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Flexible Part-Time Job Opportunities in Singapore [For Mothers]

 Flexible Part-Time Job Opportunities in Singapore [For Mothers]

Juggling parenthood and a career is a balancing act, especially for mothers.

Traditional full-time roles often demand long hours and fixed schedules, leaving little room for managing family responsibilities. 

This is where the benefits of having flexible part-time jobs come into the picture. Their significance means having the mental space to focus on work and family without feeling torn between them.

This article will walk you through part-time and flexible job opportunities in Singapore that can reshape the narrative of motherhood and work, proving that we can thrive in our careers while being there every step of the way for our families.

Top Flexible Part-Time Jobs in SingaporeAverage Salary Range Per Month
Virtual AssistantS$1,500 – S$3,000
Online TutorS$1,500 – S$4,000
TranscriberS$1,000 – S$2,500
Graphic DesignerS$1,800 – S$4,500
Content WriterS$1,200 – S$3,500
Web DeveloperS$2,000 – S$5,000
Fitness Instructor S$1,500 – S$4,000
Pet Sitter or Dog WalkerS$1,000 – S$2,500
Remote Customer Service RepresentativeS$1,500 – S$3,500
Data AnalystS$2,500 – S$6,000
Travel ConsultantS$2,000 – S$4,500
ESL TeacherS$1,800 – S$4,500
Financial AdvisorS$2,500 – S$6,500
Real Estate AgentS$3,000 – S$8,000
Social Media ManagerS$2,000 – S$5,000

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

One of the fantastic part-time careers in Singapore is a virtual assistant role.

What’s cool about this job is that it’s typically about remotely helping clients with schedules, emails, and other admin tasks.

If you want to try this role, you’ll need top-notch communication skills, a knack for multitasking, and a keen eye for detail. Being tech-savvy is a big plus, too, since you might handle software or manage online platforms.

You don’t necessarily need a specific certificate to dive into this role. Experience in admin work, great organizational skills, and a proactive attitude are enough to get hired.

Sometimes, some clients are willing to hire a virtual assistant without experience. But if you’re keen on learning, tons of online courses and resources can help you polish those skills.

Pro Tip
Delve into time management and organizational courses. Platforms like Coursera offer excellent productivity, task management, and organizational skills classes.
You should also begin learning about different digital tools like Asana, Trello, or project management software that can greatly enhance your efficiency as a virtual assistant.

Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Another flexible part-time job opportunity in Singapore is online tutoring.

To excel in this role, being able to explain concepts in an easy-to-understand way is important. Adaptability is also crucial because you’ll encounter different learning styles among your students.

You don’t necessarily need a specific certificate to start tutoring online. However, you might be required to present credentials in the subjects you teach.

If you’re aiming for a specialized subject or want to boost your credibility, taking a course and acquiring a certificate can be beneficial. Many online platforms offer courses that can enhance your tutoring skills and give you an edge.

Pro Tip
Refine your teaching skills through courses on pedagogy and subject-specific teaching methodologies.
Platforms like Udemy and Khan Academy offer courses that can help you understand diverse learning styles and effective teaching strategies.



Transcribing is the act of turning spoken words from audio or video files into written text.

In this part-time opportunity, having great listening skills and typing speed is a plus. You also accurately catch every word and transcribe it flawlessly.

Most clients prefer that you submit the workload on or before the deadline, as some of them host podcast episodes and require the written episode to be posted promptly.

That’s why practicing your typing speed and accuracy can boost your chances of getting hired in this position. Many online resources and typing courses can help you hone these skills.

Pro Tip
Before applying as a transcriber, look into courses that enhance your understanding of accents and specialized terminologies.
Also, learning shorthand or specialized transcription techniques could significantly boost your speed and accuracy.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

One of the most in-demand part-time roles in Singapore is a graphic designer.

In this role, you have to possess creativity skills and tech-savvyness. Whether designing logos, creating marketing materials, or working on website layouts, your role makes things visually appealing.

Understanding client needs and being able to translate information into visual representations is a big plus.

While having a formal degree or certificate in graphic design can give you a solid foundation, it’s not always a strict requirement. 

Many successful graphic designers are self-taught and have honed their skills through practice, online tutorials, and real-world projects.

Enrolling in a course can provide valuable insights and techniques, but what truly matters is your portfolio and ability to deliver compelling designs.

Pro TipExplore courses focusing on design principles, color theory, and software proficiency.
Websites like Skillshare or Adobe Creative Cloud tutorials can help you master tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Content Writer

Content Writer

As a content writer, you’ll craft engaging articles, blog posts, or web content for various platforms. Your words will breathe life into stories, educate, or promote brands.

Although most positions for this job title are full-time, several companies in Singapore also provide flexible or part-time options for this role.

To excel as a content writer, a flair for writing is key!

Being able to convey ideas, captivate readers, and adapt your tone for different audiences is crucial. Strong grammar and attention to detail are your trusty sidekicks.

While a formal course or certificate isn’t mandatory, honing your writing skills through online courses or workshops can boost your confidence and expertise.

Software-wise, familiarity with word processing tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs is handy. Some companies might prefer specific content management systems but often provide training.

Pro Tip
Sharpen your writing skills by exploring courses on creative writing, copywriting, and search engine optimization (SEO).
Websites like HubSpot Academy or Coursera offer courses that can teach you about content marketing and SEO strategies.
Additionally, practice writing in various styles and for different audiences to diversify your skillset.

Web Developer

Web Developer

A web developer creates and maintains websites for businesses or clients.

Because the goal is to make websites look appealing and user-friendly, an eye for design greatly contributes to your qualification as a web developer.

While having a formal education or certifications can be helpful, what matters most is your skill set. You can learn a lot through online tutorials, practice, and taking a few courses.

As for software, knowing your way around website-building platforms like WordPress or Wix could give you a head start. Familiarity with design tools like Photoshop or Illustrator can add a creative edge to your work.

Pro Tip
You should first learn about coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React or Angular. Platforms like Codecademy or freeCodeCamp offer comprehensive courses for beginners.

Fitness Instructor 

Fitness Instructor

Being a fitness instructor ranks among Singapore’s most sought-after part-time roles.

As more individuals prioritize their well-being, gyms and fitness centers have multiplied, creating a significant demand for knowledgeable instructors capable of guiding and motivating enthusiasts toward their fitness goals. 

If you’re passionate about fitness, you may go to your nearest gym to inquire if it’s looking for a fitness instructor or search for an opening in fitness centers in the city-state.

Some places might prefer certifications in fitness training or specific exercise disciplines, but some organizations are cool if you have the skills and passion.

Familiarity with fitness-tracking apps or platforms could be a plus since you might use these to create workout plans or track progress.

Pro Tip
Pursue certifications in fitness training or specialized areas like yoga, pilates, or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to strengthen your credibility.
Additionally, staying updated with the latest fitness trends and continuously learning new workout routines can keep your sessions fresh and appealing.

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

This part-time role in Singapore is all about caring for adorable furry pals while their owners are away or busy. This could be your tail-wagging opportunity if you’re an animal lover with a knack for responsibility and patience.

There is no need to enroll in a course or grab a certificate for this role. What matters most is your genuine love for animals, reliability, and understanding of pet behavior.

You won’t need fancy software or expertise in a particular platform—just your willingness to give pets the care and attention they deserve. 

Pro Tip
While certifications are often not needed in this position, I’d still suggest taking courses in animal behavior, pet first aid, and basic training techniques.
Organizations like Pet Sitters International or the American Red Cross offer classes that cover these topics.
Gaining practical experience by volunteering at shelters or pet care facilities can also enhance your skills.

Remote Customer Service Representative

Remote Customer Service Representative

Many business process outsourcing companies seek remote customer service representatives to provide support via phone or online channels.

You’ll need excellent communication skills to engage with customers effectively. Being patient and empathetic is a huge plus because sometimes, irate customers just need some understanding on the other end of the line.

You’ll also need problem-solving skills to tackle various inquiries and find solutions for customers’ concerns.

Enrolling in a course or getting a certificate isn’t always required, but having prior customer service experience or undergoing training can give you an edge.

Companies might provide specific software or platforms for managing customer interactions, so being tech-savvy or adaptable to new systems is beneficial.

Pro Tip
Take courses on active listening, conflict resolution, and customer relationship management.
You should also practice scenarios and role-playing different customer service situations to prepare you for real-world interactions.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst

As a data analyst, you’ll dive into numbers, trends, and insights to help companies make smart decisions. It’s all about turning piles of data into understandable info businesses can use to grow.

For instance, say you work for a marketing firm. Your job could involve analyzing social media data to optimize ad campaigns.

The best part? Much of this work can often be done remotely, allowing you to choose your preferred working hours.

Analytical skills and attention to detail are your best buddies here. A passion for numbers and a love for digging into data is key to excel in this role. 

Pro Tip
Master statistical analysis and data visualization tools like Python, R, SQL, Excel, or Tableau. Platforms like DataCamp or Udacity offer courses on these tools.

Travel Consultant

Travel Consultant

As a travel consultant in Singapore, you’ll be the wizard behind dream vacations. It’s all about advising travelers on destinations, activities, and the best ways to make their trips unforgettable.

Having a good grip on Singapore’s geography and diverse culture is helpful in this role. You’ll need to be a good listener, understanding exactly what your clients want from their trips.

Resourcefulness and problem-solving are must-haves, too, because sometimes, you might need to think on your feet to resolve unexpected travel issues for your clients.

Pro Tip
To become an effective travel consultant, you should ensure you’re updated with travel trends and destinations by attending travel expos or networking with professionals in the industry.

ESL Teacher

ESL Teacher

The main job of an ESL teacher is to teach English to non-native speakers, which could be kids, adults, or even professionals, depending on where you work.

You’ll need to explain things clearly and be understanding of different learning paces. 

You are also expected to host online or onsite games, interactive activities, and creative lessons to make the learning enjoyable for your students.

Software-wise, familiarity with online teaching platforms like Zoom or Google Meet could be useful, especially if you’re teaching remotely.

Pro Tip
Pursue a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification to understand language teaching methodologies.
Also, learning about cultural sensitivity and adapting teaching methods to diverse learners can greatly enhance your effectiveness as an ESL teacher.

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you’ll guide people on investments, savings, and planning for their future financial goals.

You need great communication skills to explain complex financial concepts in simple terms to excel in this role. Being a people person helps as you’ll work closely with clients to understand their needs and tailor financial plans accordingly.

Platforms like LinkedIn often list job opportunities, and financial firms like DBS Bank Singapore or OCBC Singapore often look for advisors.

Pro Tip
Enroll in courses like CFP (Certified Financial Planner) offered by institutions like the Singapore College of Insurance or Kaplan Professional. These classes cover financial planning, investment strategies, and ethical practices.
I’d also suggest you pursue a degree in finance or economics to understand investment strategies, tax planning, and financial products further.

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent is all about connecting buyers with sellers or renters and making those property deals happen.

To excel in this role, you’ll need top-notch communication skills, a talent for negotiation, and a good understanding of the property market in Singapore.

While you don’t necessarily need a specific degree, enrolling in real estate courses can be beneficial. 

Institutions like the Institute of Estate Agents (IEA) or the Singapore Estate Agents Association (SEAA) offer certification programs that can boost your credibility.

The flexibility comes when you can manage your client meetings, property viewings, and negotiations around your schedule.

Plus, you get to explore different areas and properties in Singapore while making some good connections along the way.

Pro Tip
Take courses in real estate laws, property management, and sales techniques.
Getting licensed through recognized institutions and gaining hands-on experience in property sales negotiations can be invaluable.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you’ll act as the online voice of a company or individual. You’ll create, curate, and manage content across social media platforms to engage audiences and boost brand visibility.

Platforms like Facebook Business Manager, Hootsuite, or Buffer may be used, so familiarity with social media management tools is beneficial.

While a specific certificate might not be mandatory, enrolling in courses related to social media marketing can enhance your skills.

This job thrives on adaptability and staying updated with the latest trends in digital marketing. 

Pro Tip
Learn about different social media analytics tools and understand various platform algorithms. Courses on digital marketing, content strategy, and social media advertising can be beneficial.

Best Sites for Job Hunting in Singapore

Best Sites for Job Hunting in Singapore

Now that you know the top flexible part-time opportunities in Singapore, it’s time to explore if there are some job openings for you!

Here are some top-notch job-hunting websites where you can see a diverse range of job listings across various industries in the Lion City:



LinkedIn stands as a professional hub where global connections thrive.

Although it predominantly highlights full-time roles, Singapore-based companies often advertise part-time opportunities and freelance side hustles here.

You should build your network by connecting with professionals in your field.

Pro Tip
When you have enough connections, I suggest you review comments, share valuable insights, and participate in discussions. This increases visibility and might lead to job openings.
You shouldn’t shy away from direct outreach. You may send personalized messages to recruiters or hiring managers expressing interest in part-time opportunities.



FastJobs is your go-to platform for swift access to part-time and hourly jobs in Singapore. It’s designed for those eager for immediate employment.

What’s impressive is its emphasis on showcasing jobs with flexible working hours, making it ideal for individuals balancing multiple responsibilities.

Pro Tip
Jobs on FastJobs get snapped up quickly, so checking the platform regularly for new postings is wise.
You must ensure your profile is comprehensive and up-to-date, as many employers prefer candidates with completed profiles.
When you find a suitable role, apply promptly. Quick responses increase your chances of getting noticed.



eFinancialCareers is a specialized platform dedicated to the finance industry, serving as a hub for professionals seeking roles in banking, finance, and accounting in Singapore.

While eFinancialCareers primarily emphasizes full-time roles, occasional part-time positions or freelance opportunities surface, especially in consultancy or advisory capacities.

Pro Tip
Engage in discussions on the platform’s forums or groups related to your niche. Networking can expose you to potential part-time roles or freelance projects through connections.



GrabJobs is a fantastic platform catering to part-time and hourly roles, especially in retail, Food and Beverage (F&B), and hospitality.

While it excels in these areas, it’s also a hidden gem for other opportunities, like web development or tech-related part-time positions.

The platform has a unique feature: an AI chatbot that helps match you with suitable positions based on your preferences and qualifications.

Pro Tip
Leverage the AI chatbot not just for job matches but also for insights into market trends. It can give you a heads-up on emerging part-time roles that align with your skillset.

So, there you have it—an impressive array of flexible part-time job options in Singapore, perfectly suited for moms like you!

The key lies in discovering what aligns with your unique skills, passions, and schedule.

It’s about crafting a career that doesn’t just complement your life but enhances it, allowing you to thrive both personally and professionally.

These opportunities are more than just roles; they’re pathways to striking that delicate harmony between your professional aspirations and the precious moments with your family.