the water after ensuring that it’s not harmed. 

8. Set sails and go windsurfing. 

8. Set sails and go windsurfing.
Windsurfing RentalsLocationOperating HoursContactFee
Aloha Sea Sports Center 1212 East Coast Parkway, E2 Area E, Car Park, Singapore 44988610:00 AM to 6:00 PM +6562419212$30 per hour (beginner)

$45 per hour (intermediate)

$60 per hour (advanced)  
Constant Wind11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 4997409:30 AM to 5:45 PM+6564455108$110 for 3 hours 
Passion Wave1390 ECP, Singapore 4689619:00 AM to 6:00 PM +6564440409$20 per hour (non-member)

$18 per hour (member)

Windsurfing is one of the most popular sports in East Coast Park Singapore. The water in the Singapore Strait is generally safe and the wind is moderate, which makes it the perfect spot for beginner windsurfers. 

Just around the park, you will see a couple of sports centers like the Constant Wind and Passion Wave offering equipment rentals for windsurfing. The prices can range from $18 to $100 depending on the session that you avail. 

If you are worrying about spending too much on rentals, you can bring your own equipment with you.

There are plenty of windsurfers around, so it’s a safe environment for you to practice your skills. While lifeguards are always stationed by the beach, I still recommend windsurfing where other riders can see you and rescue you in case of accidents.  

Where to Eat at East Coast Park 

Where to Eat at East Coast Park

Aside from loads of activities available in the park, one other thing that I love is the restaurants. This place boasts over a hundred resto and cafe establishments so you know you will be spoilt for choice. 

While the options are many, not all cafes are created equal. The list below will show you my top picks for a fun-filled food trip in East Coast Park Singapore. 

PS. Cafe East Coast Park 

PS. Cafe East Coast Park
NameLocationOperating HoursContactPrice RangeMust-try Menu Items
PS. Cafe 1110 ECP, Singapore 4498808:00 AM to 11:00 PM+6567089288$$ (average)– Double Chocolate Blackout Cake

– Mushroom & Fennel Sausage Conchiglie

– Norwegian Smoked Salmon Sandwich

– Creme Caramel Orange Cake

PS. Cafe is a restaurant with the perfect view of the sea and it makes full use of this through its floor-to-ceiling windows. The cafe itself is very cozily decorated with plush chairs and potted plants. 

I adore the interior of this place since it looks calming. The fact that you can hear the waves crash by the shore while sitting in one of the lounge chairs outside the cafe makes this even more perfect. 

PS. Cafe East Coast Park (2)

As for the food, I can say that everything is professionally prepared. The Green Goddess Pesto Penne I had for $26 was well worth its price with how tasty it is. 

You can taste the fresh pesto from the sauce, and the mellow flavor of olive oil ties the strong flavor of the herbs together. I also loved how the penne isn’t too mushy or hard to chew. 

The drink I got for myself was the honey milk latte, which only costs $7.5. All of its coffee and tea drinks cost somewhere around $6 to $16. 

My favorite, as well as one of the shop’s best sellers, was the Double Chocolate Blackout Cake. I’ve never had a moist chocolate cake this rich in flavor. 

The cake wasn’t too sweet nor was the chocolate overpowering. It blends perfectly with the vanilla ice cream scoop and I highly recommend trying it out for only $18.  

ST. Marc Bakery & Bar

ST. Marc Bakery & Bar
NameLocationOperating HoursContactPrice RangeMust-try Menu Items
St. Marc Bakery & Bar 920 ECP, #01-09/10, Singapore 4498758:00 AM to 11:00 PM+6567089288$$ (average)– Sexy Strawberry Waffle 

– Dinosaur Matcha 

– Homemade Hot Chocolate

– Chicken Waffle 

St. Marc is a quaint Japanese cafe located right by Parkland Green. It’s popular for its cozy interior and a wide assortment of drinks and desserts. 

The main dish that I selected upon visiting was the best-selling Mentaiko Mochi Pasta. What I enjoyed about this dish is how chewy the freshly made it was. 

The meal was very filling and delicious, especially the mochi noodles, so I think it was worth the $19 I paid for. As for drinks, most of its teas and coffee cost somewhere between $5 to $7. 

I had a hard time picking out a dessert. Everything looked so delicious on the menu but I ended up ordering the best-selling Sexy Strawberry Waffle. 

This waffle dessert is served with vanilla gelato, fresh strawberries, strawberry jam, and raspberry puree. I loved how the sweet and tangy flavors of the fresh fruit and vanilla mix together. 

For a $15 dessert, you truly get what you’re paying for in St. Marc. Plus, the whole aesthetic and presentation of the dessert make it worth the 15 to 20-minute waiting time. 

If you’re looking for a cheaper dessert on the menu, I also recommend trying out any flavor in the waffle cone soft-serve selection. Each cone only cost $7. 

Jumbo Seafood 

Jumbo Seafood
NameLocationOperating HoursContactPrice RangeMust-try Menu Items
Jumbo Seafood 1206 ECP, #01-07/08 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore 4498834:30 AM to 11:00 PM+6564423435$$ (average)– Cereal Prawn 

– Salted Egg Prawn 

– Sambal Kangkong

– Steamed Bamboo Clam 

Jumbo Seafood is one of the biggest seafood restaurants in the whole city. It’s also known for its Teochew cuisine, which consists mostly of savory and braised dishes. 

The inside of the restaurant is clean, well-lit, and decorated tastefully. You can see the live seafood in a giant aquarium bubble located right beside the dining area. 

Jumbo Seafood (2)

I had the house specialty Mud Crab dish for $108. It might be a little on the expensive side, but the food can be shared with 2 to 4 people, so I don’t think it’s that bad. 

The food also tastes amazing. The crab is well cooked and the meat was well-seasoned and soft. 

When I was browsing the drinks menu, I found that most of them are not family-friendly since a lot of the beverages offered were alcoholic. The only ones that kids can drink are fresh coconut, soft drinks, and canned juice. 

As for dessert, I got the popular Chilled Mango Sago Pomelo, which only costs $6. Most of the desserts in this restaurant fall within the price range of $6 to $16. 

What it lacks in the dessert and drinks menu, Jumbo Seafood makes up for in its main dish and group set meals. 

The offered sets cost between $168 to $1088. These come complete with different main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. 

Purchasing a group set is cheaper than buying a la carte and could save you up to 25% of the total bill.      

East Coast Commune 

East Coast Commune
NameLocationOperating HoursContactPrice RangeMust-try Menu Items 
East Coast Commune Cafe1000 ECP, #01-03, Singapore 4498768:00 AM to 5:30 PM (Weekdays except for Tuesday)
8:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Weekends)
+6589504142$$ (average)– Four Cheese Sourdough Waffle

– CharMee

– Laksa Pasta 

– Pan Fried Barramundi

East Coast Commune is a cafe that serves vegetarian-friendly dishes and some halal meat options. I discovered this cafe while exploring Marine Cove and I absolutely loved the fresh baked goods. 

The cafe has a kids’ menu that is full of healthy but fun-looking dishes that your kids can enjoy. As for the adults, you can look forward to the shop’s cold-pressed juices and specialty coffee, which I highly recommend. 

East Coast Commune (2)

I had the gluten-free Laksa Pasta the last time I visited. The dish costs $21, but since it is made with premium ingredients like tiger prawn, coconut cream, scallions, and cherry tomatoes, I didn’t question it.  

One small issue that I had was that the serving was too small compared to the other cafes I visited. It might be just the right amount for some people, but if you’re a big eater, you will inevitably spend more to be satisfied with your meal in this cafe. 

Foods aside, I enjoyed the ambiance of the place. The cafe is decorated in a way that makes it seem peaceful and one with its surroundings. 

The walls are painted teal to create that warm and cozy atmosphere most people are looking for in a cafe. I also loved the marine-themed artwork painted on the wall by Wu Yanrong.  


NameLocationOperating HoursContactPrice RangeMust-try Menu Items
SandBank 920 ECP, #01-28/32, Singapore 44987512:00 PM to 11:00 PM+6562477988$$ (average)– Seared Cajun Salmon

– Chargrilled Pork Belly 

– Seafood Aglio Olio

– Beef Brisket Sandwich

SandBank is the perfect restaurant for you to visit if you’re a fan of pizza and grilled meat. I love visiting this resto-bar whenever I want to grab a drink with my friends and just enjoy a chill chat. 

I would say that the food was great and average when it comes to price since the Mussel in Wine that I ordered only costs $22. The drinks cost somewhere between $10 to $200, depending on the size. 

As for the ambiance, it has a lively atmosphere that you will often see in bars. There are huge televisions mounted on the wall so the customers can watch their favorite sports while dining. 

East Coast Lagoon Food Village

East Coast Lagoon Food Village
NameLocationOperating HoursContactPrice RangeMust-try Food Stalls
East Coast Lagoon Food Village 1220 ECP, Singapore 4689604:00 PM to 11:00 PM+6562477988$$ (cheap)– Song Kee Fried Oyster

– Ah Wee BBQ Chicken Wing

– Geylang 29 Charcoal Fried Hokkien Mae 

– Haron Satay

If you’re a little indecisive about what you want to eat and would like to try everything at once, I highly recommend visiting the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. This food court has everything from Song Kee Fried Oyster to Ah Wee BBQ Chicken Wing. 

Inside the village, you’ll find circular tables and chairs that you can share with your friends. The dining area is surrounded by dozens of different restaurants and hawkers including Song Kee Fried Oyster and Geylang 29 Charcoal Fried Hokkien Mae. 

The meals only cost $4 to $20, which is pretty cheap compared to other restaurants and cafes. It also offers a nice selection of local cuisines like Kway Chap and Char Kway Teow. 

Tips for Visiting the Park 

Tips for Visiting the Park

To maximize your travel and keep your trip trouble-free in East Coast Park Singapore, here are some tips that you need to keep in mind. 

Bring sunscreen.

The heat in the park can easily harm your skin, especially during summer. Make sure to bring sunscreen with you to avoid getting sunburned while enjoying your time by the beach side. 

Create an itinerary before going to the park. 

East Coast Park is 15 kilometers long and most of the attractions are a great distance apart, like the East Coast Park Fishing Pier and the Bedok Jetty. These two attractions can be found on opposite ends of the park. 

It can be hard to visit different destinations at once, so you need to plan out where you want to go and park your car in the nearest car park. 

Do not let your kids go unsupervised while near the beach. 

East Coast Park is located in front of a beach, so if you are bringing any kids while camping or glamping, make sure that they are within your direct line of sight to prevent any accidents. 

Bring mosquito repellent. 

You will be out in the open, so getting exposed to insects and mosquitos is a probability. Bring a repellent with you to prevent nasty mosquito bites. 

Wear your most comfortable clothes and bring extra! 

Wearing comfortable clothes is a choice you won’t regret when you do recreational activities. Be sure to wear something that will provide you with a lot of mobility. 

I would also advise you to bring extra clothing since you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of the day soaking in sweat.  

Singapore is a place full of wonder and fun activities. For those who want to chase the thrill, East Coast Park is the perfect destination for you. 

This park is where you can find an avenue for all your sports activities regardless if it’s skating or surfing. It is also home to hundreds of different restaurants and cafes that are sure to satisfy your palate and bring you much-needed rest after a day of being active. 

As a local in Singapore, I recommend this park as a weekend destination for families, friends, or those who simply want to enjoy their alone time. Just remember to follow the park tips and check out the recommended activities to make the most out of your visit.