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Transfer Maids in Singapore Things You Should Know and How to Hire One

Transfer Maids in Singapore: Things You Should Know and How to Hire One

These days, finding the perfect foreign domestic worker can be quite a hassle. The process can take a long time, sometimes even months, not to mention that it can be quite expensive. 

One way that you could save on all the expenses and the waiting is by hiring a transfer maid. 

To help you make an informed decision, here are a few things you should know about transfer maids in Singapore that might convince you that you are making the right choice!

What are transfer maids?

Transfer maids are foreign domestic workers who are already in Singapore and are looking to change employers for a variety of reasons including the expiration of their contract from their previous employer and the previous employer’s request to discontinue service.  

Benefits of Hiring Transfer Maids in Singapore  

Hiring a transfer maid comes with a lot of benefits including experience, low upfront cost, familiarity with the culture and language, reliability, and the possibility of a face-to-face interview. 

Transfer maids are experienced. 

As much as it is needed, you won’t always have time to guide your maid into doing the housework. 

Fortunately, transfer maids already come with the experience of working with other employers from Singapore, and thus, there is no need to heavily train them. 

The experience that they have in handling cleaning tools and managing different chores makes them an effective help in your household. 

Transfer maids require a lower upfront cost.

Another fact you might be interested to know is that the upfront cost of hiring a transfer maid is usually lower compared to getting a new maid. 

The reason why it is lower is that they are already in the country so you can tick off the medical check-up expense, cost of arrival ticket, fee for safety and awareness, and fee for entry tests. 

Transfer maids are already familiar with the local culture. 

Since you are hiring a maid that has already worked in Singapore, there is no need for you to go through the process of explaining the basic etiquette that might hinder them from fulfilling their role as helpers. 

You can reap the efforts of your maid’s former employers and reduce the work needed on your end to introduce your maid to the basic Singaporean culture.  

Transfer maids are independent and reliable. 

Most of the time, transfer maids already have a routine that works for them. They already know when to do the laundry, when to cook, when to pick up the kids, when to take the mattress to the mattress cleaners, and when to do grocery shopping. 

There is no need for you to give them 24/7 supervision unless their routine doesn’t coincide with what you want. In that case, you can just speak to them about any corrections.   

Transfer maids are easier to communicate with.

Transfer maids are more or less knowledgeable in English and might’ve even picked up a little Mandarin from their previous employers. This makes communication much easier on your end.  

Transfer maids can be interviewed face to face.  

It is easier to grasp the personality of someone you meet in person. This can help you decide whether they are the right fit for your household or not. 

Getting transfer maids in Singapore makes it possible for you to meet your candidate before hiring them so you can make a better hiring decision. 

Transfer maids’ former employers can be consulted.  

What’s great about hiring transfer maids in Singapore is that you can ask their former employers about the background of your candidate. 

This will help you see if the maid you are hiring would be the perfect fit for you in terms of personality and work ethic. 

How to Hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore

How to Hire a Transfer Maid in Singapore

You have two options for hiring a transfer maid in Singapore: the first is through an agency and the second is through direct hiring. 

The latter involves complying with the requirements set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and arranging work permits yourself

Hiring a Transfer Made Via Agency

Agency hiring is a popular option for employers who don’t want to be bothered with going through the complete hiring process and arranging the legal documents required by MOM. 

Follow the guide below if you are interested in using this option to hire your transfer maid: 

Step 1: Find a transfer maid agency. 

There are a couple of transfer maid agencies available in Singapore. The table below will show you your best options: 

AgencyBest ForContact
Ministry of Helpers Overall maid services and hassle-free hiring process+65 8010 1532
Universal Employment AgencyTransfer maids for elderly care, child care, and infant care+65 6735 3456
Green EmploymentNannies for children +65 6735 3456
1 Assist AgencyElderly care +65 6463 0419
Inter GreatBedridden patients, infants, elderly +65 8809 6846

Step 2: Answer the agency questions. 

You need to provide some of your details to the agency since they will arrange the hiring process on your behalf. Make sure that you supply all the necessary information. 

Step 3: Select a candidate. 

Once you have provided your details, the agency will refer to you some of the available transfer maids within their contact. 

Select the candidate that you think would satisfy your requirements as an employer. 

Step 4: Schedule an interview. 

Tell the agency to schedule an interview with the maid of your choice and meet them to get a better grasp of their personality. 

During this step, please be sure to make all your expectations clear so that there won’t be any dispute between you and your maid in the future. 

Step 5: Pay the fees and documents. 

Once you are satisfied with the maid you found, inform the agency and they will arrange the documents to have the maid transferred to you immediately.

This is also the part where you pay for the maid’s insurance as well as the agency’s processing fee. 

Step 6: Pick up your maid.

The agency will let you know if the application and document processing has been successful. 

Once you receive the call, you can pick up your maid, pay the rest of your balance, and sign a few other legal documents.  

The process might be different depending on your agency, so please inquire first before you go through with the transfer process.   

Hiring a Transfer Maid Via Direct Hiring

If you are looking into hiring your transfer maid directly and skipping the recruitment agencies, we recommend following the step-by-step guide on direct hiring below: 

Step 1: Meet up with the maid’s current employer.

Transfer maids are helpers whose contracts are expiring soon, so you need to speak to their previous employer if you are interested in hiring their maid. 

The meeting doesn’t have to be serious nor does it have to be face-to-face. All you have to do is ask them if their maid already completed their 6-month medical examination and if their contract went well. 

Getting written consent from your maid’s previous employer makes it possible for you to have In-Principle Approval (IPA), which will state the maid’s transfer date to your household. 

This document will also state the date on which you need to issue a new work permit to your helper. 

Step 3: Sign a copy of the declaration form.

Create a copy of the written consent or declaration form then sign it alongside your maid and their previous employer. 

Step 4: Submit the signed declaration to MOM.

Submit the declaration to MOM to receive a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) for your maid. This permit will void the maid’s previous contract and would allow them to work for you.     

Frequently Asked Questions 

Transfer maids are your best option if you are in need of a domestic helper that can work for you as soon as possible. Use the information above to establish what you can expect from a transfer maid and make better hiring decisions.