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The 5 Best Steamboat Buffets in Singapore

The 5 Best Steamboat Buffets in Singapore

How We Picked


We assessed each restaurant’s ambiance and general setting.


We checked the value of the restaurant’s food offerings. 


We also assessed if the restaurants have enough seating arrangements to host a huge number of people. 


We looked at the types of food these steamboat buffet restaurants offer.

1. GoroGoro


Menu: Steamboat Buffet, Korean BBQ, Shabu Shabu, GoroGoro Steamboat, One Sushi, and more


Address: 176 Orchard Rd, #03-43 The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843

Contact Details: +65 6385 7854

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11:30AM–3:30PM, 5:30–10:30PM

Google Reviews Score3.8/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.3/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Senior discounts
  • Discounts for children
  • Multiple selections


  • Long wait time during peak hours (getting a reservation is advised)

GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet is a popular dining destination in Singapore for those looking for a steamboat experience with a Korean twist. It is known for its tasty selections and impressive serving.  

There are seven distinct soup-based selections available at the restaurant, including Singapore’s famed Pepper Bakuteh, Korean Ginseng, Japanese Collagen, and Chinese Mala.

There is something for every taste with over 70 raw food options to select from, including Korean and local specialties.

Customers rave about the quality of the food at GoroGoro, with particular mention of the cooked Korean chicken wings and sweet potato and salted egg lotus roots. 

The service at the restaurant is also highly praised, with staff being fast and efficient, constantly checking on diners and clearing empty plates.

One potential downside to dining at GoroGoro is the wait time during peak hours, which can be lengthy. Calling ahead of time for a reservation is ideal if you plan on visiting this establishment.

Overall, GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet is a great choice for those seeking a high-quality steamboat experience with a wide variety of options and excellent service.

2. King’s Laksa

King’s Laksa's Homepage

Menu: Golden Mantou, Golden Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots, Potato Slices, Stuffed Tau Pok,  Bean Curd Skin, and more


Address: 17 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545724

Contact Details: +65 6287 8010

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 12–11PM (Closed on Tuesdays)

Google Reviews Score3.8/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency5/5


  • Multiple styles of laksa
  • Fusion Laksa also available
  • Less expensive compared to other buffets
  • Online booking


  • Smaller area
  • Not many options outside of laksa-based soups

King’s Laksa is a steamboat restaurant in Singapore that specializes in laksa-based hotpot. Founded in 2010, this restaurant has served thousands of steamboat lovers with its variety of local soup bases and food.

It is often praised for its flavorful tomato and mala soups, as well as the freshness and variety of its meats and vegetables. The dessert is also impressive, particularly the Yam and Coffee Chips Ice Cream.

In addition, we’d describe the service staff at the buffet as friendly and attentive. Our dining experience was made easy because, despite the crowd, it was easy to call for assistance. 

One unique aspect of this establishment is that it offers multiple styles of laksa soup, including a Fusion Laksa option. The restaurant also allows for online booking and is less expensive compared to other buffets. 

However, it should be noted that the restaurant has a smaller dining area and does not offer many soup base options outside of laksa. If you’re looking for something different, you may be better off with a different steamboat restaurant. 

King’s Laksa is a good choice for those looking for a reasonably priced steamboat experience with a focus on laksa flavors.

3. Ting Yuan 

Menu: Vermicelli, Potato Noodles, Hand Made Noodles, Hand Made Dumplings, Maggi Noodles, Golden Mushrooms, Shiitake, and more


Address: 22 Liang Seah St, Singapore 189043

Contact Details: +65 6338 4755

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11AM–1AM

Google Reviews Score4.4/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.7/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Closes late
  • Special broths
  • Handmade noodles and dumplings
  • High-quality ingredients


  • Service charge
  • Slow service during peak hours

Ting Yuan Hot Pot is a Singapore steamboat restaurant that has been in business for over 20 years. It takes pleasure in providing original and traditional soup bases that are created by hand without the use of chemicals.

Customers can enjoy fresh ingredients such as vermicelli, potato noodles, hand-made noodles, and hand-made dumplings, as well as mushrooms such as golden mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.

Ting Yuan Hot Pot is known for its famous and popular mala pot and is recommended by many local foodies. 

Other recommended soup bases include the Signature Mushroom Soup, which uses a special type of mushroom imported from Sichuan, and Tomato Soup. 

We would also like to praise the high-quality ingredients and the delicious fried dumplings. We especially loved these as they mixed well with the soup base we ordered.

Despite its popularity, Ting Yuan Hot Pot does have some downsides. One issue is the service charge, which some customers may find unreasonable. Additionally, service can be slow during peak hours. 

Still, Ting Yuan Hot Pot is a great choice for those looking for a steamboat experience with high-quality ingredients and handmade noodles and dumplings. 

The restaurant also stays open late, making it a convenient option for those looking to dine late into the night.

4. Aroy Mak Mookata

Aroy Mak Mookata's Homepage

Menu: Mookata, Thai BBQ,  Ala Carte Mookata, Thai Tom Yum, Thai Hotpot, Thai Milk Tea, and more


Address: 476-478 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368191

Contact Details:  +65 9052 0555

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 4–11PM

Google Reviews Score3.8/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.5/5


  • Closes late
  • Multiple Thai options
  • Premium ingredients
  • Excellent services


  • Can be too crowded
  • A bit too loud during peak hours

Aroy Mak Mookata is a steamboat and BBQ restaurant that was founded in 2013. The restaurant is known for its Chiang Rai-style Mookata, which includes marinated pork and chicken slices, non-MSG soup stock, and homemade Thai chili sauces. 

These recipes have been passed down through the owner’s family from their hometown of Chiang Rai so you know each dish is made with love. 

Aroy Mak Mookata’s fresh ingredients, tasty marinated meats, and nonstick, smokeless pot are our favorites. The pork belly and sliced pork are especially popular, and the meat juices and oil provide further flavor to the soup.

The restaurant also offers a variety of Thai BBQ and steamboat options, as well as premium ingredients like smoked duck and squid. 

In terms of service, we commend this establishment for its attentive waitstaff and good recommendations on meat selection. 

It’s also a bonus that it is open late, making it a convenient option for late-night dining.

It should be noted that the restaurant can get crowded and a bit loud during peak hours, and some customers may find the atmosphere too chaotic.

Overall, Aroy Mak Mookata is a great choice for those looking for an authentic Thai BBQ and steamboat experience with excellent service and a variety of options, including premium ingredients. 

5. Guo Fu

Guo Fu's Homepage

Menu: Kim Chi Soup, Soya Bean Soup, Beauty Soup, Beef Soup w/ Tomato, Seafood Pancake, Pumpkin Puree, and more


Address: 20 Cross Street #01-31 Cross Street Exchange, Singapore 048422

Contact Details: +65570906. 

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 11:30AM–10PM

Google Reviews Score4.3/5
Facebook Reviews Score3.8/5
Total Reviews4/5
Score Consistency4.8/5


  • Multiple awards
  • Closes late
  • Free parking
  • Impressive menu
  • Individual hotpots available


  • Pricey

Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat is a popular steamboat restaurant in Singapore that is known for its delicious and premium Beef Hotpot, as well as its free-flow Xiao Long Bao. 

The restaurant was one of the first in Singapore to introduce the concept of small and individual hotpots, and it has been a popular choice since it was founded in 2005.

Guo Fu offers a wide variety of soup bases, including kimchi, soya bean, beauty, and beef with tomato. It has a range of ingredients, including seafood options like scallops, mussels, and cuttlefish, as well as meats like fatty beef, fatty pork, and mutton. 

In addition to the hotpot, the establishment also offers a sauce bar perfect for customers who love experimenting and trying out new and unfamiliar flavors. 

We were impressed with the fresh ingredients and fast service at Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat, as well as the delicious and spicy hotpot flavors. 

The individual hotpots offered a more personal and hygienic dining experience perfect for foodies who don’t necessarily dine with a group of people. 

However, it should be noted that the restaurant is on the pricey side.

If you have the budget, Guo Fu Hotpot Steamboat is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality and individual steamboat experience.

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