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The 5 Best Vet Clinics in Singapore's Homepage

The 8 Best Vet Clinics in Singapore

How We Picked


We looked for clinics that have a team of experienced and well-qualified veterinarians and staff members.


We also took a look at the prices of each establishment’s products and services. A better score means a higher value for customers. 


Vet clinics should be clean, well-maintained, and organized to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet.


We made sure the clinics offer the services that your pets may need, such as grooming, routine checkups, vaccinations, and specialized care. 

1. The Visiting Vets

The Visiting Vets's Homepage

Services: Dental, Vaccination, Internal Medicine, Diagnostic Services, Surgical Services


Address: 9 Taman Serasi, #01-09 Botanic Gardens View, Singapore 257720

Contact Details:  +65 6475 3405

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10 AM–12 PM, 2–7 PM

Closed on Sundays

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency4.9/5
Cost(A higher score means better value)4.8/5


  • Spacious clinic
  • Available for home visits
  • Also provides dental services
  • Pet health articles


  • Pricey
  • Closed on Sundays

The Visiting Vets Clinic is a Singapore-based veterinary clinic that offers a wide variety of services for pets, including dental, vaccination, internal medicine, diagnostic services, and surgical facilities.

Located in Taman Serasi, it is easily accessible and completely prepared to perform extensive diagnostic screenings and treatments. We appreciate that it is staffed by a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic animal healthcare specialists.

We love that its team of veterinarians are pet lovers who care for all patients like their own and pride themselves on providing exceptional veterinary care for all types of injuries, illnesses, and emergencies that pets may have. 

The clinic itself is spacious and if you need help at home, it provides home visits as well. During our visit there, we noticed the clinic’s experienced veterinarians, their caring nature, and their attentive care.

The Visiting Vets clinic also provides dental services, pet health articles, and care for home pets. However, it can be pricey. 

Another drawback is the fact that it’s closed on Sundays. A clinic that’s open every day is preferable but because of the wide range of services that it offers, we still recommend Visiting Vets as one of the best vet clinics in the city. 

2. Atlas 

Atlas's Homepage

Services: Health Screening, Hospitalisation, Digital Microscopy & Cytology, Diagnosis, Dental, Radiographs, Advanced Anaesthesia Monitoring, ICU Ward, Ultrasound, and more


Address: 163 Bukit Merah Central, #03-3573, Singapore 150163

Contact Details: +65 6980 8038

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10 AM–12:30 PM, 2–6:30 PM

Google Reviews Score5/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency5/5
Cost(A higher score means better value)4.5/5


  • Impressive equipment
  • Open everyday
  • Open to more than just cats and dogs
  • Many vets available
  • Fear Free Certified


  • Pricey

The Atlas Vet Clinic is a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic located in Bukit Merah Central. 

It provides a decent range of services including health screenings, hospitalization, digital microscopy and cytology, diagnostic services, dental treatment, radiographs, advanced anesthesia monitoring, and more. 

It also has an ICU ward, which is perfect for emergencies, and an ultrasound department for more thorough examinations. 

We appreciate how it provides quality and compassionate veterinary care that is focused on science. 

Its staff also does its best to support the pet’s family in achieving lifelong health and wellness for the pet by educating pet owners on how to keep their pets healthy all year round.

The clinic is led by Dr. Chow, a certified veterinary professional. Its team is fully equipped and we appreciate that they are focused on reducing fear and stress for your beloved pet during his or her visit to the clinic.

The clinic has received positive critical reception from numerous boards across the country, with many praising the friendly, considerate, and patient staff. 

We recommend the clinic for its excellent animal care and impressive equipment. However, a drawback of the clinic is the fact that it can be pricey even for some of the simpler treatments. 

3. Oasis 

Oasis's Homepage

Services: Consultation, Vaccinations, Preventative Care, Dental Scaling, Blood Pressure Measurement, Heartworm, and Tick Fever Testing, and more


Address:  15 Venus Rd, Singapore 574302

Contact Details:  +65 6256 2693

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday: 10 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM, 6–8 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 10 AM–12 PM, 2–5 PM

Google Reviews Score4.7/5
Facebook Reviews Score5/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Cost(A higher score means better value)4.5/5


  • Complete facilities
  • Also does dental
  • Great option if your pet needs surgery
  • Multiple consultation options


  • Pricey

Oasis Vet is located on Venus Road. It specializes in consultation, pet vaccinations, preventative care, dental scaling and check-ups, blood pressure measurement, heartworm, tick fever testing, and more.

We love that its team is dedicated to providing quality and compassionate veterinary care, with a focus on individualized treatment plans for each pet. 

The clinic offers a complete range of facilities and services, including soft tissue surgeries, and detailed eye examinations – services that aren’t usually present in ordinary vet clinics. 

Oasis Vet is known for its friendly and professional staff. We immediately noticed the caring and gentle approach of the veterinarians, as well as the friendly and welcoming attitude of the nurses. 

We are big fans of the clinic’s emphasis on providing appropriate and cost-effective care, rather than unnecessary treatments, unlike other clinics that just focus on the business side of things.

One of the main advantages of Oasis Vet is the option of subsidized rates for community cats, which is a great option for pet owners with limited financial resources. 

However, some of its treatments can still be pricey, so we suggest discussing prices first before deciding to continue with major pet procedures. Overall, Oasis Vet is a great option for pet owners looking for quality veterinary care in Singapore.

4. Animal World

Animal World's Homepage

Services: Consultation, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Veterinary Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Microchipping, and more


Address: Yio Chu Kang Rd, #16, Singapore 545527

Contact Details: +65 6286 0929

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:30 AM–7:30 PM

Google Reviews Score4.4/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.5/5
Total Reviews4.8/5
Score Consistency4.9/5
Cost(A higher score means better value)4.5/5


  • Virtual tour
  • Impressive portfolio 
  • Fully-staffed with animal experts
  • Large, spacious clinic
  • Multiple location


  • Pricey
  • Closes early

The Animal World Veterinary Clinic is located in Yiu Chu Kang Road. It offers a wide range of professional services including consultations, surgery, chemotherapy, veterinary physiotherapy, acupuncture, microchipping, and more. 

One of the most unique things about this establishment is its focus on treating mobility-related conditions. Methods such as exercises on treadmills, movement therapies, shockwave therapies, and acupuncture are done to help a pet move again. 

Animal World is fully staffed with animal experts and is equipped with a comprehensive range of modern veterinary equipment and treatment facilities for routine veterinary procedures and ailments. 

We appreciate that it also offers weight loss and fitness programs and can arrange home visits for lethargic animals.

Another great feature of the clinic is that it has virtual tours, which can be a great way to get a sense of the clinic before you visit. The staff there also has an impressive portfolio.

However, the clinic’s rates can be pricey especially when it comes to major procedures. It also closes early, which may not be convenient for everyone. 

If you are looking for a large, spacious clinic with multiple locations, and its own weight-training program, Animal World Veterinary Clinic is a great option.

5. Apex 

Apex's Homepage

Services: Consultations, Medicine & Acupuncture, Health Checks, Preventative Care, Diagnostic Medicine, Biochemistry, and more


Address:  462 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248347

Contact Details: +65 6767 3369

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9:30 AM–6 PM

Google Reviews Score4.9/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.7/5
Cost(A higher score means better value)5/5


  • Offers multiple services
  • Separate dog and cat wards
  • Expert team of vets 
  • Also sells products for pets
  • Combines western & eastern medicine


  • Closes early
  • No walk-ins

Apex Veterinary Clinic is a reputable vet clinic located in Singapore that offers a wide range of services for pets, including consultations, medicine and acupuncture, health checks, preventative care, diagnostic medicine, biochemistry, and more. 

It is led by a passionate team of veterinarians who understand and value the human-animal bond, and are dedicated to providing the best quality care for your fur babies.

We are impressed with how the clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities but at the same time, employs Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to provide comprehensive care for pets. 

We also love how it separates dog and cat wards to reduce their stress. As cliche as it is, dogs and cats can’t really get along properly, especially in an enclosed space, so having separate wards is very helpful for them. 

We also wanted to note the clinic’s experienced veterinarians, supportive environment, and detailed explanations of treatment options. 

Pet owners, especially the younger ones, don’t usually understand complicated treatments so it’s nice that the doctors here explain things in simpler terms. 

Apex Veterinary Clinic also sells products for pets so their fur parents can take care of them better at home. The only drawbacks of this clinic are the fact that it closes early and it doesn’t take walk-ins, so we do not recommend it for emergencies. 

6. Animal & Avian Veterinary Clinic

Services: Contact for more details


Address:  Blk 716, YISHUN ST. 71, #01-254 Singapore 760716

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM | 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Google Reviews Score3.8/5
Facebook Reviews Score3.4/5
Total Reviews3.6/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Cost(A higher score means better value)3/5


  • Walk-in consultation available
  • Explain the current situation and the treatment for your pet/s in detail
  • Share pieces of advice to keep your pet/s healthy


  • Closes early on weekends
  • Only CASH, NETS, Paynow or Inter-Bank transfer modes of payment available.

Animal & Avian Veterinary Clinic has been in service since 2008. What’s great about them is that since they have been open for a long time, most of the veterinarians here has seen numerous problems different animals experience.

Although their hours are shorter on weekends, we still prefer them over others because they are open seven times a week.

If your animal needs consultation immediately, they may be the perfect clinic for you because they accept walk-in consultations, unlike others.

Apart from these, we look up to their honesty as a veterinary clinic. If they know that they cannot offer the optimal treatment/care for your pets for certain conditions, they can refer you to other clinics that can treat your pet.

Unfortunately, they have shorter hours during weekends and there are a few reviews regarding their customer service.

7. Passion Veterinary Clinic Pte Ltd

Services: Services and Prices


Address:  Blk 111 Woodlands Street 13, #01-86, Singapore 730111

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:

  • Monday: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Tuesday: 10:00 – 16:00 | 17:00 – 20:00
  • Wednesday: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Friday: 10:00 – 16:00 | 17:00 – 20:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00
Google Reviews Score4/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.8/5
Total Reviews4.4/5
Score Consistency4/5
Cost(A higher score means better value)/5


  • Passion Vet Team comprises of motivated vet and loving vet nurses and techs
  • Reasonable fees
  • Extensive range of services


  • Closed on Thursdays and Sundays

Passion vet Clinic was established in early 2015 with the aim to provide the best care for their patients.

What’s great about them is that their clinic is fully computerized and is well-equipped with In-House Blood test Machine (Abaxis), electrocautery, Acupuncture, oxygen generator, Isoflurane anesthetic machine, Surgivet monitoring, ECG, nebulizer, dental machine, basic orthopedic set and NX3 Siemens Ultrasound.

Another reason why we prefer them is because they have an online store already available. Prescription food and medications can now be delivered to your doorstep at your convenience!

Unlike other companies, they have their common service rates readily available on their website. They also listed other services they have that varies in pricing.

Unfortunately, they are closed twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays. They do compensate on this by having long hours and answering queries as quickly as possible.

8. Paws N’ Claws




6 Sin Ming Road, #01-04
Sin Ming Tower 2, Sin Ming Plaza,
Singapore 575585

Contact Details:

  • WhatsApp: 8891 4417
    Call: 6250 3375

Operating Hours:

  • • Mon-Fri: 10am – 5pm, 8pm – 11pm
    • Sat-Sun: 7pm – 11pm
    • Sat: 9am – 2pm^
    (^emergency cases only)
    • Closed on public holidays.
Google Reviews Score4.5/5
Facebook Reviews Score4.5/5
Total Reviews4.5/5
Score Consistency4.5/5
Cost(A higher score means better value)4/5


  • Fear-Free Certified Veterinarian
  • Prompt and Effective Care
  • Compassionate and Understanding Staff


Paws N’ Claws Veterinary Surgery (PNC) is led by Dr. Esther Lam, a Fear-Free certified veterinarian, emphasizing the emotional and physical well-being of pets. With a commitment to making vet visits fear-free and pleasant, PNC offers a range of services, facilities, and a blend of conventional and holistic medicine.

We like the Fear-Free certification of Dr. Esther Lam as it ensures a focus on making the vet visit a positive and stress-free experience for pets. This approach is particularly crucial for sick or injured animals, where fear and stress can have detrimental effects.

We admire their prompt and effective care that helps saves pets that need urgent assistance.

Their staff’s compassion, understanding, and daily check-ins are some of the things we love about them too.

The team’s dedication to providing reassurance and taking the time to answer questions without making clients feel rushed contributes to a positive experience.

PNC’s commitment to both conventional and holistic medicine broadens the range of options available for pet care.

The combination of services, facilities, and a tailored approach contributes to comprehensive and personalized veterinary care.

For skin issues and elderly pets who need extra care in grooming, Paws N’ Claws also has an affiliated facility, the Medical Grooming Centre, which offers veterinary advice if required and is staffed by professional vet nurses and groomers.

All in all, we recommend them!

FAQs about Vet Clinics in Singapore