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15 Most Exciting Places to Go to with Your Kids in Singapore

15 Most Exciting Places to Go to with Your Kids in Singapore 

Singapore is one of the best places for you to explore especially if you have kids. It has everything from family-friendly attractions to exciting activities that go from the indoors to the great outdoors. 

As someone who is a kid at heart and has younger cousins and siblings, I always appreciate the fact that Singapore has plenty of museums, theme parks, zoos, and nature reserves. It gives me and the little ones plenty of opportunities to have fun. 

If you are gearing up to have a wonderful day with your kids, then I can recommend some of my top choices when it comes to attractions in Singapore. This list will cover everything from aquariums to parks so be ready to have your own unique experience. 

Top Things to Do with Kids in Singapore

Singapore is a haven of family-friendly attractions and activities and I am excited to share with you some of my favorites, including those that are free for you to experience and those that require a fee. 

1. Kiztopia

Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Kiztopia Marina Square, #01-09, Singapore 039594 +6582010393 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM $43.55 (1 adult + 1 child)Playrooms 
Cosmic space active zone 
Train ride
Ninja warrior course 
Interactive digital games 
Pio drift fun ride
Toddler area 
Lovable characters 
Rest stops
Souvenir shops 

Kiztopia is a huge 18,000 square feet indoor playground where you can find different arrays of themed play areas arranged in a mini town. It is ideal for kids ages 12 years old and below. 

What I love about this place are the different playrooms that resemble a small town. There are grocery shops, boutiques, salons, restaurants, and even small houses where kids can play pretend. 

Kiztopia 2

You don’t even have to worry about the safety of your kids in the playhouse. All the toys and equipment in Kiztopia are lined with soft materials and created with huge pieces to avoid choking hazards. 

There are also active zones where your kid can compete with other children in a child-proofed obstacle course. These zones are perfect for kids who are looking for a more physical challenge while playing.  

At the souvenir shop, you can purchase an adorable stuffed toy version of your favorite Kiztopia character. You can even take a picture with the giant stuffed animals as a keepsake! 

2. Superpark 

Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Superpark  #02-477, Suntec City (North Wing, 3 Temasek Blvd, Tower 1, Singapore 038983+656239536010:30 AM to 8:00 PM $29.90Adventure arena
Flying fox 
Tube slide
Ninja track
Game arena 
Freestyle hall

Superpark is for kids who want to be more active. It has all sorts of attractions like slides, tunnels, trampolines, a pedal car track, a kids’ gym, towers, and obstacle courses.

This park is the perfect place to exhaust all your kid’s excess energy. Every obstacle course presents a challenge that will not only excite your child but would also encourage them to think of strategies to go over the course faster. 

I personally love how challenging some of the courses are in Superpark since it gives the kids the thrill that they are looking for. My younger cousins and siblings enjoyed going through the maze tunnels as well. 

Superpark 2

One of the most popular zones, and our favorite as well, is the pedal car track. This zone provides guests with pedal carts that they can drive around in the race tracks and use to compete with each other to the finish line. 

Before you take your kid to this playground, remember that there are some height restrictions and rules in specific areas of Superpark. These rules are enforced to avoid incidents, so we urge you to adhere to them.  

3. Canopy Park 

Canopy Park
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Canopy Park   Airport Blvd., Level 5 78, Singapore 819666+6569569898 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM $6Inside garden 
Giant slides
Bouncing nets
Mirror maze 

If you want to experience nature without the sun blaring its heat right at your face, Canopy Park is the best place for you to visit. This man-made park situated inside the Jewel complex features artificial lawns that you can lie down on. 

As someone who loves nature but doesn’t like getting pestered with insects or having my skin get burned by the sun, I enjoy hanging out in the inner lawns and garden of Canopy Park. It’s a lovely experience to have a picnic here. 

There are also plenty of fun activities for your kids to enjoy. They can go down the slides, bounce around the nets, or just have their own fun running around the huge grass-lined area. 

Canopy Park 2

My personal favorite is the net since it allows me to jump around while exploring the park. This net covers the majority of the Canopy Park roof so you can see all the attractions offered including the garden and parts of the airport. 

4. Gardens by the Bay 

Gardens by the Bay
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Garden by the Bay    18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953+6564206848 5:00 AM to 2:00 AM Free Water play area 
Toddler play zone 
Rainforest Treehouses 

Garden by the Bay is one of those parks that offer plenty of fun activities no matter what age you are. It has a lush natural setting, making it perfect for playtime under the sun or a walk around the garden with your family. 

There is also a water play area where kids from 6 to 12 years old can have fun splashing water at each other. The water play is linked to a sensor that detects movement and triggers a water splash that your kids will surely enjoy. 

Gardens by the Bay 2

Meanwhile, the toddler play zone features a huge sway bridge, stepping springs, and a fish fountain with an interactive landscape for your child to explore. If your kid is aged 1 to 5, they will surely enjoy going down the water tunnel and playing with the sculptures.

When going to this park, I recommend bringing extra clothes, especially if you plan to take your kid to the water play area. Keep an eye out for your child and tell them to be careful since the wet tiles are slippery. 

5. Houbii Spot 

Houbii Spot
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Houbii Spot   80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826+658332753010:00 AM to 6:00 PM $38 (1 adult + 1 child)Obstacle course Playground 

Houbii Spot is a ropes course park located inside the Singapore Zoo. This interactive, fun, and challenging playground allows your kids to test their strength, agility, and endurance through different obstacle courses. 

Houbii Spot 2

Aside from the physical challenge, the Houbii Spot obstacle course will also test your kid’s leadership skills and mind as they work their way through the rope maze. 

The best thing about this is that you can also take part in the activities as well since the obstacle courses are created for both kids and adults. The setup is also high enough that you can see the other parts of the zoo. 

6. Dolphin Island Sentosa

Dolphin Island Sentosa
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Dolphin Island    8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269N/A 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM $68Inside garden 
Giant slides
Bouncing nets
Mirror maze 

If your kid is a fan of dolphins, then they are going to absolutely love hanging out with the adorable marine animals in Sentosa’s Dolphin Island. This wildlife park offers a variety of fun experiences including swimming with and feeding the dolphins. 

What’s great about this aquarium is that it teaches your kids about dolphin habitats and diets. There are kiosks around the area that you can check out to give your child an educational experience they wouldn’t forget. 

Dolphin Island Sentosa 2

When visiting this place, I suggest you bring an extra pair of clothing. There is an option to swim with the dolphins, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that. 

Just remember to follow the instruction of the caretakers. 

Dolphin Island is working towards a more sustainable environment that encourages kids to perform their responsibility in keeping the marine life safe and well-taken care of. 

6. Mandai Wildlife Reserve    

Mandai Wildlife Reserve
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Mandai Wildlife Reserve80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826+65626934118:30 AM to 6:00 PM $48 for adults 
$33 for children ages 3 to 12 years old
Singapore Zoo
Night Safari 
River Wonders 
Jurong Bird Park 

Mandai Wildlife Reserve is a one-size-fits-all zoo where you can find all kinds of animals from marine to nocturnal to avian. The park itself is covered in lush tropical forests to emulate the spirit of wildlife and create a seemingly natural environment for the animals. 

Walking around this park feels almost like observing the animals from their natural habitat. It has the kind of atmosphere that will make you feel like you are truly in the wild. 

The reserve is divided into four zones: Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Wonders, and Jungle Bird Park. Mandai is also home to over 15,000 animals from 1,000 different species. 

Mandai Wildlife Reserve 2

In the Singapore Zoo alone, you will witness 2,800 animals either in cages or freely roaming around the park. You will see every animal from lions to zebras to elephants. 

The Jurong bird park also features the biggest bird paradise in the world. All around the park, you will see over a hundred different bird species. 

Some of the birds are even available to take pictures with. I especially love how you can play and interact with the parrots in the park. 

The Night Safari is the first of its kind, allowing you to have a trip around the zoo at night to witness the nocturnal animals. I absolutely love looking at the adorable bats and tarsiers in this area. 

One thing you must know when visiting the Night Safari zone is that it has a strict rule when it comes to photos. A lot of the animals are sensitive to light so you need to make sure that your camera has no flashes. 

Mandai Wildlife Reserve 3

The River Wonders is the first and only river wildlife park in Asia featuring one of the biggest freshwater aquariums in the world. This area houses animals like manatees, giant river otters, electric eels, red-bellied piranhas, and more.   

In the glass tunnel of River Wonders, you will see animals you will typically find in lakes and rivers. These animals swim around in the enclosure, creating the perfect backdrop for your photo. 

7: The Cat Cafe 

The Cat Cafe 2
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
The Cat Cafe 392 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678046+656977957910:00 AM to 9:00 PM (weekdays) 
10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (weekends)
$18Drinks and foods
Cat toys and accessories

Fall in love with the adorable adopted and rehomed stray cats in The Cat Cafe. This place allows you to hang out and play with more than a dozen cats while you enjoy a drink or two. 

The fun part is that you can also feed the cats and play with them using the toys and accessories provided by the cafe staff. You can even take pictures with the kittens!

As a cat person, I am absolutely in love with this place and the resident cats that are sweet and accommodating to guests. Each kitten has their own personality that you cannot help but adore.   

When visiting the cafe, keep in mind that there are strict rules that you need to follow to avoid upsetting the cats. Children must also be supervised by an adult during the visit. 

8: What the Pug Cafe 

What the Pug Cafe
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
What the Pug  80 Haji Ln, Singapore 189271+656293335012:00 PM to 8:00 PM $20Pugs 
Dog toys and accessories
Photo booth 

What the Pug is the first pug cafe in Singapore. It has dozens of adorable pugs that you and your kid can play with. 

This place is a must-see for all dog lovers, especially those who favor pugs. The dogs come in different ages and personalities so you will have a lot of fun getting to know each and every one of them. 

Your playtime might be limited to 45 minutes but the cafe allows each guest to take a picture and create lasting memories with the adorable puppies. 

9: Singapore Sidecar Tours 

Singapore Sidecar Tours
Park name  Website  Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Sideways.sg N/A N/A$198Vespa sidecars
Heritage park tour
Tiong Bahru Bakery
Civic district 
Joo Chiat 
Kampong Glam 

Tired of the same old bus tours? Why don’t you give the popular Singapore sidecar tours a try? 

This wonderful tour allows you to explore different iconic sites in Singapore while on board a classic Vespa sidecar. You can cruise through alleyways past the beautiful landmarks and uncover hidden gems around the city. 

Singapore Sidecar Tours 2

I just loved how personal and exciting the sidecar trip felt. Since I was the only passenger, I was able to experience a more personal connection with the places we visited. 

I especially loved how fun and accommodating the tour guides were for this trip. They went above and beyond in making sure that I saw all the hidden gems of the city and even shared a personal story or two while on the trip.  

The fact that the vehicle is small also brings opportunities for you and your guide to explore streets you never would’ve seen on bus tours — or any other tour for that matter. All in all, this is the perfect tour for those looking for a personal experience. 

10. Royal Albatross 

Royal Albatross
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Royal Albatross 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269+65935074757:00 AM to 11:00 PM $264.85Pool
Luxury rooms 
Cruise bar 

Experience luxury like never before as you explore the beautiful South China Sea and Singapore Strait while on board the tall ship Royal Albatross. This cruise offers a breakfast sail session where you can enjoy a delicious meal by the sea. 

The Royal Albatross itself is a wonder in its own right. It is a magnificently beautiful boat that looks like it is made for royalty. 

Royal Albatross 2

The food in the restaurant is also phenomenal as is what is expected from professional chefs. Each food is carefully curated to give the guests an authentic taste of Singaporean cuisine. 

The cruise can take up to 1 hour and 30 minutes complete with a lovely breakfast set and a cruise along the coastline. The ship will dock near the SEA Aquarium and Sentosa where you can continue your fun-filled day. 

Although the morning cruise is just as fun as the night cruise, I recommend booking the night trip since it will allow you to witness the gorgeous city light of Singapore from afar. Additionally, the Royal Albatross itself has a breathtaking light display. 

11: The Singapore Flyer 

The Singapore Flyer
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Singapore Flyer 30 Raffles Ave., Singapore 039803N/A2:00 PM to 10:00 PM $33 for age 13 and above
$21 for children aged 3 to 12 
$24 for citizens aged 60 or older
Free for children under 3 years old
Observation wheel 

Enjoy the view of the whole city on top of Singapore’s iconic Flyer. This Ferris wheel is known as the biggest observation wheel in Asia and reaches a height of more than 165 meters. 

Each ride can take up to 30 minutes so you can get the most out of your fare. The cabs themselves are spacious, so there will be enough room for you to move around and pose for pictures. 

The Singapore Flyer 2

For me, this ride feels like the perfect place to see the entirety of the city. It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world and your kids will surely love the thrill and excitement brought about by the slow-moving carts. 

The view at night is the most breathtaking of all since you can see the beautiful cityscape of Singapore light up and reflect in the strait below. 

12: Spectra: A Light and Water Show 

Spectra A Light and Water Show
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Spectra: A Light and Water Show 2 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018972+65668888688:00 PM to 9:00 PM Free Light and water show 

Witness the spectacular nightly outdoor light and water show in Spectra and prepare to be mesmerized in this 15-minute event. 

The show is divided into 4 visual stories that are told through colorful projections, dancing fountains, mist effects, and cutting-edge lasers all while a powerful orchestra plays in the background. 

Spectra A Light and Water Show 2

The best part about this show is that it is absolutely free for you to witness. You can just drop by with your kids and have the time of your lives witnessing one of the most spectacular water shows in the country. 

Aside from the show, you will also find plenty of food stalls around the area. All these things make Spectra a good spot to have food trips with your kids while having a show on the side. 

13: Universal Studios Singapore 

Universal Studios Singapore
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
Universal Studios 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269+656577888811:00 AM to 6:00 PM $65 for children aged 4 to 12 years old 
$85 for ages 13 above 
Themed rides 
Cafes and restaurants 
Photo booths 
Souvenir shops 
Souvenir vending machines
Character parades 

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the most iconic theme parks in Asia since it is the first Universal Studios park in the Southeast region. It brings different blockbuster television shows and movies to life. 

The park is divided into six major themed zones: Hollywood, New York, The Lost World, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, and Far Far Away. On these zones, you will see all kinds of rides while your favorite film characters roam around ready to pose for pictures. 

Universal Studios Singapore 2

Walking in this park feels like stepping inside the world of your favorite characters. And seeing the mascots roaming around only adds to the fun. 

Even the food in the park is amazing since it also follows the theme of the television shows. 

Universal Studios Singapore 3

The immersive experience you will find in this theme park will bring a world of fun and adventure beyond your television screen. Your kids will have the opportunity to interact with different mascots while living their childhood dream. 

14: HydroDash 

Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
HydroDashPalawan Beach, Singapore 098498+659783754911:00 AM to 6:00 PM $18 for adults 
$13 for children  
Floating obstacle course 

Slide, climb, bounce, and dash your way through the slippery obstacle course in HyrdoDash. This place offers the first floating aqua park in Singapore along with thrilling challenges that will get your heart thumping in excitement. 

HydroDash 2

The course is made out of soft and child-proofed floaters which prevents any major accidents. The staff is also careful in providing safety equipment to guests, especially the young ones. 

The best thing about this water park is that it offers fun and thrill for all ages. No matter the age of your kids, they can experience going through the obstacle courses. 

I often visit this place with my young siblings when we want to get more active while also cooling off in the water. 

15: The Tiara Society 

The Tiara Society
Park name  Location Contact Operating hours Fees What can you find here? 
The Tiara Society 902 ECP, Level #02-02 Coastal Playgrove (Former Big Splash, Singapore 449874+65802825549:00 AM to 6:30 PM $80Dress up 
Photo booth
Tea parties 

The Tiara Society is an indoor playland that gives your child an opportunity to dress up like their favorite princess and get the ultimate makeover by professionals. 

There are also castle-themed playrooms inside where your kids can enjoy tea time with other princesses and take photos that look like they came straight out of fairytale books.  

The Tiara Society 2

What I enjoyed most about this playground is the makeover. I absolutely love dressing my younger cousins up and the number of puffy dresses and tiaras in this play zone can truly make a kid feel like a princess. 

Singapore offers plenty of opportunities for you and your kids to have fun. No matter what age or interest, you will find an activity that will thrill and engage you around the city.