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Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore

Top 5 Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore

How We Picked


We looked at the restaurant’s overall design and how well it adds to the entire experience.

Service Time:

We reviewed how long dishes are made and how fast the general services are.


We reviewed the cost of its fine dining menu and compared it to other restaurants on this list.


We checked the operating hours of each entry as well as how many times they’re open in a week.


We looked at the type of dishes served in each establishment as well as the ingredients they use.

1. Akira Back

Akira Back Homepage

Menu: Fine dining, tuna pizza, cheesecake, lobster, tempura, and more


Address: 30 Beach Road, Level B1M, Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6818 1914

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 12 pm – 2:30 pm, 6 pm – 10:30 pm

Google Reviews Score4.3/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.1/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency4.4/5
Service Time3.5/5


  • 6-minute walk from the Esplanade Station Exit F bus stop
  • 19-minute cab ride from Changi Airport
  • Led by a Michelin-starred chef
  • Elegant interiors
  • Diverse and unique menu
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Well-renowned fine dining restaurant


  • Expensive rates
  • Long service time

Akira Back is a modern Japanese fine dining establishment in South Beach, Singapore. It is named after a Michelin-Starred chef, Akira.

It is found in J.W. Marriott, which is just a 6-minute walk from the Esplanade Station Exit F bus stop. It is one of the hotel’s latest fine-dining restaurants.

The interiors of this establishment are anything but conventional. There is a shared dining table, a bar, and private eating areas for customers who want a more intimate time.

If you are staying at the Marriott, getting there is easy because it is accessible from the same lift lobby. The hotel is also just a 19-minute cab ride from Changi Airport, making it the ideal fine dining destination for tourists.

There are sections on the menu for cold and hot dishes, sushi, sashimi, rolls, and major courses. Even though there is a huge variety of food, every dish has an original touch by Chef Akira.

The staff at this fine dining establishment provides knowledgeable service. Each one briefly explains the elements of the dish. 

However, the service time is rather long since each dish is meticulously assembled.

Customers who don’t have a lot of time to dine may find the wait time to be a bit frustrating. Make sure you’re not starving when you plan to dine here.

The clients we interviewed also commented on the restaurant’s rather expensive menu. Having said that, its steep prices are something to expect from an exceptional fine-dining establishment.

Overall, Akira Back is one of the best restaurants to visit if you’re nearby or looking for a modern touch on Japanese food.

    2. Labyrinth

    Labyrinth Homepage

    Menu: Fine dining, steak, cocktails, wine, chili crab, and more


    Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade, Mall, #02 – 23, Singapore

    Contact Details: +65 6223 4098

    Operating Hours:

    Wednesday – Thursday: 6:30 pm – 11 pm

    Friday – Sunday: 12 pm – 2:30 pm, 6:30 pm – 11 pm

    Google Reviews Score4.6/5
    Total Reviews4.6/5
    Score Consistency4.6/5
    Service Time5/5


    • 2-minute walk from the Esplanade bus stop
    • Closes relatively later in the evening at 11 pm
    • Can accommodate plenty of customers
    • Elevated take on Singaporean food
    • Affordable
    • Beautiful displays of antiques and paintings


    • Haphazard business schedule
    • Closed on Monday and Tuesday

    Labyrinth is situated in Raffles Avenue and is just a 2-minute walk from The Esplanade bus stop. 

    It opens rather late on Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm. This may hinder those who wish to dine at an earlier time.

    On Friday to Sunday, it’s unavailable between 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm. It’s also closed on Monday and Tuesday.

    However, it closes relatively later in the evening at 11 pm, making it ideal for dinner events.

    The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions authentic Singaporean food isn’t fancy dining. However, at Labyrinth, Chef LG Han presents a modern and elevated take on well-known regional delicacies.

    The lighting and seating arrangements of the restaurant have been changed to accommodate the volume of customers better. Unlike other entries on this list, its large space makes it easier to book a table.

    At Labyrinth, diners can savor contemporary food made with traditional techniques that originated in Singapore’s world-famous street food offerings.

    Regular lunch prices range from $68 to $78, while the Chef’s Tasting Menu is $138 to $178 per customer. It’s reasonably priced and more affordable than other fine-dining restaurants.

    The atmosphere enhances the “Singapore” experience by being surrounded by family-owned antiques and paintings. 

    The only small differences between the lunch and supper dishes are the seasonal availability of fruits. Each course is fixed to go with a particular time of the day. 

    3. CUT by Wolfgang Puck

    CUT by Wolfgang Puck Homepage

    Menu: Fine dining, steak, seafood, caviar, pork belly, and more


    Address: 2 Bayfront Ave, B1 – 71, Singapore

    Contact Details: +65 6688 8517

    Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 5 pm – 10 pm

    Google Reviews Score4.6/5
    Facebook Reviews Score4.2/5
    Total Reviews5/5
    Score Consistency4.6/5
    Service Time5/5


    • 2-minute walk from the Marina Bay Sands Theatre bus stop
    • The first Asian branch of the world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck
    • Open from Monday to Sunday
    • Was awarded a Michelin Star in 2016
    • Cool ambiance 
    • Reasonably priced menu
    • Quick service time


    • Opens much later in the day
    • Usually full of customers

    CUT by Wolfgang Puck is located on Bayfront Avenue. It is simply a 2-minute walk from the Marina Bay Sands Theatre bus stop.

    This restaurant is the first Asian branch of the world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck. This celebrated steakhouse was awarded a Michelin Star in 2016. 

    Singapore’s steak lovers are huge fans of this fine-dining restaurant. It has an interior with a gloomy ambiance similar to its branch in New York.

    The menu offers a selection of different beef cuts. The dinner menu is reasonably priced at $95 for a three-course meal. 

    It is served between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. The dinner comes with a freshly baked bread roll and French butter infused with rosemary.

    The service time is also reasonable, which is surprising considering the number of people it serves during supper time.

    Having said that, CUT offers good value for money despite its upscale branding. We highly recommend this restaurant to those who wish to experience fine dining that won’t break the bank.

    We also want to highlight that CUT is the only restaurant on this list that’s open from Monday to Sunday. This enables it to cater to more customers who are usually very busy during the work week.

    However, unlike most fine dining restaurants, it opens much later in the day at 5 pm. Its affordable menu and cool ambiance have some drawbacks too, as the place is usually packed.

    We recommend making reservations at least a week in advance to ensure you get a good table. 

    4. Odette

    Odette Homepage

    Menu: Fine dining, prawn, rolls, steak, wine, and more


    Address: 1 St Andrew’s Rd, #01-04 National Gallery, Singapore

    Contact Details: +65 6385 0498

    Operating Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 12 pm – 1:15 pm, 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm

    Google Reviews Score4.7/5
    Facebook Reviews Score4.1/5
    Total Reviews4.9/5
    Score Consistency4.5/5
    Service Time5/5


    • Just next to the Supreme Court bus stop
    • Opens early
    • Has garnered numerous awards in just six years
    • Combines French and Japanese cuisine
    • Uses fresh ingredients
    • Good ambiance
    • Quick service time


    • Closed on Sunday and Monday
    • Expensive rates

    Odette is situated inside the National Gallery of Singapore. It is just next to the Supreme Court bus stop.

    It is closed on Sunday and Monday. However, it opens its doors significantly earlier, making the restaurant a good option for those who want to dine in the middle of the day.

    This gourmet-focused establishment is relatively new in the industry but has garnered numerous awards in just six years. The Odette debuted in 2015 and is a magnificent combination of French with some elements of Japanese cuisine. 

    The menu at this restaurant combines the best components of the two cultures to create delectable flavor combinations that satisfy its customers throughout the entire meal.

    Chef Julien Royer set out to make his French recipes more approachable to the customer by merging delicious dishes with some well-liked Japanese ingredients like foie gras terrine with kumquat marmalade.

    This gourmet dining establishment’s menu changes with the seasons and the availability of fresh ingredients. The ambiance is quite lovely and refined — there’s even good music to enjoy while dining.

    The staff is courteous and helpful when needed, and the service time is pretty fast too.

    The only downside we gathered is that Odette is among the most expensive fine-dining restaurants on this list.

    5. Zen

    Zen Homepage

    Menu: Fine dining, scallop, prawn, quinoa, quail, and more


    Address: 41 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore

    Contact Details: +65 6534 8880

    Operating Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 12 pm – 5 pm, 7 pm – 10:30 pm

    Google Reviews Score4.5/5
    Facebook Reviews Score3.9/5
    Total Reviews4/5
    Score Consistency4.1/5
    Service Time4/5


    • Just next to the Supreme Court bus stop
    • Beautiful plating
    • Relaxing ambiance
    • Well-renowned fine-dining restaurant
    • Uses fresh ingredients
    • Has an open kitchen
    • Excellent customer service


    • Closed from Saturday to Monday
    • Expensive rates
    • Long service time

    One of the most well-known French restaurants in Singapore, Zen Restaurant is a fine dining establishment that is situated in Bukit Pasoh Road, which is just in front of the Outram Park Station Exit H bus stop.

    Unfortunately, it is closed from Saturday to Monday, which makes it quite inaccessible.

    This upscale eatery is helmed by Chef Josselin Jeanjean, who combines many culinary styles and traditions to produce dishes that are delicious and beautiful to look at.

    The rustic decor, lovely artwork, plush chairs, and relaxing music at Zen make it a well-liked dining spot by Singaporeans. 

    Customers have praised the local cuisine as being deep, rich, and appetizing. 

    Every meal at Zen offers customers a distinctive tasting experience because its menu changes with the seasons. This also ensures that each element of the dish is fresh and high-quality.

    Additionally, a wide variety of drinks, including premium wines and champagnes, are available when you dine here.

    You can see exactly how your meal is produced at Zen because of its open kitchen, which adds a lot of enjoyment to the overall experience. This enables you to fully enjoy each dish as it is served to you. 

    Having said that, the service time is not the fastest. However, the wait is less frustrating since it’s pretty entertaining to watch the chefs work in the open kitchen.

    Customers feel perfectly at home when dining here because both the chef and the establishment are well-known for their warm and welcoming personalities.

    It comes as no surprise that its rates are in the pricier range. However, many customers are more than happy with their fine-dining experience here at Zen despite its high price tag.

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