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The 5 Best Probate Lawyers in Singapore

The 5 Best Probate Lawyers in Singapore

How we picked

Qualifications & approach

We looked at each law firm’s approach to its practice areas, and selected the ones with unique and convenient processes that we think will help you as a client.


We selected law firms that promise quality service for an affordable price. The more transparent they are about rates, the better!


Obtaining a Grant of Probate takes months and can be tiring work, so we searched for law firms that patiently but promptly guide their clients through the process.


Being a lawyer is busy work; still, a dedicated one will find a way to extend their assistance as you need it. We selected law firms that have been known to make time for their clients, one way or another.

Client recommendation

We can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to clients’ experiences. They tell you more about a law firm than any official website can, so we consulted them and looked for the ones they loved most!

1. DMO Law Corporation

DMO Law Corporation Homepage

Areas of Practice: Commercial Litigation, Criminal Law, Divorce, Grant of Probate, Grant of Letters of Administration, Wills


Address: 36 Armenian Street #05-11, Singapore 179934

Contact Details: [email protected] (through email or website inquiry form only)

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM; Friday, 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM; Saturday, 09:00 AM to 12:00 NN

Google Reviews4.9/5
Zaubee Reviews5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5
Qualifications & Approach4.5/5
Client Experience5/5


  • Offers fixed rates
  • Offers free & online consultation
  • Disabled-friendly office
  • Prompt services


  • Only one lawyer on board
  • Closed on Sundays
  • No hotline

DMO Law Corporation is a stern practitioner of giving economic and foolproof legal advice.

It’s one of those businesses that was built on a history of sympathising with its clients, thus DMO Law Corporation always makes sure that even financially struggling citizens and enterprises may afford its services.

As such, it offers services at a fixed rate, as well as free consultations for anyone looking for legal advice on any matter, which is one of the essential factors we look out for in any law firm.

Legal assistance is expensive, after all. Nevertheless, DMO Law Corporation makes financial matters only secondary to its proficiency.

No matter the rate of the legal proceeding you’re facing, DMO Law Corporation will commit to your case down to the last millisecond.

What makes this work ethic all the more impressive is the fact that DMO Law Corporation is helmed by only a single lawyer!

Advocate & Solicitor Desmond Ong has been DMO Law Corporation’s one-man lawyer team for the past 5 years and has conducted over 1000 probate cases in that timeframe. He’s also known for settling probate cases within a month.

And while the solitary headcount might seem disadvantageous, don’t let it discourage you! DMO Law Corporation has an equally adept staff that works together to bring prompt services to its clients.

A quirk of its office, however, in this age of mobile phones and messaging apps, is that it doesn’t have a hotline you can ring. If you want to reach the firm, you’ll have to do it via its website form or email.

Still, as long as you don’t catch its staff during a court meeting or in the middle of legal consultation, DMO Law Corporation guarantees to answer your inquiries and requests within three working days.

Its office is fairly accessible too, whether by private car, bus, or MRT. Although, face-to-face meetings are reserved only for those who have booked an appointment ahead of time, on top of its office being closed on Sundays.

If it’s time-consuming for you to drive, DMO Law Corporation can arrange an online consultation for you!

And, as if it’s not customer-oriented enough in its services, its headquarters are also wheelchair-friendly. A minor but considerate detail we can’t help but mention — it’s no wonder DMO Law Corporation always develops a positive rapport with its clients!

2. Bonsai Law Corporation

Bonsai Law Corporation Homepage

Areas of Practice: Wills, Probate & Estate Planning, Family Law, Dispute Resolution, Criminal Defence, Personal Legal Procedures  


Address: 1 North Bridge Road, #08-08 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094

Contact Details: 6550 6359

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM; Saturday, 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Google Reviews4.9/5
Website Reviews5/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency5/5
Qualifications & Approach5/5
Client Experience5/5


  • Honest and transparent work ethic
  • Affordable, fixed rates
  • Offers free consultation
  • Knowledgable in Muslim Grant of Probate
  • Time-oriented services
  • Convenient office location


  • Only one lawyer on board
  • Strictly by appointment only
  • Closed on Sundays, shorter hours on Saturdays

Yet another law firm that proves strength isn’t in numbers, Bonsai Law Corporation may have only a single lawyer on board but it’s still its own giant in terms of expertise.

What pushed Bonsai Law Corporation onto our list, despite the bigger names in the industry, are two things: first, its knowledge of Muslim Probate. 

This allows it to accommodate not just the general public, but also a specific community within Singapore.

Second is its cost-effective but time-efficient service.

Unlike its competitors, Bonsai Law Corporation believes in simplicity and transparency. It’s upfront with not only its rates but also its methodologies.

It elaborates its work processes to its clients down to the little details, so that clients wouldn’t feel so browbeaten in the face of legal procedures. It makes sure clients can follow developments properly without being anxious.

Bonsai Law Corporation informs its clients honestly of the disadvantages of having only one lawyer on the team so that they won’t raise unrealistic, sky-high expectations. 

This saves a lot of emotional labour between lawyer and client.

Despite the shortcomings you may face when you avail of its services, Bonsai Law Corporation prepares estimated timelines and task lists for your case and follows through with it. It doesn’t give false promises.

This may sound patronising at first, but we deeply applaud Bonsai Law Corporation for its straightforward and realistic tactics. We think this outlook provides clients with more emotional support than they realise.

As it breaks down what it can and cannot do for you, you’re free to establish your boundaries. It saves a lot of room free from miscommunication.

In a testament to that, Bonsai Law Corporation’s lawyer, Shen Han, is loved by the clients he has represented. 

Patient, professional, and witty, Shen Han’s previous clients never fail to mention how congenial and productive he is in handling their cases.

In fact, Bonsai Law Corporation offers a 30-minute free consultation under no obligation. Should you decide that its services are not for you, it will not only let you go without a grudge, but it will also recommend another law firm that might suit your needs!

If you want to sit down for a consultation, you can book an appointment at its official website. 

As of writing, Bonsai Law Corporation doesn’t entertain walk-in clients, so if you want to avail of its services, check its provided calendar for available slots for appointments.

To summarise its schedule, Bonsai Law Corporation is open Mondays to Saturdays only, although it runs on shorter office hours over the weekend.

Its office is a cosy stop located at High Street Centre, right across from the Supreme Court of Singapore!

3. Yeo & Associates LLC

Yeo & Associates LLC Homepage

Areas of Practice: Family Law, Divorce, Annulment, Personal Protection & Domestic Exclusion, Probate & Administration, Wills, Appeals


Address: 101A Upper Cross Street #12-13 People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058358 (Main Office)

Contact Details: +65 6220 3400; +65 9030 3239; +65 8717 1728

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM; Saturday, 01:00 PM to 06:00 PM

Google Reviews4.5/5
Asia Firms Reviews4.9/5
The Straits Times Review4/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Qualifications & Approach4/5
Client Experience4.5/5


  • Award-winning law firm
  • Affordable fixed rates & transparent pricing
  • Offers free consultation
  • Client-oriented services
  • Two accessible branches
  • Offers Sunday online appointments


  • Closed on Sundays
  • Shorter office hours on Saturday

Award-winning boutique law firm Yeo & Associates LLC naturally makes it to our list, with it being one of the leading family lawyers in Singapore.

We put all our faith in Yeo Law’s expertise in everything under the umbrella of family laws, including wills and probate cases.

Whether the will includes local or international properties, Yeo Law can provide you with sound legal advice to effectively lessen the pressure of being an Executor of Will. 

After all, Yeo Law aims to provide its clients peace of mind in the face of courtroom tensions.

As such, it offers its services at a fixed floor rate. Upon consultation, it already provides its clients with an estimate of fees, guaranteed no hidden charges, and always looks to work around its client’s budget foremost.

Its initial 30-minute consultation is free as well, so if you want to be reassured that you’re in capable hands despite your tight budget, we can’t recommend Yeo Law enough.

Not to mention, from what we’ve gathered, if your case with Yeo Law leaves much to be desired, it is willing to take your criticism and make amends. It’s always striving to improve its services for the satisfaction of its clients.

With its rising demand in family law-related cases, Yeo Law now has three open hotlines for your convenience. 

Additionally, its headquarters is located in People’s Park Centre, so if you scheduled a physical appointment, commuting wouldn’t be a hassle.

It also has a smaller branch over at Havelock Road open to answer all your inquiries. Its offices are open only from Mondays to Saturdays, with Saturdays having shorter office hours, but it accommodates Sunday online appointments.

4. Bhavini S Law Practice

Bhavini S Law Practice Homepage

Areas of Practice: Corporate & Commercial Law, Family Law, Wealth & Estate Planning, Wills & Testamentary Trusts, Living Trusts, Probate & Estate Administration, Civil & Criminal Litigation


Address: 10 Anson Rd, #14-15 International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Contact Details: +65 6592 4589

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM

Google Reviews4.8/5
Facebook Reviews5/5
Zaubee Reviews5/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency5/5
Qualifications & Approach4.5/5
Client Experience4.9/5


  • Goal-oriented legal advice
  • Time-efficient services
  • Affordable rates
  • Fluent in 5 languages


  • Work-in-progress website
  • Closed on weekends

This list seems to be packed with solo-flying lawyers who upped and established law firms of their own — but we can’t help it. When it comes to wills and probates, the most talented lawyers just don’t seem to come from Singapore’s legal giants.

Among those is Supreme Court of Singapore-admitted advocate & solicitor Bhavini Shah, who after two decades of practise, established Bhavini S Law Practice.

Like the other one-man law firms we’ve selected, Bhavini Law is dedicated to providing legal assistance to underprivileged citizens. At minimal costs, it tailors solutions on a case-by-case basis for its clients.

Bhavini Law makes effective use of what we consider a one-man department’s biggest advantage, which is that it can devote its entire attention to each case it handles.

As a matter of fact, this proactive stratagem is what clients often praise about Bhavini Law. It’s also aligned to what it strives for in practice: goal-oriented, long-term solutions for its clients’ legal troubles.

Have we mentioned that its lawyer is fluent in 5 languages too?  Whether you speak English, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, or Malay, you wouldn’t have to worry about language barriers getting in the way!

This also allows Bhavini Law to cater to a wider scope of clients, especially if your native tongue is one of the non-English languages the lawyer speaks.

As a growing law firm, Bhavini Law’s website is a work-in-progress and, as of writing, can be fairly difficult to navigate. It doesn’t list its rates there, though as a “people’s lawyer”, it promises affordability — and clients have backed this up too.

Additionally, its staff is prompt in their responses, so if you’re eyeing them for an appointment, you may contact them via an inquiry form on the website.

Its office is open only from Mondays to Fridays. If a weekday physical appointment isn’t ideal for you, you can still opt for an online appointment.

5. Yuen Law LLC

Yuen Law LLC Homepage

Areas of Practice: Corporate Law, Disputes Resolution, Criminal Law, Family Law, Divorce, Estate Planning, Probate & Letters of Administration, Wills


Address: 50 South Bridge Rd, #03-00/#04-00, Singapore 058682

Contact Details: +65 6536 6037

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Google Reviews4.7/5
Facebook Reviews4.7/5
The Straits Times Review4/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.4/5
Qualifications & Approach5/5
Client Experience4.7/5


  • Has a special team for cases involving wills
  • Future-oriented approach to legal advice
  • Patient, sensitive, and attentive staff
  • Prompt customer service
  • Specialises in Muslim estates and resealing Foreign Grants of Probate


  • Doesn’t have a clear fixed rate
  • Closed over the weekend

A boutique law firm on the rise, Yuen Law LLC hasn’t been around for a decade yet but it’s steadily asserting its competence in the courtroom, especially where inheritance and estate laws are involved.

For two consecutive years, it has made it among the Top 15 Best Inheritance & Succession Law Firms in Singapore, as identified by The Straits Times.

As such, we kept our eye out for it as well, and we’re positive it truly deserves the recognition, if only for its forward-thinking, future-oriented approach to providing legal advice that makes the tedious courtroom processes less intimidating.

But it’s not only that which makes it a cut above the rest.

Yuen Law has a dedicated Private Wealth that will readily assist you step-by-step in settling all assets that you need to settle. That’s a huge commitment from a growing-in-demand firm with only 13 lawyers on board!

It also doesn’t limit itself to just regular citizens looking to obtain a Grant of Probate. It’s also well-versed with Muslim estates, as well as Foreign Grants of Probate.

If your case is the latter, Yuen Law treats every special assistance you need as a necessary service, making sure that you won’t ever need to fly to Singapore all throughout the process.

Overall, if you want your case to be handled at your convenience, Yuen Law is the perfect option for you. 

Although we can’t say anything about its rates, as it doesn’t list its estimates on its website. Neither does it advertise its services with a fixed starting rate nor a free consultation.

However, you can always contact the firm by filling out the inquiry form on its website. If you give enough details about your case, its staff will promptly contact you during office hours on a weekday only, though, as its office is closed over the weekend.

FAQs about Probate Lawyers Singapore