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10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Singapore [And Shop Suggestions!]

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Singapore [And Shop Suggestions!]

Father’s Day is almost approaching, and it’s time to show appreciation to the father figures in our lives.
Dads might sometimes be stubborn, but isn’t that part of their charm? They work very hard to provide for us and ensure we are safe and sound.

To help you show your appreciation for your father this Father’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of ten gift ideas in Singapore that are perfect for dads of various interests. So, let’s get started on making this Father’s Day one to remember!

For the Sports Fanatic


It’s not necessarily true that all dads are sports fanatics, as interests and hobbies can vary from one person to another.

If your dad is one, he’ll appreciate a gift supporting his passion for sports and fitness. 

1. Customized Sports Jersey

You can get a jersey with his favorite team’s logo at the front and his name printed on the back. We’re sure he will love wearing it while watching his favorite team play!

If you think this is a perfect present for your super dad, you can find a range of customized sports jerseys at shops like The Teeser Singapore, Meowprint, and PrinteeSG.

The Teeser SingaporeMeowprintPrinteeSG
Contact Details+65 9838 734491778460+65 90016072
Products OfferedPrinting services for jersey and t-shirt via:

●Heat transfer
●Dye sublimation
●UV printing
Printing services for the following:

●Polo t-shirts
●Caps and hats
●Corporate uniform
●Work uniform
●Shorts and pants
Jersey product and t-shirt printing range:

●Windbreaker & jacket
●Soccer jersey team wear
●Basketball jersey team wear
●Brand models
●Custom made jersey
●Custom darts jersey
●Boxing wrestling apparels
●Volleyball jersey
●Baseball jersey
●Uniform printing

2. Personalized Caps or Fitness Goodies

Personalized caps or fitness clothes are a great gift if your dad loves working out. You can get his name or initials printed on them. 

One of the online shops in Singapore that offer personalized gift packages is Sparks.

You can also try Hatstore or YouSurprise to give you better options. These two shops can also offer you personalized gifts from different brands and models of items you wish to customize. 

Contact Details51046996+65 90016072+31111762225
Products Offered●Corporate gift box
●Swag pack
●Customizable caps or fitness clothing
●Various headwear for men and women and kids.

●Personalized logo printed on caps, hats, or beanies
●Personalized gifts (mugs, glasses, keyrings, fitness clothes, t-shirts, and more)

For the Tech Junkie

For the Tech Junkie

If your dad loves technology, he will appreciate a gift that satisfies his tech cravings. 

Here are three gift ideas that will make him feel special:

3. Smartwatch

A smartwatch is an excellent Father’s Day gift for a health-conscious father who enjoys technology. It’s a wearable gadget that can monitor various fitness parameters, such as steps walked, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep quality.

This tech watch can help him maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve his fitness objectives by tracking his daily activity.

The latest smartwatch receives smartphone notifications, allowing your father to view texts, emails, and phone calls without taking out his phone.

Some smartwatches even include built-in voice assistants that can execute tasks and answer queries, making them a helpful productivity and convenience tool.

There is a wide variety of smartwatches on the market in Singapore. Challenger, Best Denki, and Harvey Norman are just a few of the many electrical retailers that stock famous smartwatch brands including Apple, Samsung, and Garmin.

ChallengerBest DenkiHarvey Norman
Contact Details(+65) 6333 58586276 6636(180)03119989
Products OfferedTech accessories:

●Apple watches
●Android devices
●Cameras and drones
●PC and notebooks
●Fitness wearables
●Smart home accessories and digital downloads
●Storage devices
Under IT & mobile tech offerings:

●Smart wearables
●Apple accessories
●Printers and inks
●IT accessories
●Mobile phones and tablets
●Camera accessories
Smart wearables
●Fitness and activity trackers
●Mobile phones
●Photography accessories
●TV and audio
●Home appliances
●Office essentials
●Health and personal care

4. Wireless Headphones

If your dad enjoys listening to music, wireless headphones are a wonderful gift he’ll surely love!

Wireless headphones are available in earbuds and over-ear models — giving your father various options to fit his tastes. Some models even include noise-canceling capabilities that may muffle outside sounds.

If you think this is the perfect Father’s Day gift, you may purchase it now at one of Singapore’s most prominent and long-term gadget shops — ConnectIT. But to give you other options, you may also inquire from Stereo and Headphones SG.

ConnectITStereoHeadphones SG
Contact Details+65 6295 3964(+65) 6336 7113+65 6631 2873
Products Offered●In-ear buds
●On-ear buds
●Noise cancellation
●For sports
●Gaming headset
●Custom in-ear monitors
True wireless earphones and headphones: 

●Sport wireless
●Office headset
●Electrostatic headset
●Planar magnetic headset
●Video conferencing tools
●Professional audio

5. Portable Charger

Is your dad always on the go? To family trips, business meetings, or just loves to often go on an adventure?

Then he surely needs to get his electronics powered — so how about getting him a portable charger to keep his devices charged while away?

To make this gift even more valuable, you may find a model with numerous connectors to charge more than one gadget.

Online shops like iPrice Group, Tech House, and Aukey are good places to look for quality portable chargers in Singapore.

iPrice GroupTech HouseAukey
Contact Details+603-2700 3980+6588895043[email protected]
Products Offered●Standard power banks
●Solar power banks
●High-capacity power bank
●Compact portable power bank
●Magnetic power bank
●Dual 12W outputs power bank
●Jump starter charger
●Power station
●Power banks (5,000 mAh, 10,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh)

For the Foodie Daddy

For the Foodie Daddy

If your dad loves food, go get him a gift that satisfies his taste and inspires him to improve on cooking. Consider these two gift ideas:

6. BBQ Grill Tools or Accessories

If your father enjoys cooking, high-quality BBQ grill gear or accessories are an excellent choice.

There are several alternatives available, ranging from spatulas to grill brushes. These accessories will improve his grilling experience and make outside cooking more fun.

Fyregrill is an online shop in Singapore where you can buy BBQ grill gear and accessories. This shop sells various grilling equipment and accessories, such as BBQ grills, smokers, and tools. Cookaburra and BBQ Warehouse are two other alternatives.

FyregrillCookaburraBBQ Warehouse
Contact DetailsWhatsApp: 3129 592564735142+65-6273-7424
Products OfferedBBQ Accessories:

●FYRO charcoal
●Fuel and smoking tools
●BBQ grilling tools
●Basket and pans
●Elevation and roasters
●Rotisserie kits
●Grill lights
●Grill covers
●Cleaning tools
●KOKOMO Kamado grills
BBQ Accessories:

●Wood pellets
●Electric grill
●Pizza oven
●Built-in cooker stove

Other services:
●BBQ grill replacement parts
●Grill installation
●Grill inspection
●Grill disposal
●Gas grill
●Charcoal grill
●Ceramic grill
●Special grill
●Mini gas pizza oven
●Electric balcony BBQ grill
●Steak grill
●Smokey mountain cooker smoker
●Classic beefmaster 2 burner BBQ gas grill

7. Personalized Cutting Board or Apron

A customized cutting board or apron is an excellent present for a father who enjoys cooking. It gives his kitchen a special touch and makes him feel unique.

You may personalize the cutting board, kitchen knife, or apron by engraving his name or initials — making it a heartfelt present.

Consider buying from these shops: The Gift & Paper Company, The Imprint Singapore, and Giftr. 

The Gift & Paper CompanyThe Imprint SingaporeGiftr
Contact Details+65 9798 9478+65 87908757+6019 359 6194
Products OfferedCustomized gifts for household

●Food container
●Towel and cloth
●Multifunction knife
All customizable gift ideas from work and travel necessities — to everyday essentials.All customizable gift ideas for corporate giveaways or any occasion.

For the Fashion-Forward Dad

For the Fashion-Forward Dad

Even though some dads aren’t hip to the newest styles, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about looking good. Pretty sure they want to dress in a way that makes them feel confident.

If your father is into “dad fashion,” giving him the following gifts might complete his personal style.

8. Stylish Leather Wallet or Money Clip

A sleek leather wallet or money clip is a functional yet elegant present for a trendy father. It’s an item he’ll carry every day, so pick one that complements his own style. 

Leather wallets and money clips are available in specialty boutiques in Singapore, such as The Wallet Shop, Fossil, and Motherhouse Singapore.

The Wallet ShopFossilMotherhouse Singapore
Contact Details+65 6242 3318[email protected]+65 6904 8643
Products OfferedMen’s and women’s wallets:

●Bi-fold wallet
●Coin pouches
●Long wallet
●Men’s leather wallets
●Money clip wallets
●Passport holders
●RFID wallets
●Travel wallets
●SNAP wallets
●Bi-fold wallets
●RFID wallets
●Travel wallets
●SNAP wallets
●Tri-fold wallets
●Zip wallets
●Limited edition wallets
●Large Bi-fold coin pocket wallet
●Sale wallets
●Men’s and women’s wallets
●Compact wallet
●Shoulder bags
●Business bags
●Tote bags
●Other accessories

9. Cool Sunglasses or Watch

Designer sunglasses or watches are excellent gifts for dads who want to dress up any clothing and make a stylish statement. This gift idea may boost your father’s confidence to dress up more often.

Sunglass Hut, Watches of Switzerland, and Oakley Marina Bay Sands (Singapore branch) are three specialist boutiques in the country.

Sunglass HutWatches of SwitzerlandOakley Marina Bay Sands
Contact Details425-451-6723+65 6904 8643+65 6688 7296
Products Offered●Hyperbeast curated edition
●Cycling glasses
●Water sports glasses
●Athletic glasses
●Full coverage and ultra light glasses

Top sunglasses brands:

Other services:
●Virtual try-on
●Rolex and other popular brands
●Sports watches
●Dive watches
●Pilot watches
●Dress watches
●Customized design sunglasses
●Trendy sunglasses

10. Trendy Sneakers

Shoes, mainly trending ones, can make your dad stand out, and he might even feel more confident wherever he goes.

Specialty boutiques in Singapore, such as Clarks, Limited Edt, and JD Sports provide various stylish shoes.

ClarksLimited EdtJD Sports
Contact Details+65 6238 1558+65 6688 720+65 6509 0925
Products Offered●Sneakers
●New Balance
●John Elliot
●Jordan Brand
●Charles Jeffrey ●Loverboy
●Classic sneakers
●Canvas shoes
●Slides and sandals
●Running shoes
●Gym trainers
●All popular brands

Father’s Day is indeed a wonderful celebration to express our love and admiration for our fathers.

Choosing the ideal present might be difficult, but it does not have to be. With these gift ideas, you can select a present your father will appreciate and treasure.

Whatever present you pick, make sure it comes from the heart and expresses how much you love and respect your dad. 

Happy Father’s Day to your wonderful and strong father, and good luck with the gift hunting!