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The 5 Best Optical Shops in Singapore's Homepage

The 7 Best Optical Shops in Singapore


We assessed the selection of glasses and lenses each shop offers.


We also checked the rates of each establishment. 


Their business hours were also evaluated.


What kind of services do they offer? The more, the better. 

1. Visio Optical

Visio Optical's Homepage

Services: Repair, Repaint, Lens Replacement, Express Services, Custom Shapes, Adjustments, Asian Fitting, and more


Address: 43 Holland Dr, #01-67, Singapore 270043

Contact Details:  +65 6776 0052

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9:30AM–8PM

Sundays: 10AM–6PM

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency5/5


  • Experienced optometrists and opticians
  • High-quality options
  • Innovative designs
  • Accredited by Best Business 2021
  • Multiple accolades


  • Pricey products

Visio Optical is a reputable optical shop located in Holland Drive. It provides a wide range of services, including repair, repainting, lens replacement, express services, custom shapes, adjustments, and Asian fitting.

With this shop, customers can expect high-quality options and personalized care from experienced optometrists and opticians. The shop is even accredited by Best Business 2021 and has received multiple accolades.

The optometrists and opticians here are trained to listen carefully to your needs and preferences and help you find the most suitable frames and lenses.

It also has express services, which is a great option for customers who need their glasses repaired or replaced quickly. The shop offers custom shapes, which allows customers to get frames made to fit their unique face shape.

Asian fitting is also available, which can be an especially useful service for customers who have trouble finding frames that fit properly around their nose bridge or temples.

One downside of this shop is that the products can be pricey. If you’re willing to break the bank a little,  Visio Optical is a great choice for those who are looking for high-quality, personalized eyewear services. 

The shop is especially well-suited for customers who value craftsmanship and are willing to pay a bit more for the quality.

2. Eye Zone Optical

Eye Zone Optical's Homepage

Services: Framing, Lenses, Contact Lenses, Glasses, Progressive Lenses, Myopia Checking, Tokai Lutina


Address: 184 Toa Payoh Central, #01-366, Singapore 310184

Contact Details: +65 6251 9202

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11AM–9PM

Google Reviews Score4.8/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4.9/5
Score Consistency4.9/5


  • Protective lenses available
  • Special progressive lenses available
  • 24 years of operation
  • Award-winning
  • Great selection


  • Pricey

Eye Zone Optical is a well-established optical shop that has been in operation for 24 years. It offers a wide range of services, including framing, lenses, contact lenses, glasses, progressive lenses, myopia checking, and more.

What stands out the most is its new Tokai Lutina lens material that filters out 94% of high-energy ultraviolet rays. This type of lens is perfect for tourists and beachgoers.  

We commend the shop for its professional and individualized eye care services and products catering to the unique needs of each customer from the basic glasses to lenses that can help block the sun. 

We love that it carries a great selection of eyewear and is particularly well-suited for customers who wear progressive lenses. The people behind Eye Zone pride themselves as one of the top “go-to” optical stores for progressive lens wearers.

One potential downside to consider when visiting this shop is the price. Although a lot of its products are affordable, most can still be considered pricey. 

Overall, Eye Zone Optical is a reputable and well-established optical shop that offers high-quality services and a great selection of eyewear. Its special services and products concerning progressive lenses are ultimately what make it stand out.  

3. New China Opticians

New China Opticians's Homepage

Services: Vision Check, Glasses Fitting, Sunglasses, Spectacle Frames, Designer Glasses, Vintage Glasses 


Address: 3 Coleman Street #01-11 Peninsula Shopping Centre, Singapore 179804

Contact Details: +65 6337 8441

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 11AM–7PM

Sundays: 12PM – 6PM

Google Reviews Score4.6/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.7/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.9/5


  • Vintage and luxury options
  • Affordable options
  • Well-designed
  • Vision checking available
  • Online store available


  • Some glasses & lenses may take a while to be made

New China Opticians provide a variety of eyewear options at affordable prices. Some of the services and products they offer include vision checking, glasses fitting, sunglasses, spectacle frames, designer glasses, and vintage glasses.

One of the best things about this shop is that customers are able to purchase a pair of new glasses (frame and lens) for only $60 or less. 

We also appreciated the quick turnaround time for lens replacements and repairs — some glasses can be ready in as little as 20 minutes.

It also provides simple vision-checking services for customers who aren’t sure what kind of lenses they need. 

In addition to the shop, New China Opticians also has an online store. For customers who are too busy and prefer their glasses delivered, this is a perfect option.  

Although mostly affordable, the shop also boasts of having vintage and luxury options, and good quality glasses in different price ranges. If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, the shop’s staff can help you find what you need.

Unfortunately, when we visited, we noticed that it can be a bit cramped and crowded. The more expensive and high-quality lenses can also take a while to get produced so it might be difficult to wait around in such a cramped area. 

4. Mimeo Optical

Mimeo Optical's Homepage

Services: Vision Check, Frame Fitting, Lens Fitting, Single Vision Lenses, Progressive Lenses, Frames


Address: 6, #02-338 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Contact Details: +65 8100 9998

Operating Hours: Monday –  Wednesday: 11:30AM–5PM
Thursday – Sunday: 11:30AM–7:30PM

Google Reviews Score4.8/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency4.7/5


  • Specialized customer service
  • Meticulous staff
  • Membership benefits
  • Special frame for kids
  • Discount promos


  • Small store
  • Long wait time for repairs

Mimeo Optical offers a wide range of services and products, including vision checking, frame fitting, lens fitting, single vision lenses, progressive lenses, and frames. 

It prides itself on working with well-known lens brands to offer its customers some of the best deals in Singapore, including very affordable prices for lens replacements.

After visiting Mimeo Optical, we commend the shop’s friendly and professional staff. They were helpful, suggesting different types of lenses and easily explaining how each lens differs from one another.

Aside from the customer service and the affordable options, we also appreciate Mimeo’s membership benefits. If you become a member, you get discounted frames, lenses, and even checkups. 

If you don’t want to be a member, it’s not a huge problem because you can still get discounted products whenever the shop has special promos. These promos usually happen at least once a month so it’s not difficult to get a good deal. 

There are also special frames for children that are comfortable to wear and don’t easily break. Kids can be rowdy — but luckily, these frames are sturdy enough to withstand a few drops. 

The only drawbacks of this shop are the long wait times for repairs and the small location. 

5. The Eyes Inc


Services: Tailor made Progressive Lenses


Address: Blk 704 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2549 Singapore 560704

Contact Details:  

Operating Hours: 

Monday – Sunday: 11 am – 9:00 pm
Public Holidays: 11am to 7pm

Google Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews5/5
Score Consistency5/5


  • Highly skilled Optometrists
  • Customized Progressive Lenses
  • Double Vision Management


  • Busy during peak days due to high demand

We recently visited The Eyes Inc and were thoroughly impressed by their exceptional quality of services. The staff’s expertise in handling various optical needs was evident, and they were remarkably patient and attentive during our consultation.

If you want a pair of progressive lenses most suited for your eyes, The Eyes Inc can be the best optical shop in Singapore for you! 

They are able to customize Progressive lenses to give clients up to 75% more intermediate (Laptop/Desktop computer) usable area.

Being one of the few stores in Singapore that perform extra ocular muscle function tests, your pair of glasses could be the most comfortable ever.

Furthermore, the shop boasts state-of-the-art facilities that enhance the overall customer experience. The modern equipment and clean, well-organized layout reflect their commitment to maintaining high standards.

Additionally, their wide range of products caters to diverse needs and preferences. We appreciated the extensive selection of frames and lenses, which allowed us to find the perfect fit.

Equally important, the staff’s helpfulness extended beyond the sale. They provided clear instructions on care and maintenance, ensuring we felt confident about our purchases.

Finally, The Eyes Inc’s follow-up service was an added bonus. Their proactive approach in checking on our satisfaction and offering free adjustments truly set them apart.

6. Fortyseven Lab

Fortyseven Lab's Homepage

Selection: Fitting, Vision Check, Glasses Customization, Nose Pad Customization, and more


Address: #02-38 No.1, Sim Lim Square, Rochor Canal Rd, Singapore 188504

Contact Details: +65 9847 4788

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10:30AM–7PM

Saturday: 12–7PM
Closed on Sunday

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Great customizations
  • Modern designs
  • Great for kids and teens


  • Limited services outside customizations

Fortyseven Lab specializes in the customization of eyewear. It has a team of highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople with 37 years of combined experience in fitting, vision checking, glasses customization, nose pad customization, and more.

The shop prides itself on its ability to create perfectly fitted eyewear for everyone, despite the wide variety of facial structures. 

It also specializes in customizing nose pads, which can greatly improve the comfort and fit of eyeglasses. This is not a service that is widely known or offered by other optical shops. 

We love the modern designs and great customizations offered by the shop. We are also glad to tell you that many of their products are good for kids and teens

The service is also wonderful as the staff is good at helping customers with specific needs. They can explain the differences between the products without making things too complicated. 

A potential downside to consider when visiting Fortyseven Lab is that it may not offer as many other services beyond customizations. 

The shop focuses mainly on fitting and customization. So if you need your eyes checked comprehensively, this may not be the establishment for you. 

With that said, if you are looking for a good and specific fitting for your glasses or maybe you need a certain type of customization, this may be the right shop for you.

7. Foptics

Services: Eyewear, Kids Eyewear, Contact Lenses


Address: 58B Pagoda Street, #03-01, Singapore 059217

Contact Details: +65 8874 2863

Operating Hours: Daily: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Google Reviews Score4.8/5
Facebook Reviews ScoreN/A
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4/5


  • Diverse Lens Index Options
  • BluShield Lenses for Digital Wellness Offered
  • Transparent Pricing


  • Limited Physical Locations

Foptics takes pride in its commitment to transparency, eliminating hidden fees and surprises. The availability of uploaded price lists enables customers to shop with peace of mind, knowing exactly what they are paying for without any unexpected costs.

We like that they are able to provide lenses with different indexes, allowing customers to choose based on their prescription needs. The higher the index, the thinner the lenses, making it suitable for higher prescriptions. The inclusion of UV400, electromagnetic protection, scratch resistance, and water resistance coating in all lenses ensures comprehensive eye protection.

With over 1000 positive reviews and a growing team, Foptics has garnered trust from its customers. The brand’s commitment to returning the freedom of buying eyewear to consumers is reflected in its continuous growth and positive customer feedback.

Note though that Foptics’ physical locations are primarily in Singapore. Customers outside this region may find it challenging to access the brand’s services, limiting its reach to a specific geographic area.

Overall, Foptics stands out as an optical brand that combines transparency, affordability, and style in its offerings. The specialized lenses, commitment to digital wellness, and catering to active lifestyles demonstrate a customer-centric approach. The brand’s origin story and positive customer reviews add credibility to its mission of making eyewear accessible. 

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