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Where to Experience Kelong Fishing — Singapore’s Dying Tradition Kept Alive By These Spots!

Where to Experience Kelong Fishing — Singapore’s Dying Tradition Kept Alive By These Spots!

Our team was reminiscing the other day about the rarity of encountering parrot astrologers nowadays. We wondered: where else can we find such a unique way to have our fortunes read, with an astrologer and a parrot?

This took us on a deep dive into local traditions that are dying over the years, sparking today’s topic – Kelong Fishing. Kelongs are wooden platforms built atop waters where people can stand and go fishing. 

While the prime days of parrot astrologers are long gone, there’s still hope for kelong fishing, as there are still a few spots that keep it alive. Know more about it below. 

Where to Go Kelong Fishing in Singapore


Kelongs near Lim Chu Kang offers immersive fishing trips in a charming rural setting. 

Located in the northern region of Singapore, this area provides a much-coveted atmosphere for traditional anglers in the area, offering a scenic escape from city life. 

You can expect the fish farms to be brimming with seafood such as mussels and blackfin seabass. 


Pulau Ubin is a lovely island in Singapore, teeming with grassy lands and panoramic vistas. It’s one of the few kelong fishing adventures left in Singapore, which visitors are free to enjoy. 

Its fishing adventures offer people to indulge themselves in the island’s rich underwater delights while catching their own seafood. 

Where to Join Kelong Fishing Tours in Singapore

Address: Block 462 Crawford Ln, #01-57, Singapore 190462

Phone: +65 9004 4332

Pricing: $$


If you’re seeking a convenient way to enjoy kelong fishing in Singapore, we find it best to hop on a tour, so that you can sit back and relax and let the experts prepare everything you need. 

We found the Let’s Go Tours’s 3-hour boat tour remarkably fun for the stories we heard from the guide, as well as the immersive experience of witnessing the captivating marine life firsthand.

Kelong Restaurants to Try in Singapore

Address: 9XW6+VJP, Singapore 000000

Phone: +65 9792 7609


Located in one of the kelong fishing capitals in Singapore, Pulau Ubin, Smith Marine Floating Restaurant offers a delectable dining adventure, as visitors enjoy the fascinating sights of the ocean. 

It boasts a rich menu filled with an array of fresh seafood delicacies, like lobster, mussels, and prawn. 

Address: 8 Hamilton Rd, Singapore 209179

Phone: +65 9133 3379


Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong offers a unique and upscale culinary experience inspired by kelong fishing to keep the tradition alive. 

With a farm-to-table approach to sourcing ingredients, freshness is guaranteed, ensuring an excitingly delicious modern twist on traditional Singaporean cuisine. 

The curry mussels are the crowd favorite, a delicious concoction that features a medley of flavors and textures, thanks to their homemade curry and fried mantou. 

If the future of Singaporean cuisine looks like this, then, the future is indeed bright.