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A Comprehensive Guidebook to Singapore’s Mangrove Kayaking Adventures ( Tips on Solo and Guided Tours!)

A Comprehensive Guidebook to Singapore’s Mangrove Kayaking Adventures (+ Tips on Solo and Guided Tours!)

Here’s another one for outdoor adventurers: mangrove kayaking, a thrilling activity that allows you to uncover more of Singapore’s natural wonders. 

To ensure this guidebook caters to every type of explorer, we divided it into two sections – one for solo adventurers and another for uncertified travelers eager to partake in guided tours. 

From obtaining a one-star certification for a solo quest to navigating your way to your destination, know ALL there is to know about mangrove kayaking in Singapore! 

Mangrove Kayaking in Singapore For Solo Adventurers 

Pulau Ubin Mangroves

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Pulau Ubin is a standout destination for those who want to go Mangrove Kayaking in Singapore. 

In fact, according to National Parks, this attraction is home to most mangroves in all of Singapore, making it an undeniable hotspot for the outdoor adventure seeker. 

This spectacular island also offers an abundance of natural wonders, treating its visitors to a taste of its diverse wildlife. 

The only downside though is there are no nearby kayak rentals (weird – we know!), so you have to bring your own if you want to explore this hotspot solo. 

Pasir Ris Town Park 

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Address: Along, Pasir Ris Central, Opposite MRT Station, Singapore 519639

Even though Pulau Ubin has the most number of mangroves in Singapore, it doesn’t mean that Pasir Ris Town Park isn’t worth visiting. 

This lovely beach park has its own charm! Spanning 70 hectares, there’s a multitude of activities to indulge in during your visit, including pony rides, sightseeing, jogging, and more. 

Meanwhile, its mangrove forest is 6 hectares, providing a spacious serene oasis for those looking to indulge in kayaking. 

Adventure Paddlers

Address: 159W Jln. Loyang Besar, Singapore 507020

Phone: +65 9737 7944

Pricing: $

Since one needs their own one-star kayaking certification if they want to venture into the waters alone, finding a trustworthy certificate provider is essential in jumpstarting your adventure. 

Adventure Paddlers is one of the best ones there is, providing a quick, yet informative course that teaches its students important technical skills. 

During the session, you are required to wear sports attire. Opt for rash guards and long sleeves to be safe. Water booties or sports shoes are also recommended.

The total time to complete the course is 12 hours, divided into two sessions of 6 hours each for your convenience.

Outdoor Adventures

Address: 1 Larkhill Road, Sentosa Singapore 099394

Phone: +65 9834 7984

Pricing: $


Outdoor Adventurers is another great option if you’re looking to get a certificate in kayaking in Singapore. 

Through the 6-hour course, they teach aspiring kayakers a lot of practical skills, ensuring students are well-equipped when they’re alone in the waters. 

With experienced experts teaching you through hands-on training, you’ll find yourself quickly mastering the skills needed for kayaking. 

Singapore Canoe Federation

Address: NSA Office Singapore Sports Hub 3 Stadium Drive #01-33 Singapore 397630

Phone: +65 6344 6337

Pricing: $


Singapore Canoe Federation is a lot of locals’ go-to for kayaking certification. 

With its professional instructors and comprehensive training programs, it has established itself as a reliable source for all things kayaking. 

People also don’t only go here for the certification, but also for its educational resources, ensuring kayakers feel safe and informed about their kayak adventure. 

PAssion Wave @ Pasir Ris

Address: 125 Elias Rd, Singapore 519926

Phone: +65 6582 4796

Pricing: $


Now that you’ve gotten your certificate to go kayak on your own, first of all, congratulations! We’re excited for you and your upcoming journey. 

But here’s another dilemma: where can you rent a kayak? 

We got you covered, of course! We told you this list is extremely comprehensive, so we’re not about to leave any stones unturned.

Anyway, PAssion Wave @ Pasir Ris is a great option. The staff consists of very great people and a knowledgeable bunch at that. 

You don’t have to feel intimidated stepping inside their store because they’re extremely friendly to beginners. 

Before you visit, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure to have your certificate on hand since it’s required before you’re able to rent one! 

Second, make sure to rent in advance through their website, as they only accept online payments for kayak rentals. 

KOKOMO Beach Club

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Address: 131 Pasir Ris Road, Carpark E, Pasir Ris Town Park, Singapore 519148

Pricing: $


KOKOMO Beach Club is also a great option for kayaking rentals in Pasir Ris. Nestled along the immaculate shores of Pasir Ris Beach, this welcoming establishment opens its rentals to enthusiasts of all levels. 

Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a complete beginner, they can easily cater to your needs. Not only do they provide equipment, but they also offer valuable knowledge and assistance. 

Water Sports Centre

Address: 8 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397699

Pricing: $


Water Sports Center is a premier kayak rental service, perfect for all ages and skill levels. 

Actually, even those who don’t have a certification can rent a kayak, but only on specific vessels. Boats like an outrigger and a closed deck double would require a one-star certificate. 

The only disadvantage of renting at Water Sports Center is that the canoes are limited, so it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. However, in our experience, we haven’t encountered any difficulties with securing a canoe. 

By the way, the Water Sports Centre will be going completely cashless starting July 1, 2024. With that in mind, make sure to bring NETS, Mastercard, and Visa when paying on-site. 

Another thing to note is that you have to bring any sort of identification when confirming your booking at the venue. 

Check the weather conditions

Before setting sail, it’s important to check the weather conditions to make sure it’s safe to go kayaking. You know how crazy and unpredictable Singapore weather can be!

One moment it’s sunny, and the next, it’s raining cats and dogs. Because of that, it’s really vital to check the weather app even during sunny conditions. 

Avoid proceeding with your plans if there are any warnings of thunderstorms, strong winds, and heavy rain. 

This also includes checking the tide table to avoid potentially hazardous conditions. You can check the tides at the Tide Forecast website for real-time updates.  

Let your friends and family know about your excursion 

Before heading out, it’s important to let your friends and family know about your excursion. No, it’s not solely to brag – it’s for your safety too! 

It’s important to message them about your estimated time of departure and arrival, which ensures that someone knows about your whereabouts. 

That way, they can call for help if you’ve been gone for a long time. 

This is also something they teach you when you sign up for a one-star kayaking certification course, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it again and again. After all, it’s better safe than sorry! 

Remember that one movie with Blake Lively stranded in the middle of the ocean, with a shark circling her? 

Just kidding – rest assured, you won’t encounter any sharks, but remember – be safe out there!  

Familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines for kayaking in Singapore 

The Maritime & Port Authority in Singapore offers an in-depth guide on how to kayak safely. Make sure to familiarize yourself with it before heading out. 

They also included which numbers to call for emergencies, which we’ll reiterate for your convenience. 

For the Police Coast Guard, you can either call 6377 5539 or  6377 5540. On the other hand, you can contact the Maritime and Port Authority in Singapore through 6325 2488 and 6325 2489. 

Mangrove Kayaking in Singapore For Uncertified Travelers 

Adventures by Asian Detours 

Address: 34 Pulau Ubin, Singapore 508287

Phone: +65 9772 2071

Pricing: $$
Book Now

Adventures by Asian Detours offers a thrilling mangrove kayaking session led by a professional English-speaking guide. 

Since you have a pro guiding you all throughout the experience, this is an ideal adventure for any outdoor enthusiast of all skill levels. 

Yes, you read that one right! You don’t have to even know what a kayak looks like in order to embark on this 4-hour adventure. 

Aside from an adventure leader, the tour also comes with several convenient inclusions such as a locker for your things, drinking water, accident insurance, and such. 

And of course, the equipment is included so there’s no need to rent from a third-party source. 

By the way, this tour requires a minimum of two participants, so be sure to bring a friend! Take note that the minimum age for this excursion is 7 years old.

Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 098942

Phone:+65 8512 2550

Pricing: $$
Book Now offers anything but an ordinary mangrove kayaking adventure. Booking an experience with them not only guarantees a fun tour of this natural oasis but also provides an opportunity for fishing. 

The tour starts at 7 AM, and while it might be early for some, it’s actually the optimal time to avoid the sweltering afternoon sun, as the tour lasts for 6 hours. 

One doesn’t need prior experience in order to indulge themselves in this outdoor adventure, considering how easy it is. Additionally, there’s also a guide to help you throughout this thrilling excursion. 

With, you don’t have to bring anything other than yourself because they’re basically in charge of everything else. This includes a DSLR photo package, a walkie-talkie for everyone, fishing permits, bait, life vests, and more.  

Outdoor Adventure Essentials

Mangrove Kayaking in Singapore with a guide is easy peasy because you don’t have to worry about a lot of stuff. However, you do have to bring several personal items for your convenience. 

This includes sunblock, a change of clothes, insect repellent, drinking water, and sunglasses. 

Your Passport or NRIC

Some mangrove kayaking tours require you to bring a passport or your NRIC, or basically, any ID that has your name, date of birth, and nationality, which they need for insurance purposes. 

Other Important Information For all Mangrove Kayaking Enthusiasts 

Via Bumboat at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal 

Surprise, surprise! Even though Singapore is a small country, you’d be surprised to know that there are 64 islands in this bustling metropolis. 

The only way to get to Ubin is through the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, open from 6 AM to 7 PM. There are no specific time slots to reserve since the departure time of the ferry depends if the required number of passengers is complete. 

Hopping on the bumboat to your destination costs $4, with an additional $2 if you have a bike with you. 

Via MRT 

Riding the MRT is the easiest and fastest way to get to Pasir Ris Town Park. Just hop on the east-west line and it will take you to Pasir Ris. 

After alighting the station, the park should be just a 5-minute stroll away.