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A Guide to Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Forest Discovery Centre

A Guide to Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Forest Discovery Centre 

Hello, nature explorers! We’re your guides for today, here to tell you all about the Forest Discovery Centre. 

This informative journey through the captivating destination includes what to expect during your visit, so you don’t miss out on all the exciting parts. 

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a curious explorer, there’s something here for everyone! 

What to Expect in the Forest Discovery Centre

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One of the things that make each visit to Forest Discovery Centre fun and exciting is the interactive displays. 

Here, you are transported to an engaging adventure, showcasing a bird’s eye view of Singapore’s lush forests. 

Additionally, you’re given an opportunity to explore the country’s fascinating ecosystems and wildlife, immersing yourself in an educational opportunity about the natural world, as well as Singapore Botanic Garden’s role in protecting them. 

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Another guaranteed highlight of your visit to Singapore Botanic Garden’s Forest Discovery Centre is the educational videos about the three local forest habitats. 

Without spoiling every detail, you can expect an in-depth exploration of each habitat, offering compelling insights about their flora and fauna. 

Through the vivid imagery, visitors can indulge in the beauty of Singapore’s forest without leaving the room. 

Ah, the beauty of modern technology! 

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Aside from videos, visitors can also enjoy the photographic displays of forest trees, featuring a diverse range of them, which you can also find within the Singapore Botanic Gardens. 

This engrossing exhibit showcases the beauty of the diverse world of nature, providing visitors with an opportunity to observe the unique characteristics of each one. 

It might even inspire you to create your own photo journal of your various discoveries in the garden!

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Here’s our personal favorite in the Forest Discover Centre: the fascinating bird recordings. 

These natural musicians serenade visitors with their high-pitched tunes, providing a delightful auditory experience that elevates the immersive nature of the exhibit. 

Oh, and you can even make a game out of it and try to figure out which species is producing each unique sound!

The Best Time to Visit the Forest Discovery Centre

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Here’s the beauty of the Forest Discovery Centre: you can enjoy the offerings no matter the month, weather, or time of day, as long as it’s within the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ opening hours, of course. 

Additionally, do note that the Forest Discovery Centre is closed every last Monday of the month. 

While it’s typically not crowded, we find it best to visit in the morning if you want to enjoy the exhibits at a more leisurely pace, as there are only a few visitors during that time.