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An Adventurer’s Handbook to Dolphin Island Singapore

An Adventurer’s Handbook to Dolphin Island Singapore

Singapore’s world-renowned Sentosa Island is the ultimate tourist paradise, offering a diverse array of exciting destinations including food, activities, entertainment, and stunning natural beauty. 

Today, we’re thrilled to be introducing Dolphin Island, along with its exciting programs and experiences just waiting for you! 

This dynamic aquatic wonderland promises an adventure reminiscent of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. But instead of swimming alongside her fishy BFF Flounder, you’ll have the chance to swim with the friendly dolphins and learn more about them!

Here’s a comprehensive handbook on what to do on Dolphin Island, what to expect, and what to prepare, along with the added bonus of where to stay and eat! 

What to Do in Singapore’s Dolphin Island

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If you want a fully immersive experience when you’re on Dolphin Island, we recommend signing up for the Dolphin Adventure program. 

This is perfect for those who want to see dolphins in their natural habitat, where they can observe these magnificent creatures in their element, learn about their behaviors, and even swim alongside these friendly mammals in the waters.

Of course, it goes without saying that opting for this choice is advisable solely for individuals who have previous swimming experience.

Additionally, the rules require the individual to be at least 13 years old and above. 

The entire program lasts for 60 minutes, including a 30-minute interaction with the dolphins.

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If you feel like the Dolphin Adventure is too advanced, you can always try the Dolphin Discovery. 

Here, you can interact with the dolphins in a controlled environment with a marine mammal specialist there to guide and educate you on how to communicate with these fascinating creatures. 

In contrast to the previous one, kids ages 4 to 12 years can participate in this activity, provided that they’re accompanied by an adult, of course. 

This program lasts for one hour, with half of the time dedicated specifically to your interaction with the dolphins.

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If it’s your first time encountering a dolphin, the Dolphin Encounter is much recommended, especially if you’re not too keen on getting into the water yourself. 

This program offers visitors the opportunity to get up close to dolphins while remaining comfortably dry at the water’s edge, ensuring you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Additionally, a marine mammal specialist is present at all times to provide fascinating trivia about our aquatic friends, creating both educational and exciting experiences. 

Dolphin Encounter is open for kids 4 to 12 years old and adults 13 years old and above. It runs for 30 minutes with 15 minutes allotted for your interaction with the dolphins. 

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If you want a more exclusive and personalized adventure during your visit to Dolphin Island, the Dolphin VIP program is the ideal choice. 

Here, the underwater expedition is tailor-made for your preferences, offering a selection of their top programs for you to choose from. You have the flexibility to decide how you want to interact with the dolphins, making the experience uniquely yours. 

Dolphin VIP is available for children and adults. 

How to Get to Singapore’s Dolphin Island

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Since Dolphin Island is part of the renowned island attraction called Sentosa, another way to get here is by hopping on the Sentosa Express. 

The good news is, it’s very straightforward to use public transportation in Singapore! 

Begin your journey at the North East Line MRT and alight at the HarbourFront Station. 

After leaving the station, you need to walk for a bit to get to the next stop, VivoCity, which should just take a minute or less. 

Once you’re at VivoCity, keep an eye out for signs directing you to the Sentosa Express. It shouldn’t be hard to find as Singapore likes providing signs for everything! 

Anyway, once you find it, alight at the Resorts World Sentosa. The ride should just take around 20 minutes or less. 

After leaving the station, Dolphin Island should be within walking distance. 

Flagging down a taxi is the easiest way to get to Dolphin Island Singapore. After all, no matter where you’re coming from, just tell the taxi uncle your destination, and he’ll get you there safely. 

Do note that while taxis are extremely convenient, they’re remarkably more expensive compared to using public transit. Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s preferences and budget which one they want to go for. 

What to Keep in Mind For Your Visit to Singapore’s Dolphin Island

Dolphin Island requires its ticket holders to arrive 45 to 60 minutes earlier than the scheduled program time. 

This allows guests to have ample time to the complete necessary registration process, receive safety instructions, and such. 

When visiting Dolphin Island, as well as its other neighborhood attractions such as Adventure Cove Waterpark, and S.E.A. Aquarium, outside food isn’t allowed within the premises. 

Using this information, plan accordingly to ensure an energy-filled adventure. 

What to Prepare For Your Visit to Singapore’s Dolphin Island 

Of course, purchasing tickets before visiting Dolphin Island is a must to be granted access. Easily purchase one on the Resorts World Sentosa website and choose your preferred program. 

For those who signed up for the Dolphin Discovery and Dolphin Adventure program, wearing swimming attire is a must. Additionally, it’s prohibited to wear loose items like jewelry, as well as bringing items like wallets, cameras, and handphones. 

If you’ve opted for the other programs, however, you can just wear anything comfortable and bring along any gadgets you prefer. 

While Sentosa Island isn’t a strictly cashless destination, they do encourage the use of cashless payment methods for a smoother and seamless experience. 

With that in mind, remember to top up your digital wallet before your visit if you want added convenience to your adventure.

Where to Stay Near Singapore’s Dolphin Island

Address: 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297

Pricing: $$$$

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Capella Singapore promises luxurious accommodations amidst the natural wonders. It puts glamping hotspots to shame with its enticing blend of opulence and scenic views. 

Each room is adorned with sophisticated embellishments, resulting in a grand, albeit minimalistic interior. It’s certainly maximized for comfort, even treating its guests to either a garden or sea view from their window. 

Those who don’t mind the splurge will find themselves indulging in a fantastic deluxe experience ahead of them. 

Being just a 6-minute drive from Dolphin Island, accessibility is also in your favor, ensuring convenience when planning your visit to this aquatic attraction. 

Address: 2 Bukit Manis Rd, Sentosa, Singapore 099891

Pricing: $$$

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For an enchanting stay at Sentosa Island, Sofitel offers unparalleled luxury and comfort, making it an ideal choice for many visitors. 

Situated just a 7-minute drive from Dolphin Island, guests are treated to the convenience of being near all the bustling attractions, as well as the natural wonders the island has to offer. 

Undoubtedly, this 5-star hotel offers the best of both worlds. 

The pleasant feature extends to their splendid rooms, each offering a distinctive ambiance and a comforting retreat after a day of exploration. 

Address: 101 Siloso Rd, Singapore 098970

Pricing: $$$

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Considered the country’s sole beachfront resort, Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa is a standout choice for a lavish seaside getaway. 

Aside from enthralling ocean views, most of its rooms also offer gorgeous vistas, featuring the pool, hills, and gardens, so guests can choose their own room with a view. 

Additionally, the resort boasts an array of world-class amenities and dining options, offering guests a memorable and extraordinary stay. 

Shangri-la Rasa is just a quick 7-minute drive from Dolphin Island, so you can focus more on your adventures, thanks to its convenient location.  

Where to Eat Near Singapore’s Dolphin Island

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Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway Waterfront, Level 1, Singapore 098269

Phone: +65 8798 9530

Pricing: $

For an affordable dining experience with a touch of Singaporean near Dolphin Island, Malaysian Food Street is an obvious choice. It’s just a 10-minute walk distance to get from one point to another, making its convenience an obvious highlight. 

This bustling air-conditioned hawker center offers a plethora of culinary discoveries, fueling you up before you head to another adventure. 

The clay pot rice is the certified crowd favorite, even earning stamps of approval from our satisfied staff members. It’s much recommended for individuals who enjoy a hearty meal packed with different flavors like savory, smoky, and rich. 

The char kway teow is another outstanding dish, earning its well-deserved popularity among folks who are aficionados of stir-fried noodles. In other hawker centers, this tasty noodle dish is also a popular order. 

Address: 110 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore 098943

Phone: +65 6100 1102

Pricing: $$$

Imagine this: you’re craving a scrumptious Spanish dish and you find an oasis offering not only that but also magnificent seaside views and a gorgeous lush setting. 

Sounds like a story from a fairytale? No, it’s just FOC by the Beach! 

Nestled along the scenic coastline, this gem combines mouthwatering plates with breathtaking scenery, creating an unforgettable dining experience by the sea.

Located 6 minutes away from Dolphin Island by car, this relaxed establishment offers a tranquil atmosphere and a welcoming ambiance for guests to unwind after a tiring adventure. 

The squid ink paella is a popular choice among patrons, renowned for its fresh ingredients, rich flavor, and enticing aroma. 

FOC is also a popular location to watch the sunset from, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re planning your visit for a breathtaking way to end your day.  

Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore 098942

Pricing: $$$


Tanjong Beach Club is Singapore’s very own premier beach club, offering a stellar dining experience by the seaside. 

It’s perfect for those who are seeking an elevated dining experience just 15 minutes away from Dolphin Island. 

The tropical açai bowl from their brunch menu is a must-try, especially if you enjoy a refreshing meal that embodies the flavors of the tropics. 

The crab linguine and lobster roll from the large plates are also great options, each offering a delectable combination of flavors and textures to satisfy your palate.

Tanjong Beach Club also stands out as an ideal place to unwind because of its wide array of libation options. Enjoy a drink or two with an unhindered view of the ocean for the perfect ambiance and ultimate indulgence.