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The 5 Best Indian Funeral Services in Singapore

The 5 Best Indian Funeral Services in Singapore

How we picked


Traditional funeral rites can be quite expensive, especially if you want to avail higher quality items for the rituals. So we gathered up funeral services that can provide top notch items and services at a fair price.

Package Inclusions

Hindu funeral ceremonies involve several intrinsic rites. To make sure you’re really getting your money’s worth, we screened packages that include the necessities, if not more, you’ll need for the ceremony.

Other Services

Aside from the funeral arrangement itself, we looked at what every funeral service specialises in and chose those that can provide a couple other helpful services in one stop.

Client Reviews

We listened to what clients had to say about their experiences with different funeral services and gathered up what the majority of them recommended.

1. Hindu Casket

Hindu Casket Homepage

Key Services: Hindu/Indian Funerals, Catered Caskets, Embalming Services


Address: 127 Lavender Street Singapore 338735

Contact Details: 6222 4444 (24-hour Hotline)

Office Hours: Available 24/7

Google Reviews5/5
BestRated Reviews5/5
Total Reviews3/5
Score Consistency4.3/5
Reasonability & Flexibility5/5
Package Inclusions5/5
Other Services4.5/5
Relevant Services4/5
Client Reviews5/5


  • Has its own showroom & embalming service
  • Flexible funeral services
  • Highly affordable, all-inclusive packages


  • Limited means of (virtual) communication

As one of the oldest Hindu funeral service providers in Singapore, Hindu Casket has established itself as a first choice for members of the Hindu community looking to arrange a dignified send-off for their loved ones.

We certainly can see why. Not only is it a one-stop funeral service that specialises in curating high quality coffins, it’s also the only Hindu funeral home that has its own showroom and in-house embalming service.

It has all its other assets as well, of course. 

One of the things that make it people’s first stop is its all-inclusive funeral packages made more complete by the prize coffins it’s able to provide at one of the most affordable prices in the industry.

But if we were to name only one aspect as its strongest suit, we’d tell you it’s its flexibility in arranging rites.

Funerals are a traditional affair, and most everyone would naturally want to observe every custom down to a T, but Hindu Casket recognises that ceremonies are progressing much like the times.

In response, it adds modern touches to its services where clients would request for it. All the while, it ensures that the essence of Hindu funeral traditions are still intact and present.

Although if you’re looking for more details on its services, we suggest consulting its staff via its 24-hour hotline.

Hindu Casket may be open to modern tweaks, but its intentions haven’t quite been transcribed into virtual spaces yet. 

It doesn’t have a Facebook account you can message, and its website, while clean in layout, isn’t as comprehensive as its peers.

On the whole, Hindu Casket still delivers what it promises — as it has been doing for the past 20 years.

That it’s the ideal go-to funeral home for the Hindu community is already a given. 

But we also especially recommend it to anyone looking for a funeral that’s less about grieving and more about celebrating the departed.

2. Singapore Indian Casket

Singapore Indian Casket Homepage

Key Services: Hindu/Indian Funerals, Repatriation, Food Catering, Floral Arrangements


Address: Northpoint Bizhub, 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #02-09, Singapore 768159

Contact Details: +65 6100 5515; +65 9788 5515 (WhatsApp)

Office Hours: Available 24/7

Google Reviews4.8/5
Facebook Reviews5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency4.9/5
Reasonability & Flexibility5/5
Package Inclusions5/5
Other Services5/5
Relevant Services5/5
Client Reviews4.9/5


  • Exhaustive scope of packages
  • Empathic approach of service
  • Offers repatriation services
  • Affordable and transparent pricing


  • Can only provide traditional deceased clothing for men

Singapore Indian Casket is a newcomer to the deathcare business, but what it lacks in business history, it makes up for with its proficient staff.

Among those we’ve approached, Singapore Indian Casket is the most prominent in terms of having a patient and empathic team, often readily going the extra mile in providing assistance.

Which makes it all the more admirable for us to discover that Singapore Indian Casket was founded for the exact purpose of providing a more compassionate service to the Indian community in Singapore.

Its team — staffed with professionals with over 20 years of experience in the funeral service scene — is highly accommodating of any last-minute changes or requests, and can deliver them promptly.

But heartfelt condolences aren’t only what it’s all about. In terms of services offered, Singapore Indian Casket is as competitive as any senior in its field.

For a less-than-a-decade funeral home, Singapore Indian Casket has already expertly mastered the ropes of the repatriation of remains. 

As a matter of fact, we believe its repatriation services are its strongest point. 

Its global connections allow for a hassle-free process, thus Singapore Indian Casket has extended its assistance to many foreign workers in Singapore already.

Its packages are all well-rounded as well. It gives clients options from basic, budget-friendly packages to extravagant, premium bundles. 

No matter the cost of the package you choose, though, Singapore Indian Casket has made it so you’ll have everything you need even if you’re working on a tight budget.

The only flaw to its packages is that it can only provide male traditional clothing for the deceased.

Otherwise, the rest of its services and inclusions we consider a benchmark, not just for Hindu funerals, but for funeral services in general. It even offers catering services!

As a final note to its pricing, Singapore Indian Casket is as transparent as can be. 

Any services that you may want to add, or are inherently not part of its in-house services (such as embalming and cremation), are all documented via official receipts. 

You wouldn’t have to worry about additional costs spooking you.

Overall, we believe Singapore Indian Casket is perfect for anyone looking for a funeral that could still make them feel closer to the community despite their grieving phase.

3. Little India Casket

Little India Casket Homepage

Key Services: Hindu/Indian Funerals, Repatriation, Cremation, Embalming, Prayer Services, Post-Funeral Services (Sea Burial)


Address: 192B Rivervale Drive #17-942 Singapore 542192

Contact Details: +65 9672 6995; +65 8500 0211

Office Hours: Available 24/7

Google Reviews5/5
Facebook Reviews5/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.8/5
Reasonability & Flexibility4.5/5
Package Inclusions4.5/5
Other Services5/5
Relevant Services5/5
Client Reviews5/5


  • Affordable rates
  • Expert grasp on traditional Hindu funeral rites
  • Packages cover basic necessities


  • Basic packages limited only to the necessities
  • May involve extra charges for add-ons not included in its packages
  • Can provide traditional clothing for men only

When a ceremony is hinged on traditional customs, one would naturally gravitate towards members of the same community for help — and that’s exactly what makes Little India Casket great.

It’s a business founded by members of the Indian Hindu community for the Hindu community in Singapore, and for over 30 years, it has been providing for the community just as it intended.

And when it comes to knowing what its clients need moving forward, there’s no other funeral service we trust more.

Its meticulousness in bringing about Hindu funeral rituals is one of the many things its clients deeply regard about it, in fact. 

Little India Casket pours every effort into imparting to its clients the importance of every rite observed in Hindu funerals.

Which is why its packages are catered to include the necessities of funeral rites. 

On the downside, compared to its competitors, Little India Casket’s basic packages seem a bit plain, and additional items you might need will come at an extra price.

Furthermore, like with our previous entry, it can provide traditional clothing for deceased men only.

Its customary approach may also not be as popular among younger generations that are looking to find modern solutions to certain facets of the rites, whether it be because of budget constrictions or time.

Though, Little India Casket makes sure that its basic packages can fall within anyone’s financial abilities. 

But if you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of inclusions and are willing to spend a little more, it’s better to look elsewhere first.

Nonetheless, we think Little India Casket is ideal for people who want to make sure that they send their loved one off perfectly according to ancestral traditions.

Or even to anyone who wants to give back to the community as well — Little India Casket donates all the coins you place on the coffin as vaikarasi to children’s orphanages and non-profit organisations in Rameshwaram, India.

With Little India Casket, you can be assured that however little money you spend on its services are being put to good use.

4. Simplicity Casket Pte Ltd

Simplicity Casket Pte Ltd Homepage

Key Services: Hindu/Indian Funerals, Catholic Funerals, Christian Funerals, Buddhist Funeral, Gemstone Service, Repatriation, Pre-Funeral Planning


Address: Blk 37 Sin Ming Drive #01-575 , Singapore 575711

Contact Details: +65 6456 7423; +65 8399 4786

Office Hours: Available 24/7

Google Reviews4/5
Singapore Owl Reviews5/5
Total Reviews3/5
Score Consistency4/5
Reasonability & Flexibility4/5
Package Inclusions4/5
Other Services4/5
Relevant Services4/5
Client Reviews4.5/5


  • Affordable pricing with transparent breakdown of expenses
  • Hindu funeral packages inclusive of post-funeral services already


  • Deceased clothing not included in the package
  • Only one location for sea burials
  • No contactable social media accounts

Simplicity Casket Pte Ltd is among the few leading all-encompassing funeral services in Singapore that cater to the Hindu community as well.

In fact, we have yet to find another funeral home with as extensive a scope of religions as it. 

And, yes, that includes the regional and cultural differences between religions that fall under the same umbrella.

With over 40 years of presence in the death care industry, it’s safe to say that it knows every funeral rite there is to know like that back of its hand. 

As a matter of fact, even its sales staff can tell you which items are necessary for farewell rituals and which can be compromised, so you don’t have to keep paying extra.

Its Hindu funeral package is as comprehensive as other Hindu-centred funeral services in the industry as well, but Simplicity Casket gets an edge in terms of transparency breakdown of expenses.

Its packages include post-funeral services, too. It gives clients the option to hold a sea burial, although it can only do so from one of the two piers where sea burials are commonly held.

Additionally, while dressing is part of its services, the deceased’s clothing isn’t part of its package and will have to be provided by the deceased’s relatives instead.

Nonetheless, its Hindu funeral package contains everything you’ll need for a smooth, hassle-free ceremony. 

Although compared to Hindu-focused funeral homes, it’s less flexible — and it only offers one type of Hindu package.

Still, if you’re working with a budget but are looking for a fuller package with no additional charges, we’d like to put Simplicity Casket in your suggestion box.

Do take note, though: Simplicity Casket doesn’t have a social media contact you can reach. 

This can prove difficult if you’re planning to engage it during busier times of the year, such as when there are festivals.

It does have two available landlines that are open 24/7, though. Its office’s doors are always open as well, and if driving works better for you, you can try dropping by at their office down Sin Ming Drive.

5. Holy Spirit Bereavement

Holy Spirit Bereavement Homepage

Key Services: Hindu/Indian Funerals, Catholic Funerals, Christian Funerals, Taoist Funerals, Freethinker Funerals


Address: 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #04-112 (Northspring Bizhub), Singapore 768089

Contact Details: 84388888

Office Hours: Available 24/7

Google Reviews5/5
Facebook Reviews5/5
Total Reviews3.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Reasonability & Flexibility4/5
Package Inclusions4/5
Other Services4.25/5
Relevant Services4.5/5
Client Reviews5/5


  • Specialises in various religious funeral rites
  • Affordable and transparent pricing
  • Flexible packages
  • Customer-centric services


  • Hindu funeral packages not very comprehensive

Holy Spirit Bereavement — also referred to as The Bereavement Ministry — is a Christian-centric funeral service provider, as can be inferred from its name.

Nevertheless, driven by its Christian ethos, it strives to provide funeral services for all religions. 

It’s now one of the handful of funeral services in Singapore that can arrange funeral ceremonies for Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, and Freethinkers.

The fact that it’s now one of the most in demand funeral services in the island should already say enough about how it takes care of its clients, too.

As a matter of fact, when it comes to customer service, we admire its dedication. It even sends out official feedback forms for clients to fill out after it’s rendered its services.

Overall, engaging with the Bereavement Ministry guarantees you comfort and peace of mind.

But while we appreciate its sincere treatment, its Hindu funeral package in general still leaves more room to grow. 

Though affordable and inclusive of all the necessities, compared to other funeral services — or even its own packages for other religions — the Hindu funeral package seems bare-bone.

Although unclear whether it’s left like that intentionally to make room for flexibility or because it’s still a growing element, it does ensure to meet its client’s wants and needs. 

It also has Hindu staff on board to make sure that traditions are followed.

In general, while Holy Spirit Bereavement is reliable and compassionate as a whole, we only recommend it to those who are truly struggling with a budget, just to be safe.

But if you want to give it a shot, you can call its 24-hour hotline for a consultation. The Bereavement Ministry will more than gladly and easily guide you through the services it offers.

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