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5 In Demand Email Marketing Services in Singapore

6 In Demand Email Marketing Services in Singapore

1. Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing Homepage


Location: 14A Yan Kit Rd, Singapore 088266

Contact Info: +65 6208 8111

Working hours: Weekdays: 9:30AM – 6:30PM; Weekends: CLOSED

Google Reviews5/5
Other Reviews4.9/5
Total reviews4.95/5
Score consistency 4.95/5
Timely Work Turnaround4.5/5
Professional and Reliable5/5
Economic Pricing4.5/5
Personalized Services5/5
Industry Experience4.5/5
Efficient Leads Generation4.5/5


  • Best pick for middle-sized to large businesses
  • Pre-approved vendor of PSGs
  • Featured in esteemed news outlets
  • Partnered with big names and given awards
  • Agency built by the locals, for the locals
  • Offers the #Supportlocal initiative


  • Rates are costly without the subsidies or packages
  • Locally-focused; serves more Singapore-based businesses
  • Not as responsive online

Impossible Marketing is among our top recommendations for their engaging and effective email marketing services. It helps that they are already known for their content creation services.

Their teams guarantee immediate lead generation results, with a reach of over a million active users. Their approach is to customize the message to attract a particular demographic or customers.

They are the best pick for middle-sized businesses to large corporations that have a long list of contacts to work with. 

Their email marketing services also cover a broad range of tasks. This covers simple email blasting, up to subscription newsletters.

Impossible Marketing also happens to be a pre-approved vendor of PSGs, or Productivity Solutions Grants. These subsidies can cover up to 70% of the cost. 

That being said, the subsidy can be extremely helpful for businesses cutting costs in marketing.

We also love the program of their #supportlocal initiative, wherein if any project from another company fails, they can offer to take over for a good price. They’ll rework your progress with a better team to produce better results.

The agency has worked with some of the best businesses and identities in Singapore, including Suntec Singapore, National University of Singapore, Vivo, Lazada, and Central Provident Fund Board.

Moreover, the fact that Impossible Marketing was hailed the 2021 Performance Marketing Agency of the Year convinced us to include them in this list. With that, they’re our best bet when it comes to locally-based enterprises.

2. Clickworkz Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Clickworkz Solutions Pte. Ltd. Homepage


Location: 6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square #03-308, Singapore 039594

Contact Info: +65 9850 9409

Working hours: Weekdays: 9:00AM – 6:30PM; Weekends: CLOSED

Facebook Reviews5/5
Other Reviews4.4/5
Total reviews4.7/5
Score consistency 4.7/5
Timely Work Turnaround4/5
Professional and Reliable4.5/5
Economic Pricing5/5
Personalized Services5/5
Industry Experience5/5
Efficient Leads Generation4.5/5


  • Full range of services
  • Experts in email and digital marketing
  • Flexible services for every budget or business type
  • Very accommodating staff and teams


  • Very straightforward in their approach on email marketing
  • Turnaround may take a while

After their rebrand in 2015, Clickworkz is one of those email marketing agencies in Singapore that people recognize for their aesthetic and work ethic. While they are a small company, they packed a punch with their services.

We note that Clickworkz limits their services to a few categories. Namely, these are Branding and Consultancy, Creative and Development, and Social Media and Content.

Still, the services they offer under these categories are all-encompassing, making them one of the most efficient service providers of digital marketing. Not to mention that they have an impressive website to welcome their clients with.

What we love about them is not only their flexibility of work, but also on their clients’ budgets. So whether you’re a new business owner, or you already own an established enterprise, they can customize the service for you.

Because of this approach, they have built lasting working relationships with loyal customers for the past 10 years they have served. They also keep the process simple, with their prepared custom templates, designs, and formats.

Clients appreciate how they can make the process seem less intimidating. Clickworkz attributes it to their extensive knowledge on marketing campaigns, especially with email blasting and newsletters. 

The agency has also worked with a diverse client base around the Asia Pacific Region. They are also an official Google partner and LINE reseller partner.

3. OOm Pte. Lte.

OOm Pte. Lte. Homepage


Location: 141 Middle Road #06-05 and #05-04, GSM Building, Singapore 188976

Contact Info: +65 6391 0930

Working hours: Weekdays: 9:00AM – 6:00PM; Weekends: CLOSED

Google Reviews4.9/5
Other Reviews4.9/5
Total reviews4.9/5
Score consistency 4.9/5
Timely Work Turnaround5/5
Professional and Reliable4.5/5
Economic Pricing4.5/5
Personalized Services4/5
Industry Experience4.5/5
Efficient Leads Generation5/5


  • Our recommended pick for SMEs
  • Effective template for new business owners and startups
  • Ample experience on diverse industries and project types
  • Fast work turnaround and lead generation
  • A one-stop shop for all digital marketing services


  • Just standard or typical results
  • Note the best choice if you prefer to collaborate
  • Email marketing services come in a package

What caught our eye with OOM is that they were awarded Overall Local Agency of the Year, Lead Generation Agency of the Year, and Search Marketing Agency of the Year in 2021.

When we learned more about them, we discovered that they offer free services like Google Ads consultation, SEO audit reports, and competitor analysis reports to prospective clients. With that, we believe this is a great way to reel a market in.

That being said, we consider OOM one of the best agencies to work with for email marketing in Singapore, especially when you are a new business owner or have a startup.

However, it must be known that they are not the most collaborative teams to work with. So they’re not exactly a top pick if you’re more inclined towards the creative process.

We also took note that their email marketing service is usually an add-on to their other major services, so this usually will come with a package.

What they specialize in is simple, standard, but productive results that get you through the door. So we can expect a fast turnaround and lead generation when working with their teams.

OOm also served a good number of companies from various industries, including private enterprises, government projects, and non-profit organizations as a one-stop digital marketing service provider.

4. CMO Media Lab

CMO Media Lab Homepage


Location: No.8 Burn Rd, #04-04 Trivex, Singapore 369977

Working hours: Open 24 hours

Contact info: +65 6636 9366

Google Reviews5/5
Other Reviews4.6/5
Total reviews4.8/5
Score consistency 4.8/5
Timely Work Turnaround5/5
Professional and Reliable5/5
Economic Pricing4.5/5
Personalized Services4.5/5
Industry Experience4.5/5
Efficient Leads Generation5/5


  • Available to assist at all times
  • Unique and effective service packages for all budgets
  • Clear and defined roadmapping
  • Fast turnaround of services
  • Communicative team of marketers


  • Slightly costly rates
  • Limited services
  • The roadmap may be too rigid for spontaneous business models

When it comes to lead generation for B2B enterprises, we recommend the email marketing services of CMO Media Lab. 

Established experts in digital marketing, they are widely known for their unique service packages that get clients immediate results within 6 weeks, no matter the budget.

We also love the amount of detail they dedicate to content creation. This can be incredibly helpful when trying to catch the attention of prospective customers with email marketing campaigns. 

Another thing we appreciate about their approach is their defined roadmapping. It is also designed to attract organic traffic and eventual sales. So 

Many customers tend to be intimidated by starting an email blasting or any content campaign, and seeing a clear step by step process can help them see where their investments are leading towards.

WIth CMO Media Lab, clients will be working with a small group albeit expert marketers that are willing to visualize business outcomes for the long term. 

However, they don’t demand their clients to commit to the “ongoing process”. Instead, they produce work in “batch sprints” that get you results, then clients can assess how effective their services are. 

That said, it’s safe to say that CMO Media Lab aims to renew the image of marketing by offering a more sustainable alternative. 

5. MediaOne

MediaOne Homepage


Location: 64B Boat Quay, Singapore 049852

Working hours: Weekdays: 9:30AM – 6:30PM; Weekends: CLOSED

Contact info: +65 6789 9852

Google Reviews4.7/5
Other Reviews4.8/5
Total reviews4.75/5
Score consistency 4.75/5
Timely Work Turnaround5/5
Professional and Reliable4.5/5
Economic Pricing4.5/5
Personalized Services5/5
Industry Experience5/5
Efficient Leads Generation4.5/5


  • Among the few ISO certified agencies in Singapore
  • Commendable customer service
  • Fast work turnaround
  • Focuses on online visibility and customer engagement
  • Flexible programs


  • Rates can be costly
  • Their email marketing comes in a package

While they may be one of the new names when it comes to digital marketing, MediaOne successfully became a household name for many services, including email marketing. 

In fact, they had the honor of working with prestigious companies like WWF, Proctor and Gamble,and the University of Cambridge. They are also among the very few agencies that are ISO certified.

However, we observed that email marketing is classified under the umbrella of larger services like lead generation and basic digital marketing. Still, they consider this the lifeblood of any business, so they keep it affordable, personalized, and effective.

It also helps that they are already established as a leading digital marketing agency, because clients are assured that their campaigns will have impactful designs and great content. Media One is also transparent with their tracking metrics, to the benefit of their clients.

Another thing we love is that they accommodate clients who prefer to self-manage their emails and not outsource this service. In lieu of offering their email marketing service, they provide consultations, templates, and measuring platforms to guide their clients.

They also offer A/B Split Testing, which is a service that allows clients to experiment with different email templates and designs to see which generates better results. This is definitely a great option for business who are just starting out with this type of marketing strategy.

6. Aii Develop Digital Solutions

Aii Develop Digital Solutions


Location: 31 Rochester Dr, Level 24, Singapore 138637

Working hours:

Mon. to Fri. 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sat. 10:00am – 2:00pm

Contact info: +65 8896 8305 | [email protected]

Google ReviewsN/A
Other Reviews5/5
Total reviews5/5
Score consistency N/A
Timely Work Turnaround5/5
Professional and Reliable5/5
Economic Pricing4/5
Personalized Services5/5
Industry Experience5/5
Efficient Leads Generation5/5


  • Dynamic and multidisciplinary team
  • Versatile and diverse approaches and strategies employed
  • Responsive customer service


  • Service rates unavailable on their website

Aii Develop Digital Solutions is an agency that offers business owners a comprehensive and transparent range of digital marketing solutions to transform businesses and empower them in optimising brands online through the services that they offer.

Offering a wide variety of services such as website development, SEO services, and content creation among others, they offer a free digital marketing analysis of businesses and offer clients their proposed approach to help owners better assess if their services are for their brand.

With over 200 global clients and various projects executed, past clients have commended them for their versatile approach in dealing with each company they handle along with outstanding results when it comes to SEO rankings as well.

Rates of the services that they offer aren’t readily available on their website so interested clients may need to get in touch with them and request a consultation with them for a more accurate breakdown of fees.

Overall, with their team of professionals in digital marketing, transparent and comprehensive transactions, and accurate business analysis methodologies, we recommend interested business owners to check them out.