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ALL Activities You Need to Add to Your Singapore River Walk (With Local-Approved Recommendations on Where to Eat and Stay)

ALL Activities You Need to Add to Your Singapore River Walk (With Local-Approved Recommendations on Where to Eat and Stay)

“Singapore is so boring!” we heard a visitor exclaim the other day. Well, if you spend 8 hours along the Singapore River with nothing to do but take photos, you would certainly feel that way. 

This comment inspired our mission today: to prove that you’ll never run out of activities to do in Singapore, as long as you’re willing to get creative. 

While some might see the Singapore River as just a scenic location to take photos, a closer look will reveal more than you expect to find. 

From classic adventures like hopping on a Singapore River cruise and exploring the nightlife at Clarke Quay to more unconventional pursuits like checking out the events at The Art House, know all the treasures that await on your Singapore River Walk. 

What to Do in and Near Singapore River

Address: CLARKE QUAY, JETTY, Singapore 058282

Phone: +65 6336 6111


To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the Singapore River and its surrounding area, hopping on a Singapore River cruise will do the trick. 

Passengers will embark on a bumboat for the full local experience as they glide through popular attractions including the Marina Bay Sands and Clarke Quay. 

The Singapore River cruise is especially spectacular at night when the nightlife in the area comes to life and the dazzling city lights come ablaze. 

Media credit: @johnsg100

Address: Bonham St, Singapore 049782

Phone: +65 6736 6622


Boat Quay is a lovely spot for a leisurely stroll no matter what time of day it is. However, if you want to witness the moment where the action is, we suggest going here at night. 

Nestled along the river banks, this historical spot is now brimming with bars and clubs, which might even make you feel inclined to grab a drink or two. 

So, come in, the water’s fine! But don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you take a dip in the Singapore River…

Address: 3 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024

Phone: +65 6337 3292


Famous among locals and visitors alike, Clarke Quay is the most coveted location in Singapore for avid partygoers. 

Offering an exciting mix of bars and clubs, the establishment in this buzzing destination can cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. As the sun sets, Clarke Quay comes to life, making its bright lights a sight to behold. 

If you want to check out a spot but are not sure which one you should go to, we recommend Chuppitos for its delicious cocktails and thrilling atmosphere. 

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Address: 3 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024

Phone: +65 6337 3292


Merlion is an iconic statue and is considered one of the most iconic attractions in the country. Located along the Singapore River, it makes an excellent photo spot, drawing hoards of tourists with their flashy cameras. 

For the fun of it, we urge you to join in the fun, especially if it’s your first time in Singapore. But here’s a requirement – try taking a photo with your mouth open, as if you’re catching the water spouting from the Merlion’s mouth.

It’s a fun tradition that has caught on over the years. 

Address: 1 Empress Pl, Singapore 179555

Phone: +65 6332 7798


Asian Civilisation Museum is another nearby destination worth visiting if you’re looking to explore the Singapore River and its fascinating neighborhood. 

Here, you can explore the priceless treasures that will deepen your love and appreciation for Asian history and its rich tapestry. 

If ancient artifacts and ethnological gems sound thrilling to you, you’d love it here. 

Address: 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974

Phone: +65 6688 8888


ArtScience Museum is an iconic landmark that attracts attention for its lotus-inspired facade. Located along the Singapore River, it effortlessly captures the image of a dainty flower gracefully floating on the water’s surface. 

The sense of wonder only intensifies as you step inside. 

There are so many things to discover here, all of which offer a fascinating blend of technology, art, science, and culture, making it a unique destination for all ages. 

And for fans of renowned artist Frida Kahlo, there’s even more reason to visit. An ongoing exhibit, running until September 1, 2024, offers a glimpse into her life and how she became the artist we know and love. 

Address: Singapore 178957

Phone: +65 6271 7000


Located a street away from the scenic Singapore River is the National Gallery Singapore, a place where visitors can discover a treasure trove of local and Southeast Asian Art. 

In fact, it’s considered to house the largest collection of its kind in the world, adding another reason why it’s well worth the visit. 

Whether you’re passionate about art or simply appreciate beautiful creations made by talented individuals, the gallery promises an exciting experience that caters to all kinds of art appreciators. 

Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953

Phone: +65 6420 6848


Gardens by the Bay is another iconic attraction near the Singapore River, inviting visitors from around the globe with its unparalleled splendor. 

It’s like stepping into a 101-hectare futuristic oasis that also incorporates the beauty of nature, creating an impeccable sanctuary in the midst of the bustling city. 

It’s very much worth the hype, so in case you’re considering skipping it in fear of it because it’s just another tourist trap – think again. You might regret not going! 

Address: 1 Old Parliament Ln, Singapore 179429

Phone: +65 6332 6900


The Arts House is a vibrant hub for all things art-related, offering a diverse range of events to enjoy. 

From pop-up bookstores and moving music performances to stunning visual art displays, there’s always something exciting happening here.

We suggest taking a look at their calendar to make the most out of your visit. 

Where to Stay Near Singapore River

Address: 392 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663

Pricing: $$
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The Grand Copthorne Waterfront beckons to those who want to indulge in fantastic river views from the comforts of stylish accommodation. 

This sparkling 5-star hotel is raved about for its aesthetic appeal that feels homey, making guests truly feel welcomed. 

It’s also in a great location, especially if you desire an elevated stay with easy access to bustling neighborhoods like Tiong Bahru and Clarke Quay, as well as the serene waterfront of the gorgeous Singapore River. 

Address: 15 Merbau Rd, Singapore 239032

Pricing: $
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For budget travelers who prefer splurging on experiences, Robertson Quay Hotel is a standout choice near the Singapore River. 

Purposefully positioned in a bustling neighborhood, you’d be surprised about its affordable pricing! The rooms are great, offering both comfort and style at unbeatable rates. 

What’s the catch? Honestly, the only thing we can think of is the slow WiFi from the rooms, which could be a bit of an inconvenience depending on your internet usage. 

Address: 1 Nanson Rd, Singapore 238909

Pricing: $$
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If you want to fall in love with the river views even more (yes, it’s possible!), InterContinental Singapore is sure to hit the bullseye. 

Nestled along the country’s beloved waterscape, this luxurious hotel offers panoramic vistas that will leave you mesmerized any time of day. 

With its spectacular amenities, even a one-night stay here is guaranteed to be one for the books. From a 24-hour fitness center to a lavish outdoor pool, you’d have everything you need within arm’s reach. 

Address: 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956

Pricing: $$$
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For unparalleled luxury along the Singapore River, Marina Bay Sands is an iconic 5-star accommodation teeming with opulence and sophistication. 

Even its unique facade is a sight to behold on its own, captivating anyone observing the city skyline. 

The rooms, albeit minimalist, are comfortable and lavish, appearing to have been carefully curated. 

Aside from views of the river, other rooms can treat its guests to the marvelous sight of the Gardens by the Bay. 

Where to Eat Near Singapore River

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Address:  531A Upper Cross St, Singapore 051531

Phone: +65 6225 5632

Pricing: $


Just a stone’s throw away from the Singapore River is the HongLim Market & Food Centre, an affordable option where you can find a plethora of local goodies. 

It’s highly raved about for the char kway teow, an exciting stir-fried noodle dish bursting with flavor and texture. 

Other exciting options we’re personally fans of are the curry noodles and curry puff. 

Make sure to come with an empty stomach to enjoy this location to the fullest!

Address: 1 Nanson Rd, Singapore 238909

Phone: +65 6826 5076

Pricing: $$


You can never go wrong with a deliciously exciting Italian dish. Enter Public Ristorante, a casual yet sophisticated haunt we adore for its brunch delights. 

The penne Pomodoro is a refreshing choice to kickstart your day, especially if you’re craving something light yet satisfying. 

Of course, their all-day menu equally deserves the hype. 

The burrata pizza stands out as the crowd favorite, boasting a perfect harmony of creamy burrata, cherry tomatoes, and olive oil. 

Address: 38A Martin Rd, Singapore 239072

Phone: +65 6836 3688

Pricing: $$$


Bakalaki Greek Tavern is a homey establishment, boasting a menu full of crowd pleasers. 

We found ourselves enjoying a plate of one of their best sellers, the grilled octopus, for its tender texture and exciting inclusions of olive oil and lemon sauce which elevate the flavors. 

And don’t get us started on the lamb chops; they’re simply divine, perfectly seasoned, and cooked to perfection! 

Address: 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049327

Phone: +65 9111 5529

Pricing: $$$


For a more sophisticated and luxurious experience along the Singapore River, Monti At 1-Pavilion offers a noteworthy dining experience with its exquisite ambiance and mouth-watering culinary offerings. 

If you’re willing to splurge on top-tier dishes that can be enjoyed with fantastic views of the river, you’re bound for an unforgettable culinary journey!

Address: 1 Fullerton Rd, #01-02/03, Singapore 049213

Phone: +65 6708 9288

Pricing: $$


Jypsy at One Fullerton offers tantalizing Asian fusions, making innovations their signature to crafting unforgettable culinary creations.  

The salmon tacos are all the rage, and rightfully so. Each bite is a burst of flavor that had us craving for more! 

Another favorite of ours is the wagyu fried rice which creates an indulgent experience with its complex layers of flavors. 

With views of the Singapore River, Jypsy also provides a picturesque touch to enjoy with your meal.